Same Car, Same Colour, Same Track & Time Thread *(Read OP)*#1

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You deserve it... Great consistent high level of photos - Take the credit :gtpflag:đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

p.s If you win many more maybe you could nominate some to choose haha ;) :yuck: Although not a competition as such it is good to have such high standards from the start from everyone so we need to up our game each week and even more creativity should shine through this thread!!
WEEK 4 NOW open :gtpflag:-SEE OP post (1) for details...

The lovely meaty C63 amg coupe in Norway in a storm..should be a good one this with the new filters etc

I think for this week anyway stick to the OP -of one post with your best 5 shots only..while the tweaking of how this thread will evolve goes on..Good luck.......
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Let's get this started ; )






Link to Tumblr for higher resolution
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I didn't think we were having a single competition shot yet as discussed..(see post above #64) just your best 5 shots at the mo ;)đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

p.s can you keep them to 800x450 max (as requested by mods on OPs) and post a link -those files are massive (and on main thread) slows the whole page down for everyone :cheers::gtpflag:
I misread this "A maximum of 5 pictures per entry (post) and only 1 entry for that weeks car." in the OP.
silly me :D will change my post a lil bit...
I misread this "A maximum of 5 pictures per entry (post) and only 1 entry for that weeks car." in the OP.
silly me :D will change my post a lil bit...

Yes -great pics :D maybe that isn't clear but only one entry per with week with 5 pics on -cheers :cheers:
just looking over everyone's posts so far on this thread and there's some brilliant shots in here already đź‘Ť looked over my entry for this week and still cant help being so disappointed in that last pic, all fingers and thumbs and missed the lightening strike by milliseconds, replay takes away the sparks so i just simply 'missed the moment', can have sparks or lightening but not both. spent another hour on the track hoping it would happen again, but it didnt, a tweek to the camera angle and it would have looked like the lightening had struck the car dead center of the roof and would have been showered in sparks :banghead: maybe even the outer edges of the wings would have glowed blue purple from the lightening :banghead: im going back on the track I WANT THAT SHOT :nervous:
Ok Week 5 Now Open (see OP #Post no.1) for details. Still 5 pics. Still your best creative shots. All open. All welcome. The more the better.

It is the rare beast Aston One-77 under used by people here as it doesn't appear on the photo thread much. It is in factory Copper- (After Red) in the Sunshine- In Canada. Great opportunities--Good luck again

Mr torque99 đź‘Ť