Recommended Riding Gear

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Well I'm only on a 125, so no full leathers butI have the waterproof style bike jackets with the padding in the places it's needed, and the trousers to match.

There's an inner section that can be removed on both for warmth purposes which I don't really need because they're so warm. I dont have the cash or need for boots, which is where my problem hits, my feet. I'll be sorting something out in the near future though. Gloves can be a problem to but I slip some plastic gloves under my summer gloves for rain or if it's cold I have some winter gloves to but I prefer my summers for better feel of the handlebars and controls.
Im an 'all the gear all the time' person. Some people say that they don't bother if they are just going a short way. In the UK they found that most accidents happen within 5minutes of home as people relax, so i don't care if its a 5min journey im wearing cow.

Well said man,but it should also be understood that even with all the right gear on you,bones can still be broken.I had a crash a few years ago,on the way to Joey Dunlops Tribute,And i had all the gear on That you should have.I broke all my ribs down my right side,two bones in my lower back,and one lung with a hole in it(the broken ribs done this).:ill:.needless to say if i had not had all my gear on i may not be here today.
Yeah, broken bones and the damage they do sucks (says the man with no broken bones ever), but for the most part (spinal injury the obvious exception) they heal better than missing skin and muscle tissue.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on helmets, specifically the kind that are full-face, but the face lifts up. I can see the convenience, take a quick drink or snack at the gas station without removing the helmet and finding a safe place for it, but I just don't know about the trustworthiness of the latching systems. It's telling to me that Snell won't rate such a helmet.

For me, it's full-face, or no riding. (See my post #5 in this thread. That impact would have been EXACTLY on the movable part of a flip-face.)
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Wow... pretty inspiring, theewar. I'm glad you're alright as well. I just recommend riding smart as well as dressing well for motorcycle riding.
About helmets: I have a mid level AGV and an Arai Corsair (the Colin Edwards Valencia #5 model) And the Arai mechanism for visor release sucks! I broke a side cover trying to change visors. No, really, their design is horrible.

Jackets: a good Dianese with hard protection on the elbows and shoulders. My track leathers are Dianese as well. I feel totally naked without a leather jacket. I wish I could post pictures of mine because of al the scars! You'd get a kick out of it.

Gloves: read a review of the brand Held, and they beat all the other gloves. So I bought their most expensive glove (my hands are worth it.) Also own some alpinestars. Like with a jacket I feel less secure with no gloves on. You never know when they might come in handy.
I can't believe it's been more than 10 years ago (2008, actually) that I considered we start a sub-forum regarding motorcycles on GTPlanet. I am reviving this decade-old thread to discuss what kind of riding gear you have and what riding gear your recommend.
The gear that I usually wear is dependent upon the weather. Since it has began to get warmer my current riding gear consists of: Shift (went out of business) mesh jacket, Sedici leather gloves, Iron Worker riding jeans, Icon Alliance Dark helmet and Sedici Laguna vented boots. During the cooler months I wear a Speed and Strength leather jacket, Alpinestar S-MX 5 WP boots and Bell Qualifier DLX helmet. This year I have not had much time to ride but primarily do city and freeway riding.