Smart_Roadster's GT2 Weekly Time Trial Challenge - Restarting

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  1. So - here's how it works:

    • The winner each week will choose the theme, cars and tracks for the following week. If you win I will PM with what you need to choose.
    • Entrants are free to come and go whenever they feel like it.
    • Points will be awarded in the following way:

    • 1st - 12pts
    • 2nd - 10pts
    • 3rd - 8pts
    • 4th - 6pts
    • 5th - 4pts
    • 6th - 2pts
    • 7th - 1pt
    • 8th or below - 0pts
    • You are allowed to take out as many cars from the list as you like, but your points will come from your fastest lap. However, all your submitted lap times will be shown on the leaderboard for that particular event.

    As well as starting this thread, I will PM entrants with a link to the thread. If you wish to join when the series has already started, please PM me.

    The Leaderboard
    • Smart_Roadster -
    • JohneyPixel -
    • jeffgoddin -
    • 95BlkMiata-038 -
    • benzoboy -
    • CMICK64 -
    • Nero9 -

    Good luck!
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  2. Round 1 - Racing Roadsters at Rome

    We're kicking off the time trial series with some race-modified roadsters at Rome Circuit.

    The only modification you need is a Racing Car Modification, which must be achieved by first carrying out all three weight reductions. The weight reductions cost around Cr. 30,000 in total, while the Racing Car Modifications cost around Cr. 80-85,000 depending on the car in question. No further upgrades may be performed after the race mod. While (I think) this is possible in the game, I am banning it for this event in the interest of fairness. However it will be allowed in future events, depending on the regulations set. EDIT: To make the Cappuccino more competitive, I'm going to allow a stage 1 turbo kit to be fitted. But ONLY to the Cappuccino. You can take out as many cars as you like, but the points awarded come from your fastest lap. So say you take out an MR-S, an Elise and an MX-5, and your fastest lap is in the MR-S, it will be that lap that you earn your points from.

    The Track
    Rome Circuit:
    Turns: 12
    Length: unknown

    This city track is set in central Rome, Italy, and takes in sights such as the ancient Roman Colluseum. It is made up of medium to high-speed corners intercut with some pretty quick straights. Oh, and you can have a maximum of ten flying laps.

    The Cars
    • Honda CR-X del Sol S '93
    • Lotus Elise
    • Mazda MX-5/MX-5 Miata 1.6 S Package '98
    • MG MGF 1.8i VVC
    • Suzuki Cappuccino '95 - stage 1 turbo allowed
    • Toyota MR-S S-Edition '99

    • 1. CMICK64 - 1.40.302 - MR-S
    • 2. jeffgoddin - 1.40.916 - CR-X del Sol
    • 3. jeffgoddin - 1:41.653 - Elise
    • 4. jeffgoddin - 1:41.759 - MGF
    • 5. benzoboy - 1:44.385 - Elise
    • 6. Smart_Roadster - 1:44.952 - MGF
    • 7. Smart_Roadster - 1:45.851 - Elise
    • 8. Smart_Roadster - 1:47.175 - MR-S
    • 9. jeffgoddin - 1:47.184 - Cappuccino with Turbo 1
    • 10. CMICK64 - 1.54.902 - Cappuccino
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  3. benzoboy


    Hm, I suspect the Elise may outgun a lot of the other cars here, alas, I'll be going on GT2 soon to find myself a suitable car and get driving
  4. jeffgoddin

    United States Cleveland

    Probably the Elise, at least on paper, will be dominant, but I wonder how it will handle with no tuning upgrades. The MR-S and MGF aren't far off from the Elise's power to weight ratio... wait, actually, this is the 1.6VTi del Sol? Then it actually has slightly better weight to power than the Elise, though being FF it will be at a disadvantage. Except with no suspension tuning, FF's are probably the easiest to control...

    Edit: and also, the get it more competitive between cars, the 1.8L Miata would be on par with the MR-S and MGF, while the 1.6 is quite a bit weaker. And you may want to allow Turbo-1 for the Cappucino to get it up to 100hp.
  5. benzoboy


    Okay, so I very quickly bought an Elise, put on the racing modification and took it for 2 or 3 flying laps of Rome City Course to get a feel for the car and put in a time of 1.44.385. This isn't the quickest I can go with this car, but I guess this is a benchmark for myself and others of sorts
  6. CMICK64

    United States Jackson, NJ

    I just tried the Cappucino for a few laps and the best time I could manage was 1:54.902. I'm not the best driver by any means and I think you can get a little more out of it, but it's way to slow to compete as the regulations stand.
  7. Oh, almost forgot, either post your times here or PM them to me. And if you're stuck on earning money to buy and race mod the cars, I suggest doing a few runs in either the Tuned Turbo No.1 Cup or the Tuned NA No.1 Cup.
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  8. Nero9

    United Kingdom UK

    It looks like the MGF and the MR-S is the fastest of the lot. :sly:
  9. benzoboy


    Another good money maker is the last race in the MR cup, you can probably take it on in a modified MR-2 turbo. It's a relatively easy 2 lap race around Red Rock Valley and the prize is a Ford GT40 Race Car worth 250,000
  10. CMICK64

