Sauber Mercedes C 9 race car vs Minolta

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  1. Michael88


    I won the sauber today and I am very dissapointed, in fact there is no difference in handling between the R92CP and the Sauber, just the looks and the engine sound is different. Even with excessive suspension tuning it handles boring. I thought it will have a very characteristical different handling like the other Group-C cars have. - Like the differences between Jaguar XJR-9 and the R92.

    Its not worth the afford to get it.:guilty:
  2. [My] Bob can't use the Sauber, it has too much power. Yes I realize that the Minolta has more power. It's just that, the 88C-V's power just is more... evenly distributed. (To Bob anyways. He only has 7246 points...)

    Sauber, on the other hand, R0X on the AI's lineup, and I like using it on A-spec more than the Minolta.

    I enjoy using the Sauber more, but Bob likes the 88C-V more, and Bob does most of the driving to me. So, I'd go with the Minolta if you're a B-spec [over]user like me. And vice versa if the opposite is true.
  3. NorcoRDR


    very hard to compare these speed monsters, they're all pretty much the same except differences in gear ratios. I once tuned my Sauber to go up to 480 KMh on the straigh at the test course.
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    You may want to check this thread.
  5. Tornado


    I always found it funny that in Le Sarthe II 24 Hour those two were always the only ones near each other at the end of the race. I've seen both of them beat the other one, as well. They are very evenly matched, I'd say.
  6. Grimm6Jack


    Yep, they are possibly the most evenly matched Le Mans cars in the game, was doing my 24 hour Le Mans II and they were pretty close even at the end of the race, they are the only cars that don't lap each other in this race:

    Well, they are not only the most evenly matched but they are the best cars in the game after the FGT. I am saying this based on how the AI and my B-Spec driver handles them because if I am to talk about personal experience then every Le Mans Group C car is pretty much evenly matched with only tenths of a second difference.

    Based on how the AI/B-Spec handles the cars it's like this:

    0. Formula Gran Turismo
    1. Minolta Toyota/Sauber C9
    2. Nissan R92 CP
    3. Mazda 787B
    4. Nissan R89 C
    5. Jaguar XJR-9
    6. Audi R8
    7. Toyota GT-One/BMW V12 LMR/Bentley Speed 8/Peugeot 905 (These 4 all of them are as evenly matched as the Minolta and the Sauber are to each other, whenever they race with the AI, they usually stick to the same distance/time they started the race separated from each other, the 905 takes a bit of time to shift but for some reason, likely better acceleration, it can keep up with the other 3, well, it's also worth noting that the 905 is likely the worst Group C car in the game).
    9. Pescarolo GV5
    10. Pescarolo C60
    11. Mercedes CLK-GTR
    12. Nissan R390 GT1
    13. Chaparral 2J (should note here that in some tracks I've seen this 2J actually gaining in time against either the Nissan R390 but in most of them it falls behind)
    14. Esperante GTR1
    15. McLaren F1 GTR
    16. Gillet Vertigo
    17. Pagani Zonda LM
    18. Ford GT LM
    19. Nissan GTR LM
    20. Dodge Viper Team Oreca
  7. All Your Base

    All Your Base

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    I'm pretty sure the AI does better with the F1 GTR than the Esperante. Whenever I do an arcade race involving both cars, the Panoz always falls behind the McLaren. Despite the McLaren having less power, it weighs 200 kilos less than the Panoz and handles much better.

    Back on topic: if it was a choice between the C9 and the Minolta, I'd say the C9. Sure, it is much harder to get, but it has better tire life and similar grip and handling than the Minolta. Overall, though, I'd say the 787B. Sure, it may not be the fastest Group C car in the game, but it has far better tire life and just as good handling as the Minolta and the C9. Besides, it is always available for you at 3.5 million.
  8. PS2 GT4

    PS2 GT4

    I love my Minolta Toyota without a doubt, but my Sauber C9, having both cars fully loaded running the same tires at the de la Sarthe I , does turn a slightly better lap time. I can get 2.98's to 3.05's regularly with the Sauber C9 when I gear it up. With my Minolta Toyota and/or Formula GT I get typically 3.03''s to 3.07's doing the same. Of course the Formula GT tire option doesn't exist which slows down the a single lap time for me. Seems there are "horses for courses" when it comes to the Formula vs Minolta vs Sauber...
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