So I'm nearly 10 years late to the party

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If anyone is still alive..HELLO..!!

I never know this site existed I found it by complete accident
been playing Tourist Trophy since it's release I'm on my 4th copy

1st copy..snapped in frustration 2006-2008
2nd copy..lent to a friend he moved and took my game with him 2008-2010
3rd fat PS2 ate it and scratched it like a cat 2010-2013

4th copy June 2014 this year ..a brand new sealed slim ps2 and I found a brand new factory sealed copy of Tourist Trophy..I came in my pants..!

replaying now again from the start,I now realise how much I missed this this gem and how much I enjoyed playing it the first when I get frustrated I just laugh and have beer and start again..

Once I get back into it I'll put up some photos and videos.

It's great to see fans of Tourist Trophy still playing and keeping the PS2 alive

As I get older in life I still love this game and the PS2 .
Personally, I rented it during the early years of the game. Problem is, I didn't get how to progress. I only had the crappy CB400SS race bike and I couldn't win the basic races of the game.

I bought the game last year after I spotted it in the bargain bin for 5$. Since I had more time to explore the game, I figured out how to unlock better bikes and finally started making the game my bitch.

The biggest challenge was unlocking the TZ125. It's not an especially long race but you have little room for error. After I got the hang of the track and used a more agile riding style, I eventually unlocked all four colors.
United Kingdom
Good to see folks still getting into this game! I only got into it last year, having played the Gran Turismo games to death 🙂