Resurrection of Seasonal Events (Kinda)

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    Hello, I think I can speak for many of us when I say that I miss playing Gran Turismo 5 daily. Especially the seasonal events. I have found a way to kind of recreate the seasonal events, and have attempted to bring back some of the fun that was taken away when the servers got taken down. I use to play the heck out of this game when it had the online functions and I miss it dearly.

    Disclaimer: *A GT5 garage editor is required for this, any garage editor which allows you to add Cr. will do.*

    Now I know this sounds like hassle, to back out of a game to add some money to your game after a race but I`m just trying to bring some life back to Gran Turismo 5. Seasonal events should not have gone along with the servers. It was the best way to earn money, and that`s what I`m trying to bring back. I also know that yeah with the GT5 Garage editors you can add as much money as you like to your game, however, for me anyways it just takes away the fun. I miss earning money from the seasonal events so I could upgrade or buy lots of cars that I did not own. That was the fun of it, it kept me going and wasn`t too grindy compared to the normal events.

    Edit: I would recommend doing this if you have not collected all the cars. Or if you want to do a re-run of the entire game. (That`s what I`m doing)

    To do this, you find a race that was previously a seasonal event (see down below). For example, the 1 lap Nürburgring event that would gift you 1,000.000 Cr. when you had the 200% login bonus. It won`t always have the exact same opponents obviously too. But go to Expert Series > Gran Turismo All Stars > Race 3: Nürburgring. Do the race, if you win, go onto the GT5 Garage editor and add a million or however many credits to your account. There will be a list of races below to do, with cash pay-outs. I will add three every week to keep it fresh if anybody is interested in doing this. I will also reference every event I do with a link, so you get the idea of why I chosen that race. If anybody actually is interested in doing these, I will add three every week. They will be mix ups, and some new 1 make events I may add. For every race I recreate, there will only be one pay-out with a 200% bonus so it isn`t too easy to earn money. (trying to be fair and realistic)

    Week 1:

    Professional Series > British Lightweights > Race 1: London
    Laps: 3
    Prize Money: 1st - 300.000 Cr.

    Practise > A - Spec One Make > Original Circuits > Deep Forest Raceway
    Laps: 5
    Prize Money: 1st - 500.000 Cr.

    Expert Series > Gran Turismo All Stars > Race 3: Nürburgring
    Laps: 1
    Prize Money: 1st - 1,000.000 Cr. (200% bonus)

    (Anything i have got wrong, please let me know and i`ll correct it. Provided links for references and pictures used as stated above)

    Enjoy. :cheers:
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