Round 1 Technical Discussion: Tsukuba

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    There have been many great contributions about this particular event scattered throughout multiple and often unrelated threads. It seems like it might be a useful tool to have a thread that focuses on this combo, so that people can refer to it as a study guide and/or a place to contribute their expertise.​

    Please help to keep this thread as free of noise as possible, and focus the discussion on the Tuskuba challenge, so readers can get the infomation they need without having to sift through the usual other fun stuff. Also, feel free to use the turn numbers in the above track map as a discussion tool.​

    Enjoy! :cheers:
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  2. Randum311


    The one issue I am having is the chicane- I find now if I just gradually cut the edge and begin to brake on the "center" of the second one, I slow down enough to cut the inside and I can use WOT through to number 4. Anyone find anything which works better?
  3. dLo GSR


    turn 5 always gets me - i'm at a speed in mid-3rd and i'd like to know if there's a way to get through it and line up for 6 properly without slowing the car too much. i find i either have to let off throttle and tap brake, and which case i downshift to 2nd for a split second to get back up to speed, or i let off throttle and use turning force to slow the car around. either way leaves me at a pretty unfavorable entry to turn 6 though.
  4. R1600Turbo

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    ^^^ I stay in 3rd there and just let off enough to carry speed through there, then on the gas and full throttle all the way to turn 7.

    Ran a last night in Practice mode after only a few laps just to see what it was like with that car and the tires.
  5. Dr Wankel

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    In addition to this I've found it best to aim for the apex with the right tires but don't actually hit the curbing. Clipping the inside curb seems to upset the balance of the car more in that turn and will cause to car to push more on exit. As a results you have to keep more wheel cranked in it to keep from running wide on exit and will kill your momentum all the way into T7 & T8.
  6. timEspeed


    Does anyone have the Prima Track Guide ( I'd be nice if the turn numbers corresponded so we could all be on the same page. It's easier to have a handy book next to my Playseat than to run in the other room and compare turn numbers.
  7. For Turn 8, I've been trail braking into the mid point of the corner, and then applying power just as I pass the thicker rumble strips. I point the nose of the car towards the wall, and then slowly nudge it straight.

    Anyone here have a faster technique? I get the feeling I'm losing a few tenths of a second here.
  8. SpyHunter


    Anyone else grabbing 4th heading into 8? I will bounce off the rev limiter if I don't. Only running 105.9 right now. Need to spend some time getting the first corner down better.
  9. blindsidefive0


    I'm grabbing 4th, but I don't know if it's faster or not. I got a 1:05.760 after a few laps, and just left it. I don't have the experience here yet to figure out what's fastest.

    Anyone have thoughts on hitting/using curbing? Where to do it/not to do it?
  10. R1600Turbo

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    I'll hit it in turns 2,3,5, but nowhere else. All other corners seem to upset the car too much.
  11. Dr Wankel

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    Yeah I am too, if you get T5-6 right you will need to go to 4th or you will be running up on the limiter. I'm staying off of all the curbs entirely. I'll run right up to the edge of them, but they just seem to cause the car to get loose when the inside transitions off of the curb on corner exit. I'm at a 1:05.7 right now and I know I'm still loosing a little time in the final corner but I'm not having issues with the tight corners with the line I'm running.
  12. quattrophonic


    Great advice, thanks!

    Any insight on turn 9 would be appreciated... I am hugging the curbing at about 75 mph until the start/finish comes into view and then I peg it, but I see that some folks go wide on the entry. Any ideas on what's the fastest line?
  13. Choate51


    I diamond turn 9. i drag the brake and just wait until she settles down then apply throttle to get a clean exit.
  14. emotionap1


    It's not until turn 6-9 where I lose pace with the leader. Prob. just need to get use to the wheel again though... Anyone wanna practice in a lounge?
  15. Peluski17

    United States Georgia

    This is my worst track out of the 3 in terms of ranking. I'm running around a 1.06.400 and can't seem to find the pace to go quicker. It's only a second or so off the leader's time so right now I'm focusing on the Ring track to shave more time off. I've been trying different techniques, but coming up short every time. I know I'll hit the jackpot eventually though.
  16. Sebastian Blix


