Richard Burns Rally - RSRBR 2016

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  1. richiem2282


    Welcome to the GTPlanet RSRBR/Richard Burn Rally Thread


    Anyone try the new 2011 RSRBR? Amazing how these big studios can't give us a half decent Rally Game since 2004. Hats off to the guy at
    I'm loving it, just came of a 3 month run on GT5 and it feels right I never let of RBR. such an amazing game....

    took the Focus WRC out for a run last night, take a look, nothing competitive, just some fun...
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  2. Bigbazz

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    I watched your video, noticed the co-driver is welsh! I've not played this game, but always heard good things, will have to get it eventually.
  3. richiem2282


    Its Nicky Grist, Colin McRae's Co-Driver, I use Phil Mills(Petter Solberg's old Co-Driver) as well, Thats a cool feature with RSRBR 2011, you use a program called Pace-note Manager, you can change your Co-Driver and style of notes.....

    Herel you'll find all the updates for Richard Burns Rally, you can buy RBR on Amazon for $10, was released back in 2004 and STILL No. 1 in Rally gaming....

    I also have some more Rally videos on my Channel, feel free to take a look, Enjoy....
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  4. R1600Turbo

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    That HUD looks awfully familiar.
  5. richiem2282


    its from GT5, ;-)
  6. richiem2282


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  7. Bigbazz

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    Just got RBR today, not installed the 2011 mod yet but i must say, this is awesome. Physics are awesome.
  8. JerkinJohn


    Which OS are you guy's using with RBR? I bought it when I was using XP 32bit but now I am running Win7 64bit. Of course I reformatted my drive and haven't reinstalled RBR because I have read some issues with Win7 and RBR.

    And don't you have to do a bunch of stuff in the FFB folder to get it to function right?

    I'm trying to make sure I have all the bases covered before installing the sim!

    EDIT: I installed RBR without a problem following instruction on the web. Doing 2011 now...
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  9. richiem2282


    I'm running Windows 7 64bit, 8GB Memory, 1GB ATI Graphics card and a Fanatec GT3RS Wheel and ClubSport Pedals..... After all installs, the RBR folder does get a bit full, but I'm fine with that... ITS FREE!!!!! the game that is... small price to pay for some Classic Rally Action :tup:
  10. JerkinJohn


    I'm also running Win7 Pro 64bit with 4GB Patriot Mem and SLI'ed GTX460's 1 Gb OC @ 830/1665/1995. With the GT3 V2 and CSP's. I just had to install everything to it's separate folder on drive C: and not in program or program (x86) files.

    Everything is working great with all latest updates patches and RSRBR 2011. :tup:

    Did you do your fine tuning to the FFB in the RBR ini file? It does make a difference! You can also set you screen res to what ever value you wish in there to! :sly:
  11. Aldo

    Australia Melbourne, Living the dream

    Link please? :p
  12. JerkinJohn


  13. Aldo

    Australia Melbourne, Living the dream

    Thanks mate. :tup:
  14. FryImaging


    Old but, I got this a while ago. Anyone have a mod so my Co-Driver is english? No hating on the foreigner but it'd be much easier :p Unless Im missing something completely obvious :/
  15. Bigbazz

    Wales Wales

    He's scottish, technically if you want english he's not a foreigner ^^. I think (think) its the same guy that does both Dirt 2 and GT5 co-driving.
  16. n1nj4ofshr3d

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    I need some help with patches and stuff for RBR. I downloaded it yesterday, and I have no disc, and I figured you guys would be able to help. What do I need, and I'm working with Windows 7, by the way.
  17. richiem2282


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  18. Franjo

    Canada BC

    This game has taken me away from Forza and GT5. It is so indepth, the physics feel fantastic and I consider the graphics great as well. I've yet to race in online rally's of multiple stages with other players online but will in the near future after I get the hang of the game. Anybody who hasn't tried this game and the mod, really need to give it a shot.

    This community is great so I'll try to outline some tips for you to just generally get you up and running by providing links and my experience with it so far. First the installation and configuration of the game, then the mod and how to run it.

    There's two versions of this game obviously the Vanilla version and the mod. Both games are obviously playable after the mod install. The mod actually even adds a camera mod option to the vanilla version of RBR (lets you use the numpad to position the camera anywhere you want on any view, including interior) and in my opinion, a fantastic HDR lighting mod that you can turn on and off by using the key combination Shift-F12 in the vanilla version and mod. To me it brings life to the game. I'll also show you how to set the resolution to whatever size you want (Can't be done in game). Also how to make a 16x10 screen not make everything look "fat" by editing another file.

    I installed this game prior to the arrival of my Fanatec gt2 wheel with clubsports. Since I'm waiting on that I decided to set this up with my xbox 360 wired controller to my pc. Some people may find this frustrating so I'll go through that process as well.

    I've found a great site with instructions and what to download and install in the proper order. Here is a link to the original source over at I've also pulled some information from Here as well.

