Software Update v1.01 pops out... **UPDATE**

Ok so i wake up, start the game. And a black screen tells me that there is an update for the game.

Version: 1.01.
Size: 133MB.

Downloading in progress....


I'll keep you guys posted if i notice any change..


* Online functionality is up now.
* Licence Agreement pops up when you start them ?!?! It didn't do that before the update.
* The game now asks you to install data when you start the game, It didn't do that before the update.
* News section is up in the main menu

* I just recieved 5 bonus gifts just for the online login

* Online lobby is up " looks like im not the online one online lol

I'll keep you guys posted if i find anything new.
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not jumping to any conclusions, but hmmmm intresting?!

Madrid is tomorro night, who knows what will be revealed!
133MB is far too big for just an online unlock. I wonder what else there is.

Considering it's a big most likely unlocked greater damage models as well. How coincidental is it that right when the patch hits....we get a video of increased damage...hmmmmm.

They released the patch before launch so it is ready in the event that some places do midnight launches on the 23rd.
Installs more things on your HDD
Opens online functions
Opens the museum
Opens the GT-TV mode
Can give cars to a friend

Probably some more things
Installs more things on your HDD
Opens online functions
Opens the museum
Opens the GT-TV mode
Can give cars to a friend

Probably some more things

GT-TV and museum ARE online "functions".
Some guy said it was a patch for the game

There was a patch.

"I think the 1.01 opened the online portion of the game yay

after installing the patch I can now navigate the GTTV too

Also at the start of the game before playing it asked me wither or not I want to install the game, easier for noobs instead of searching for it in the options menus.

Im gonna see what else is there in that patch."

This part is about the online part of GT5.
Here's another quote from this person :P

consider it your facebook page, that's how ridiculously amazing it is.
you can.

* put your personal image in the upper left corner.
* your status comment.
* greetings message.
* your theme color.
* backrgound wallpaper.
* you will receive msgs from friends lists.
* you will receive msgs from people who are interested to be your friends.
* you can change your privacy settings and stuff.
* there is also a section where you give gifts to your friends.
* you can basically tweet too in the community section inside the message board.
* there is a log for people to see what you are doing, unlocked...etc.
* there is mail section to check your inbox, outbox and start new.

that is just crazy.
I thought you said there would be no patch Dev. :lol:

Just kidding 👍

No I said it would be bad business if they put out a patch on release day that addresses missing/broken functionality as advertised for the game... if it's just online related, no issue as that doesn't leave anyone in the cold for not having broadband.

Nice try though!
Speaking of DLC's patches remember the patch one had to download in Prologue ?
In that patch you get the ferrari california, the citroen etc. and imrpoved physics....
Maby GT5 will supply patches like: Premium versions of cars like the Bugatti,
or rims for the standard cars.... who knows !!!!
So apparently post patch the game needs 8gb to install. Not sure if thats on top of the original install.
Hopefully a patch will add brake upgrades.

I dont want to have to run around the circuit with stock brakes.. I wont be able to slow down :(

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