Sony Patent Hints at PlayStation 5 Cloud-Based Emulation of Previous Consoles

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If its necessary to buy again old games it will A - Not have the whole list of old games (because of licencing - ie GT1 up to GT6), also you will have to pay for the same game again, because i doubt it will have at least higher resolution.
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My problems with cloud based Emulation a.k.a PS Now for example:

1) My Internet is garbage and too slow to utilize PS Now.
2) I don't want to pay extra for more subscriptions on top of PS+.
3) I prefer emulating it off my hardware rather than rely on Cloud Servers far away from my home.
4) I can't play my physical copies of games. XB1 does kinda support that but it only has selective list of games available so no old titles with any licensing.
5) Speaking of which, that means you won't be able to buy and play certain games like Gran Turismo, Tony Hawk, Smackdown Series..etc and on top of that, they are some games that will simply not be available for one reason or another (Developers Studios closed, games that are too niche, remakes available, Developers doesn't care and so on).

Remember when a few selection of PS2 games were sold on Playstation Stores, each for $15 or so, few years ago? Sony pretty much forgot about them because i haven't seen them adding any other titles nor the list for "PS2 Classics" exists on the main page anymore.

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Would be quite cool if they could get old burnout games on their like xbox.

Don't expect GT
Games with licensesd content are rarely re-released. If it doesn't work with your original copy I doubt anyone will be playing older GT titles on thier PS5.

I love the old Burnout games, I think it was Burnout 3 which was one of my absolute favourites. Fantastic games.