Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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Ukrainian air defense shot down 33 of 45 Kh-101 cruise missiles, 4 of 4 Kaliber cruise missiles, 2 of 2 Kh-59/Kh-69 missiles, 20 of 21 Shahed drones overnight. Russia also launched 1 Kh-47M2 missile, 2 ballistic Iskander-M missiles, 1 cruise missile Iskander-K



Estonian vata watching May 9 concert in Narva. Most hilarious thing is that its impossible to watch that cringefest from Russian side.
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Estonian vata watching May 9 concert in Narva. Most hilarious thing is that its impossible to watch that cringefest from Russian side.
Not true. They placed several screens aimed at us, but one of them had a stage and rows of seats that were empty during the parade.




Parade live transmission. Looks like most of the people are border guards.


Evening concert gathered a lot more people.

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Our media little bit exaggerating idiotism
Evening concert gathered a lot more people
Guess its partly because of "face control" in that area. AFAIK, only locals could get that close to the border on our side. You guys don't think someone would run in our direction, obviously 🤣
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9 storey building demolished after massive Ukrainian missile strike at Belgorod. Massive civilian casualties.
Everyone else is saying that your country men once again missed their targets.
Their target was a building, they just couldn't figure out which one (couldn't read the address) and fired blindly.
Two versions currently:
1) ФАБ-500 with УМПК malfunction
2) Result of missile strike

you guys are ****ing morons. Nothing funny about civilians(kids) dying.
Your army are ****ing morons for being so inept, and a lot of Russians are ****ing morons as they're still not opposing the war.

No one is making fun of dying civilians.
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Shoigu out, Patrushev out. Gerasimov, Zolotov still in charge. Instead of Shoigu MOD will be Belousov(economist, technocrat)
Told you.

Add Ukraine to the short list of countries who have effectively used SEAD on the battlefield. Pray for them because wild weasel pilots have to be incredibly good and also a little sick and twisted. The US still dominates its use and tactical innovation since inventing the mission in WW2.
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The Ukrainians were busy yesterday. And it seems that today they've continued that with a couple of planes, a helicopter and a radar base on Crimea.
I'm worried about Kharkiv though; civilian evacuation under artillery fire. The Russians need to be pushed back.
Hopefully the Ukrainian civilians can flee westward so that the Army can fire up another meat grinder. If you kill more than a thousand orcs per day, the bodies start to pile up rather quickly and perhaps that will do something with that drunken Russian morale.