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Discussion in 'GT4 Tuning' started by TheBeast89, May 9, 2005.

  1. Dr_Watson

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    i did GT World with the used black R92CP, if you want the settings off my car:

    oil change (if you can consider what comes in the used cars "oil")
    rigidity refresh
    roll cage
    Stock turbo... no need for added hp, all it does is make the wheels spin

    car is pretty good on tires, as long as you aren't prone to smokey 2nd gear burn outs.
    IIRC i used R3's for everything except hong kong, where i had to put hard (r2) on the back (so R3/R2) as all the low speed corners tend to eat the rears.
    the mediums in almost all of the races are good for 1/2 the distance, so just pit half-way... worked out perfect.

    ----------- F / R --
    spring: 13.8 / 14.8
    ride: 60 / 60
    bound: 6 / 6
    rebound: 8 / 8
    camber: 2.6 / 1.2
    toe: 0 / -1
    stabilizer: 4 / 5

    3 / 3

    63 / 88

    -- / 10
    -- / 40
    -- / 20

    {Driver Aids}
    (TCS and ASM are for the weak)

    (not sure how i got it there... might just be an auto.. but here it is)
    1 3.568
    2 2.182
    3 1.494
    4 1.088
    5 0.843
    F 3.500
    A 17


    car has seen alot of mileage since then...
    for the bumpy tracks like la sarthe, or opera paris, i'd just up the ride hight to 74 and it was pretty manageable.
  2. Casio

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    I won this with the NISSAN Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02 I won in the Japan Championship. Just used that Option Stream Z thing I got from the tune cup, and B-Spec'ed those Ten races.

    Though using the Fairlady, is interesting. Got to the last race of the Championship dead level with the R92CP....I was only infront by 1 second coming into the last lap, but he pitted...won by 30 seconds.

    I used racing mediums the whole way though...Mainly because I forgot to buy anything else :indiff:
  3. JParker


    Hey Beast, did you install the rollcage? It seemed to help me a good bit. I'm at work and can't remember my exact settings. I have it handling about as good as I could get it, but the car is still exhausting to drive. One thing is I run racing medium tires on the front and racing hards on the rear. Superhards just add to the hard drive of the car. With this tire configuration I can typically get an extra lap over the AI except for the Sauber, it has pretty good tire wear. Have you tried the Sauber yet? In the most technical of tracks the Sauber feels like a Sunday drive. It is just so well balanced. It really only need minor tuning. These are my typical start setting adjustments, try them on the R92 and if I can remember to get on the net tonight Ill post the exact.

    Springs: Soften front and rear 5-10 clicks
    Height: Lower 10mm from bottom, if understeering- only lower rear 10-15mm from bottom
    Bound: 6/7 or 7/7
    Rebound: 7/8 or 8/8
    Camber 2.5/1/5
    Toe: if understeer -1/+1 if oversteer I fix with others I wouldn't advise messing with the rear. The R92 has a tendency to sling out the rear.
    Stabilizers: I think I left stock
    LSD: 17-22/40/13-17 this is tricky and is directly effected by your style. If you like the back to get a little loose entering corners and like to power out with good power on turn, the strong initial and weak decel. works great. It is a little unstable in corner entry, it also allows a touch of throttle lift turning.
    Downforce: I either leave it maxed or on test track use lowest setting
    As for gears I always enter "practice" and tune transmission to near redline at the end of the longest straight. There really isn't a good universal gear. The tranny trick for even-gears does work good. I don't remember it but a search will find it.

    Let me know if this helps.
  4. TheBeast89


    Beat it Thursday Night...I just won the Minolta and killed them all...thnx for the setts i havent got to get on the comp since then but ill try them out tonite...PEACE!
  5. Axolot2


    Doesn't really matter WHAT car you use if it's stock and not tuned. I'm re-running the 24hour 'ring and am using the Abt Audi TT-R Touring Car '02 and B-spec Bob has to pit every 5 laps, no MATTER what setting he's on, while the second place car, also an Abt Audi TT-R Touring Car '02 pits every six. I've even been running Bob at 1 so the lap times match and YEP! Still 5 laps to his 6 to pit. This game is about tuning, not power and it throws it in our faces with every race.
  6. chopin1810


    What the heck, I did this in one day easily with my Minolta
  7. d1ez3


    Why is it that I can't enter the Gran Turismo World Champoinship??

    I have golds in ALL the beginner and Professional races. yet it says I need to complete them all? I used B Spec on some of them.. should that matter... has anyone else had this problem??

  8. Famine

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    No, you don't.

    GTWC requires golds in all of the Beginner and Professional League races (and championships). If you can't gain entry you don't have them.

    That's pretty much it. Check that you really have ALL races golded and that you've won all Championship Races (where you enter and do all the races back to back for points, getting an overall Championship trophy at the end), and that no sneaky bronzes have crept in.


    Yes. It's the most frequently asked question here and, except for people who don't believe us and float off in a huff, the solution above has a 100% success rate.
  9. d1ez3


    haha, well thank you for the quick responce!, I'm sorry I asked such a common question.. at least I didnt start a thread haha... I will go back and make sure all champonships were won correctly..
  10. Famine

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    No need to apologise - you clearly searched for your question first, which is something to be praised.
  11. turbobilly


    I beat this championship on B-spec with the same car ,standard on R3's and an oil change !

    Ok , I qualified 7 of the 10 races on 1st place (Aspec off course), one race 2nd place qualify and the last 2 I didn't qualify , and finished with 90 points !

    I've got about 7800 bspec points and I believe my driver has about 80 overall skill (maybe 82-77-77 , but ok ..)

