Sardegna 800

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I just bought the Nismo GTR 99 and had an easy win, lapping everyone. then i had an little harder win in an fully tuned Mitsubishi GTO which only had 700pp. Gotta love the Classics.
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Aventador and veneno used too much fuel, even on fm6 they only last 4 rounds. No fun, lol.

i just won with an engine swapped M3, cool race. Road cars are a lot harder on those turns.

then I bought a super formula, only to find out it has a fixed nitro that can’t be changed so I can’t use it :(

will try the Porsche 918 next, cause I have that already.
The F1500T-A will absolutely destroy this race. It hasn't a nitro.
Add the F-XX-K to the road car list. Though it's not sold as a car you can just drive to work in real life, GT7 lists it as a road car. You may need 3 stops to finish, but it's just fast enough to win. I enjoyed the challenge.
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South Africa
The engine swapped Crown also does the race quite easily. I Started on RM tyres and managed 4 laps on them. Pitted for RH and fill up gas. Pitted again end of lap 10 for RH and a little gas to finish.


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You mean Mazda RX with 787 Engine? I had fun with the "original" 787B too.

A bit OT: I did 2 races on le mans, one with engine swapped BMW M3. So that car now got me a win in all 3 grinding races. le mans, sardegna and tokyo. :)

Yeah I mean that, I just shortened it.
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Yes, i tried that one and it was a nice drive.

Thats quite expensive and invite only, so i don't have it yet.
The Ferrari is worth every credit, though. It'll win all the Ferrari only events outright, but Maggiore can be difficult without teleporting.
The Sardegna race is difficult with it, which is why I recommended it. If you can drive it to the checkered flag, pat yourself on the back!