Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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  • murderfest by "heroes of СВО" continues. Few corpses, rape or heavy injuries victims per week.
  • general population don't have any respect for "heroes of СВО", companies don't want to hire them, PTSD treatment is non existing.
  • spring conscription is closer to end and police headhunting young men everywhere. Looks like two months were not enough to grab 150.000 conscripts(as always).
Old Uncle Sam needs to allow our weapons to wreak havoc inside Russia!
Disturbing that Ukrainians can’t strike targets inside Russia that target civilians just shopping in a market.
I'm mainly interested in how Alibaba stopped accepting Russian payments and shipping to Russia. I'm guessing the U.S. sanctions are working.
AliExpress working like a charm. Its Alibaba doesn't accept payments, which theoretically could slightly increase cost of insanely cheap Chinese stuff.

Not like our MoD ever did their supply through AliBaba. Or its sole source of drone parts for crowdfunders.
At least, 75 "guided" bombs were dropped by Russian aviation on RUAF controlled territory(both occupied and conventional) in 3 months.
Reports show that the orcs lost almost 39000 goons in Ukraine last month. Wounded and killed.

It must be getting quiet in rural Russia at this rate.