Road Cars v Race Cars - Have SMS Got The Balance Right?

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Did SMS get the balance right?

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  1. Yes, I think SMS got it spot on

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  2. No, I think SMS should have included more road cars

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  3. No, I think SMS should have put more race cars in the game.

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  1. rich m

    rich m

    To me, what project cars does best is race cars. All of my time of Pcars is spent in the GT3 class, career, 100% difficulty, it's great. Therefore for PC2 i think they should stick to this formula and add more race cars and some more tracks like Sebring. I find forza the opposite, road cars are done relatively well, yet i don't find the race cars enjoyable. I did however like R1 class back on Forza 2 but that was when i used to hotlap and race online.
  2. skazz


    I was very pleased with the update to the road tyres a couple of months ago. Before that pCARS lagged well behind Assetto Corsa and was really only fun to drive the race cars.

    Thankfully the new road tyre model changed that. However I do think SMS needs to drop down the AI driver aggression for road cars before they are good to race. Right now they are primarily for time trialling in my opinion.

    The major challenge for SMS is that Assetto Corsa does simulated road cars so well and they have German, British, Japanese licenses like pCARS, but they also have Ferrari and Lamborghini. Add the laser scanned Nordschleife and pCARS has a big competitive disadvantage to AC for road cars.

    So in the end I guess my answer would be: SMS, stick to race cars unless you can expand your licensing options more broadly. The Japanese pack is a good start but American and Italian stuff is needed next.
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    NLxAROSA Premium

    For me it was the opposite. :lol: But agreed that with the latest patches on both they've become very close in experience. Played them both back-to-back this week using the GT-86 in both and was surprised by how similar the experience was with similar FFB settings and no canned FX in AC.

    Personally, I think that's a really good thing, because as sims get more realistic, they should be converging onto each other, and that's exactly what's happening.