    But I must say , it was one of the most exciting till now in B-spec , it was a close call every race , finished always just in front of the Nissan R92CP .
    (other competitors were Nissan R89, Vertigo , CLK-GTR and Toyota Minolta )
    In difficulty similar to the Speedster Cup I think ..

    I'm gonna try it again in A-spec next week ...
  12. avoidthedog


    i could never do it on b-spec! then i used the mazda 787b with no tuning and won all the races first try on a-spec.
  13. mustangGT90210


    Forumla GT owns that competition.
  14. Xavierd1


    I won the championship but I didn't win all the races. I used a pescarollo c60 (my B-spec can't keep up with the minolta :grumpy::grumpy::grumpy::grumpy::grumpy:)
  15. Darmy


    so easy to beat that championhip. i used the Nissan R92CP (all in a-spec of course)
  16. Xavierd1


    in a-spec is easy because the b-spec hits the he is about to pass (at leat mine does)
  17. thedoc79


    I wished this championship never even existed! I eventually got the Minolta and used it, I cannot control this car on the Hong Kong Track, I always hit the damn wall! Plus when I play on B-Spec, the car sucks even worse! Tried the Mazda 787B, no luck either.

    Now I really am sick and tired of racing 10 lap or 21 lap races, I want to use the B-Spec so badly, but a lot of people always use A-Spec. What would be the proper tuning to use for either A or B-Spec. I really need some help on this because it's coming to a point where I might get rid of this game.
  18. rickjames


    i cant stand this race argggg i just started playing again after like a 2 year break and its just so hard now oh well must keep trying :-(
  19. Korza

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    What about using a fully modded Xanavi Nismo Skyline. mine wastes up the CLK-GTR's and Merc-Sauber C9's on Sarth with me behind the wheel!? mine has 842 hp and clocks in at about 370.
  20. shwadue


    i have the best solution i used toyota gt-one (fully souped up) and just do the qualifying run (practise run) and set a decent time. You could be first if you set a decent time soo yeah

    points were like this in the sorry i don't remember fully
    ME 70 points
    playstation pescarolo c60 race car 57 points think so
    mazda787b race car 43 points
    BMw v-12 Race car 34points
    Jaguar XJR 25
    and BMW mclaren f1 race car10

    sorry if i got the names of the car wrong.:confused:

    PARAGON GT Premium

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    I'll be honest, you don't have to max a cars HP in order to win.

    I used a stock power R8 and R92CP and took the series 10/10.

    You just have to take the time to actually set the car for the event.
    Well that and learning the tracks.
  22. Parnelli Bone

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    I would think maxing most cars would just lead to lost time due to wheelspin. Even with small amounts of TCS.

    So i started the Word Championship tonite...i'm doing it the hard a Chaparral 2J. Is this possible? Has anyone done it? It seems like it is possible...very tough, tho. I'm using a Stage 1 turbo.
  23. Austin343


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    The 2J is very easy to win this championship with, Parnelli, and you don't need the turbo to do it. It's a favorite of 200 A-Spec point seekers to win the ten races. Tokyo and Sarthe could prove tricky, but less so with the turbo, and Super Speedway will almost certainly be impossible. It should take the series win easily, though.
  24. Parnelli Bone

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    Cool, thanks Austin. Yeah, i'm having trouble at's just a matter of practice i think. This is certainly a series that deserves 200 A-speccers. :) Right now, i just refuse to use a conventional GT1...for some reason i wanna do it in my 2J.

    Believe it or not, i don't have much experience with full racing cars in GT4. I've spent so much time with production cars. I need to get my skillz up. I really wanted to use my Oreca Viper...but the Viper is just too heavy...munches tires and whatnot.
  25. Cougar23


    I just did the 24hr. Nurburgring and got the Formula GT. It's practically a cheater car :)
    I didn't need to get 200 A-spec points or anything, I just wanted to unlock Extreme events, so it didn't worry me what car I used, I just wanted to get the job done. :)
  26. Rikki GT-R

    Rikki GT-R

    I won the GTWC with a stock AMG Mercedes CLK GT-R Racing car. The only race I couldn't win with that car was on the Super Speedway, as the Minolta and the R92CP/R89C might as well just be awarded 1st and 2nd/3rd before the race even starts :grumpy:

    I never realised that this series was considered the hardest by so many. I found it fairly easy :sly:
  27. DK

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    Take the 787B to the El Capitan 200, win and then check your prize... :sly:
  28. Humdinger


    Cheers for the information guys. I used a 787B it was an straightforward win with that. If you want a bit more of a challenge, try the GT-One race car.

    I paid for mine I happen to have quite a bit of cash (if only it was real, lol) the thought of 9 hours or so of baby sitting B-spec Bob to win a free car in an enduro doesn't appeal to me. But each to their own, I guess.
  29. joeypic112


    haha, yea, im about to jump into GTW champ. But i decided to detour for a bit until i get a little bit more money saved up to buy a racecar. OR unlock the endurance events as suggested.
    Anyone know what the Cizeta is good for?
    Its an amazing car, but due to the fact that it is MR its extremley hard to control.
  30. OppositeOfYou


    Sweet Jesus. I've been trying this race with the CLK-GTR for so long now that I've racked up 1000 miles on the car just by trying this championship over and over again. I think I've finally found a good line up.

    Peugeot 905
    Pescarolo Courage C60
    Bentley Speed 8
    Toyota GT-One Race
    Jaguar XJR-9

    I couldn't come in first in any of the races, ever. Now I've finally gotten first in the first race, Tokyo.

    EDIT: October 8th, I finally finished it. 58 points, Peugeot had 53, Pescarolo had 49 and the Jag had 48.
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