    The hard work of Warren Dawes and the FAQ writer should not be taken without given credit. Some of the links don't work correctly so I've fixed them in this post. So head over to that post, or go through my post here with the fixed links. Both will get the job done and hopefully getting more people to enjoy this game and give it a try.

    After going through these instructions you'll have the game installed & patched, the mod installed and updated, ALL car packs, plus HDR mod and my settings for an xbox 360 controller.

    1: Install Richard Burns Rally (RBR)

    (Windows 7 users MUST read note prior to install)
    NOTE: Windows 7 and Vista users please don't install to the default directory. Don't install it to the \Program Files directory. I'm on Windows 7 64bit and I just installed the game to c:\rally

    This is really a no brainer, install the game and go grab the latest patch 1.02 which includes the 1.01 patch as well. Take note that the developers have taken out the CD check with version 1.02, so once you install the game you don't need the CD to play the game.

    2: Get the 1.02 Patch

    Here from or Here from

    The vanilla version of RBR is now installed and patched. Go ahead and launch the game where it asks you to create a profile. Name the profile whatever you want. Once you create it be sure to set your default language for Pace Notes (Default in French), HUD options, default camera view and most importantly controller options which I'll go over shortly.

    3: Get the HDR Plugin

    If you want to play this game before installing the RSRBR 2011 mod, go right ahead. The game is fantastic even without the mod. Before you do, do yourself a favor and install the HDR Mod. If you like it great, if you don't you can always use Shift-F12 to turn it off/on at any point in the game. During gameplay or the menu.

    Download the two files below and place them in your installed game directory. Mine for example was C:\rally\Richard Burns Rally. Just drop the files in there and extract them to root directory of the game. It will overwrite files. That's fine.

    Here is a link showing the before/after.
    YOUTUBE LINK 1 - This shows a video turning it off/on during gameplay
    YOUTUBE LINK 2 - I love this subaru video!
    YOUTUBE LINK 3 - This shows the "Particle Mod", this comes installed with the Mod which will be explained below. The dirt kick up from the car looks great! You can really notice a difference between this and the 2nd Subaru video.

    4: Set your resolution correctly for best graphics

    Go to your install directory and look for the file RichardBurnsRally.ini in your folder. You will find two lines XRes and YRes. This is where you set the resolution you run. For example:

    XRes = 1920
    YRes = 1200 (or 1080, or what ever resolution you want)

    I run:
    XRes = 1680
    YRes = 1050

    5: Configuring your controller

    I first tried this game with a Logitech Rumblepad. I found the Rumblepad wasn't the most comfortable for this game. I much rather prefer the 360 wired controller as the triggers allow for better throttle response.

    I personally didn't have to install any drivers on my Windows 7 box for the 360 gamepad to work. Once plugged in, I just verified it was in the "Setup USB Game Controllers" section of the Control Panel.

    Here is my mapping:

    Right Trigger - Gas
    Left Trigger - Brake
    Gear up - Y
    Gear Down - X
    EBrake - A
    Change View - B

    Normally I like using the right thumb stick to control gears, I usually flick the Right stick up to shift up, and down to gear down. I couldn't get this to work but Y and X works just as well for me.

    Changing Controls

    From Main Menu:
    Options>Controls>Controller Setup>Controller Setup

    First thing you need to do is change the key mappings for accelerate and brake to totally random keyboard buttons. I set U for "Accelerate" and I for "Brake". With those mapped I now select the option "Accelerate & Brake Together", once I select that option I hit the Right trigger. It should now say Z-Axis. Your gas and brake are now set. Take note, that pressing the LT while pressing the RT cancel each other out. This stops me in no way from playing the game whatsoever.

    You can set your steering the same. Leave "Left" and "Right" alone and just select "Steering" and move you left thumbstick of the left or right. It should now say X-Axis. Set the rest of your buttons with no hassles.

    Adjust Steering sensitivity

    I personally found that the steering was WAY too sensitive. Now I just tried this first, and for myself it worked great. I'm sure you can tweak it more to however you want but by just changing this one option I found it worked great for me. I'll walk you thru changing the Curvature

    From Main Menu
    Options>Controls>Filter Settings>Axis>Curvature

    I basically moved the slider over on "Curvature" to match the exact setting as "Maximum Fade". I've been playing with this setting ever since and I can play it fine.

    In order to run the MOD you must create another profile named exactly 'Mulligatawny'. Make sure you set your controls and options exactly the same as your profile you created in RBR. The mod CAN ONLY RUN ON THIS 'Mulligatawny' PROFILE. Create this profile at this time, if you try creating it in the MOD, it won't save any settings

    6: Installing the RSRBR2011 Mod

    Download and Install the Main Mod:
    HFR Server
    Or go to Page Directly here:

    7: Install The Latest Mod Update Patch 03
    Or go to Page Directly here:

    8: Install Car Packs
    Full Car Pack Here
    Or go to Page Directly here:

    Latest Car Packs or Individual Car Packs Here

    I just went ahead and downloaded the whole car Pack.