    United States Jackson, NJ

    I just got some time to play, and so far my fastest lap is 1:40.302 in the MR-S.
  11. Well, check the leaderboard and you'll see that I've just put my lap times in, and I must say, the Racing Modified MGF is the most fun little car I've ever (virtually) driven. It's quick, and the handling is balanced and grippy. That combination generated my fastest lap time.
  12. CMICK64

    United States Jackson, NJ

    :confused: How can that be possible? Obviously we would run different times but an almost 7 second difference? That doesn't seem right.
  13. jeffgoddin

    United States Cleveland

    1:42.144 in the MR2 Spider '99, max downforce, best lap in 20. I can see how another second or two could be taken off if you hit all the corners just right. Coming out of a corner 2-3 miles an hour faster ends up being a .25 second time difference over the often long following straights. My best lap was not spectacular on any of the corners, just pretty solid, but on different laps I was able to pull through all the corners 2-5mph faster on occasion, and if I put them all together, 1:40's are totally possible with this car here.

    Edit: ran a 1:40.916 already on just the 4th lap with the del Sol, can be easily 1/2 sec better, may be able to run in the 1:39's. Especially by somebody comfortable driving manual to take advantage of its high rpm powerband.

    Edit 2: and on the 8th lap pulled in a 1:41.653 with the Elise.

    Edit 3: 1:41.759 in the MGF on the 5th lap

    Edit 4: 1:47.184 with the Capcino with Turbo 1 installed boosting it to 103hp...
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  14. 95BlkMiata-038

    PSN:lfishbulb and RacinDave

    What race are you all doing to be able to run this track for lap times? Do you need to use Arcade mode? I'll probably figure it out by the time someone responds ;)

    EDIT: OK, I just went to the Clubman Cup I think and selected Rome and did 'test run'.

    Normal Elise with Racing Mods (no wall riding of course!): 1:42.237 on lap 7.
    New time : 1:41.701 - Elise - 9/8
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  15. jeffgoddin

    United States Cleveland

    I'm doing it on Sim at Clubman.
  16. Well, to be honest, I'm not the most experienced driver.
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  17. Nero9

    United Kingdom UK

    My best is a 1:42:184 with the MR-S.
  18. Crooooooow

    United States MD

    I'm going to join this trial.

    EDIT: I got my fastest lap in the MG MGF, at a time of 1:42.675.
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  19. benzoboy


    This ended a few days ago now, what now?
  20. jeffgoddin

    United States Cleveland

    Well, Smart Roadster hasn't been back to GTP since the 10th, the day he set for the first challenge to end. By the initial rules, next to set a challenge should be CMICK64, though there was the vague "If you win I will PM with what you need to choose", so maybe CMICK64 needs to wait for Smart Roadster to come back before going ahead and issuing the next challenge.
  21. CMICK64

    United States Jackson, NJ

    I hope Smart Roadster didn't forget about this. I think I'm supposed to wait for a PM from him but he still hasn't signed in since the 10th.
  22. Look guys, I'm really sorry about my absence over the past few weeks. We're currently trying to fix a connection problem on my laptop. I'm posting from the mobile app right now, I'll get back to the time trial series as soon as the laptop is up and running again.
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  23. I would like to join in, maybe revamp it a bit make it say a two, three or maybe 4 week challenge?
  24. Andy GT

    United States Sacramento, CA

    I'm up for reviving this. Anyone else wants to? I'm not the fastest driver but I'd like to see how good (or bad! xD) I am compared to the rest.
  25. Well, after major problems with my Internet, I'm up for getting this thing going again. I'll update the leader board every Sunday, and whoever posts next will have the honour of choosing the regulations for next weeks event. (the times will be due in on Sunday 15 April, and the event will start as soon as the winner has PM'ed me their chosen regulations.
  26. Andy GT

    United States Sacramento, CA

    I wasn't going to do this, because I'm not really good with it, but since SR decided to PM me and say I should do it, I don't see why not. Here we go, if it's crap then don't say it, since I already know.

    ROUND 2
    My tuned Porsche, and the never-ending night.

    Car: Any RUF car
    Track: Special Stage Route 5


    (Many thanks to AMG for the track map)

    Basically, the same rules as the previous challenge (too lazy to type everything up, lol), except NO UPGRADES. For the "fairness" sense, all cars must be GT2 dealer stock (since RUFs are tuned Porsches they aren't factory stock) And remember: If you do laps on the CTR2, the BTR, and the Turbo R, and your fastest lap is in the BTR, it's your BTR lap that counts.

    1st: karelpipa - 1:24.303 - CTR2 Sport
    2nd: jeffgoddin - 1:24.420 - CTR2 Sport (+0.117)
    3rd: Andy GT - 1:26.501 - CTR2 Sport (+2.198)
    4th: JohneyPixel - 1:30.141 - CTR2 (+5.838)
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  27. OK, Thanks Andy. I'll PM all the people that previously showed interest, see if they're still up for it.
  28. JohneyPixel

    Slovakia Babylon

    How is this going? I sent my time in
  29. Well, actually you're the first person to post a time. But I'll PM Andy GT with you're time.
  30. Andy GT

    United States Sacramento, CA

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