Slightly Mad Studios is Teasing an 'Absolutely Massive' Surprise

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    To the contrary, it is most relevant. My statement is a FACT that directly contradicts those who have said Project Cars 2 is a bare-boned game. It is a FACT that highlights that Ian Bell has given gamers on the PS4, a robust, content full game.

    I can't help if you are sensitive, for some unknown reason. You have erroneously arrived at the conclusion that what I used as an example implied negativity toward GTS. The reason you are incorrect in doing so, is because you cannot apply positivity or negativity to something that is factual.

    There are numerous other threads that compare racing games and this is not one of them which is why I have not listed the numerous other areas where Project Cars 2 is superior to Gran Turismo Sport. There are also features of GTS that many of us would love to see in the next Project Cars game.
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    To be honest, looking at this back, I actually okay with Ian being full of himself (as long as he didn't insult other devs or his fans).

    I don't care about that. I only care about what he delivers. He and SMS may have hurdles in PCars 1 era but PCars 2 quite makes up all, not perfect, but satisfiable and not in a scummy way.

    For the record, I liked PCars 2, one of the best driving game that delivers decent amount of content in my opinion. I only judges games based on their merits, not by fandom impulse.
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    Did they announce anything?

    Seems like a giant waste of everyone's time.
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    Honestly, I don't either, but as a lifelong smartass I would be remiss if I didn't give him some grief.
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    Is the answer codemasters have bought sms ?