    The RSRBR Mod is now installed. Take note that if it looks like the install isn't moving, just give it some time and be patient. The install went quick on my machine with no big pauses. This issue may just be on older computers.

    9: Running RSRBR 2011 Mod
    You're now ready to start up RSCenter 2011. This is where you setup offline/online matches. Create rally's and have your friends join them. You can set passwords on rally's, keep them open or just join any of the rally's currently going to try to set your best time. Take note, from within RSCenter you can also launch the "Vanilla" version of RBR.

    When you launch RSCenter, go ahead and click "Registration RSRBRLive2011". Fill out all your information and await your email notification.

    Once your login info is in the top, you can now select 3 options which are self explanatory:

    Play Alone
    Public Sessions

    I'll go thru the "Play Alone" Option

    RS Center:
    Click on File>Settings to configure your options


    Explanation of options can be found Here


    Set the options in the drop downs the same as I have. ie, Pack, Mod, Car Tyres Etc Etc. You will also want to click on "Camhack". This will open a small separate window, you can just leave it open. I also opened "RBRWrong + Tyre". This option I believe takes out all the wrong way signs and allows you to pick specific tires. Leave both options running. When you're ready, just hit the GO Button to launch a session. When the game launches, it should show 2 profiles. The one you created for yourself and the 'Mulligatawny' one. If your running RSCenter, always use the 'Mulligatawny'.

    This is where you can play around with some different camera angles within the game. Once the stage has started after you selected your options, make sure you're in an interior view in the game. At this point hit the * button on the numpad only. You notice that the FOV is better, and if your running a 16x10 setup, it won't look fat anymore.

    With the camhack enabled, you can now use the numpad buttons to move left, right, up and down. In any view. By default you can use the number keys (above letters) to select default ones. If you find a view you like, you can hold down the ALT key and hit a number. Your view is now saved by hitting the corresponding number. There are A LOT of options for the CAMHACK, all of which are listed here

    Watching Replays
    If you hit the GO button, you will notice the game just launches right to that car and stage, and you can hit Race. You will not be able to view a replay of the race like this. If you wish to see a replay after your race Select the option from RSCenter "Launch RSRBR2011" when you have made all you're settings.

    Once your race is finished or if you crash, just hit retire and you now have an option to view replay.

    You can also run the vanilla version of RBR by just selecting "Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE"

    Will add more later...
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  19. bigfatflip


    Wow Franjo, that was quite a write up, Thanks!

    I just got RBR a few days ago and have been trying to force myself to play the original game first so I can "enjoy" all the improvements of RSRBR 2011, when I do get to trying it.

    Quick question, where is a good place to find RBR mod files? I've been searching for a while and it seems like they are spread out all over the place. Is there still a place where they are all updated and archived, like bhmotorsport used to be?
  20. JeffKill


    NM, found the answer....
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  21. HKS racer


    Another must have, seems like I'll be busy with Pc sims in the next months. Many thanks to Franjo for the tutorial. :tup:
  22. eight6er


    Hi, just wanted to know, how does the hand brake act on the RWD cars? I remember the volvo 242 was a nice car to drive only for the hand brake locked the front wheels. Love this game, the only rally game with realistic stages and handling.
  23. Apologies for bumping an old thread, but I'm having a few problems with RSRBR2011.

    First, even with the 16x9 aspect ratio selected in the RSCenter, the screen is still stretched. I set the resolution in the RBR ini to 1920x1080, but it just looks terrible in game. Does the aspect selector not work?

    Am I doing something wrong? I used the exact same settings as the great post earlier in the thread, and the game does not look anything like the mod screenshots I have seen. Textures are low-res, interiors look awful, etc.
  24. Franjo

    Canada BC


    This is actually good, because with this link below it shows you how to setup the camhack to be on as soon as you hit enter. Therefore you don't have to hit the * button to enable everytime. If you think about it, you have to hit Enter to select your profile or anything in game before you start driving, so this enables it right away. That's also in the link along with FOV changes that should work for you.

    Go to this link: (Be sure to select Translate from French to English) ;)
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  25. richiem2282


    I'm counting the days til I get my PC back up and running, need my RBR fix, DiRT 3 is good but not a substitute for Mr. Burns....
  26. alvin23a

    Australia New South Wales

    Please tell me this has at least one of tommi's EVOs?
  27. Gabkicks


    of course it does
  28. MildAshers

    England Wymondham, Norfolk

    One? Try about 7 :p

    I absolutely love this mod, the stage packs are also a must, theres some superb BTB stages to go on. I think the Slovenian ones are my faves, so narrow and bendy.
  29. Clark

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    How can you get the h-pattern gearbox to work with RSRBR?
  30. alvin23a

    Australia New South Wales

    On a logitech wheel I'm not sure you RSRBR but with RBR open up logitech padder then select it though there. I'm not sure if you can use the whole h-shifter but I got mine set out like a semi auto and I'm using a G27.
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