    Gah, where is the SPEED! I can't crack 106.5 to save my life. There has got to be something drastic I'm doing wrong. Turn 1 no matter what entry I lose time. In turns 2 thru 4 I can make up a bit, only to hemorrhage all of it and a lot more in turns 5 thru 7. Particularly I am having a beast of a time in turn 6 for some odd reason. PLEASE HELP! I need to shave 1.5 seconds somehow, and I've hit a wall. Thanks!
  17. SuperCobraJet

    United States Virginia USA

    Same here.

    Spent all last night trying to best 1:06.385
    Couldn't do it.
    Plan on going back to the Ring tonight.
  18. 95BlkMiata-038

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    I shaved about .3 consistently last night and ended up with a 1:05.720 or so.

    Occaisionally found speed in turn one by diving straight at turn one at an angle and tapping the brake a bit to get the back end around where the pavement levels off. In turn 8 it seems really critical to get the back end around a bit also. As I cross the hump in the road I trail
    brake (sometimes a quick tap) to get it out there also. With no ABS it is really easy to do but not set at 1. Really smooth throttle out of 4, no curb at all in 5 (pavement / camber benefit, otherwise curb pushes you wide). I noticed that the #1 person in my region gets on the throttle REALLY early in 8 (no curb) and carries massive speed in 9 while running fairly wide. I clip the last part of the curb with my RR tire. I know I have a 1:05.3 in me, just have to find it.
  19. blindsidefive0


    I'm a head case. Day 1 the competition opens up and after about 10 laps I run a 1:05.760. Driving about an hour over the last 2 nights I've only managed a 1:05.6. Last night I was doing back-to-back-to-back 1:05.8's, messing up 0.2 here or 0.2 there.

    Maybe I should see a psychologist or hypnotist or something so I can finally run the 1:05.4 that I know is out there for me...
  20. Choate51


    If it makes you feel better I was at a consistent .3 last night then all of a sudden I started getting into the .3's and .2's quite consistently. Just stay focused. Try doing multiple quick laps instead of 1 lap crash then restart. You can't develop a rhythm.
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  21. R1600Turbo

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    Not to mention you start on cold tires every time.
  22. Forcednduckshn

    United States Connecticut

    Yeah, I find that funny. Why not just start us on warm tires so that we can have a real go at a fast time on the 1st lap? Also, I haven't done more than 10 or 15 laps in a row at Tsukuba, but I have observed virtually no appreciable tire wear. Is tire wear turned off for the GT Academy?
  23. chriz00

    United States SoCal, USA

    Anyone have advice as to how to do turn 4 ??

    I keep understeering that bit and slows me down.
  24. Choate51


    diamond it. go in shallower than you think, let the car rotate then gas it out of there.
  25. chriz00

    United States SoCal, USA

    ^^What is meant by "diamond it"? And once I know I am open for throttle's FULL throttle, correct?

  26. Choate51


    How 'bout these MS paint skills LOL

  27. chriz00

    United States SoCal, USA

    ^^haha, thanks ...will try later.
  28. Kreepnslayer


    Man I'm struggling. My best lap so far is 1:06.907.
    The car handles so strangely. With ABS on one, it understeers big time, but turning it off seemingly puts the car into drift mode. My best lap has been done basically drifting each corner on the track.
    For those using ABS set on one (which from the leaderboards seems like dang near everyone) how are you overcoming the understeer issues?
    I see brief flashes of getting into 1:05xxx, but then I screw up a turn.

    I'll keep trying. My goal is to make it past the first round. The other tracks I see where I'm slow and know what I have to do to get near the top. I just am having a hard time getting the feel for the Fairlady.
  29. Choate51


    To over come the understeer issue, I am sure some are using the E-brake (i don't) others trail brake into the corner and right when the rear wheels start to slide just a wii bit turn the wheel and try and time it to get the back end to help us.
  30. R1600Turbo

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    ^^^ That about sums it up.
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