Sony Patent Shows Plans To Increase PS3s Power With External Processor

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Dijital Majik, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Dijital Majik

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    Full details in link below:

    It's still only a patent, but the concept does seem intriguing. I have to admit the first thing that came to me as I read the article was how it potentially might help GT5's shadow problems etc. I wonder if Kaz is already off dreaming about the possibilities.
  2. Coxis

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    I hope that if this is the case, it is well-implemented and it doesn't cost as much as a new PS3 costs nowadays.
  3. Legendary

    Australia South Australia

    I have been thinking about how consoles could have upgrades for a long time and I am only 15. Just the other week I was talking to some members here about it and I am more than all for this.

    I am not phased about the price at all as long as it is cheaper than the console itself (would be stupid if it was more anyway). I have a job and don't have to be tight about money so any upgrade headed ps3's direction is much welcomed by me.

    I see so much potential behind the ps3 but it is only now that developers are seeing the same potential. In the time it has taken developers to learn the PS3 it has already become outdated :(. The goodness that will come out of such an idea is immense, I REALLY hope they pull through with this...
  4. Ride


    Is it going to look like this?


    3 power adapters if you had the sega cd too.:scared:
  5. I been reading the complete article and at first seems like a good solution,to future consoles the performance is expected to be high(Something like 2-4 GB of VRAM with new gen of processors).

    The problem of continuing the development of such element is that the prices for all the manufacturing costs rises,a computer set of such characteristics is likely to be price tag at around 900-1000 US dollars,the problem is that there is no market for $1000 consoles,technology on new gen consoles(PS3,360) hasn't get cheap enough to start development for a new system,so that solution is immediate, doesn't represent to much investment for the user and could be a good solution for a console hardware update,apart from that companies spend millions of dollar in development and research to this platforms(that is why PS3's are used by the USAF as image analysers due to its immense processing capabilities and performance).

    I do agree,in the case of the PS3's an ad-on to attached to the HD could be a good and faster way to process information,but it does lack of memory,future games will need at leas 1GB of Memory to run newer software(or games),so they should(I know they not reading this)increase the general amount of memory of the PS3 platform,make the external processor more like an external upgrade package including more memory to allocate more data to be transfer,also to relieve the charges of both processors and serve as a bridge to data processing between the PS3 processor and the add-on processor,make more like a graphics card on PC which will make the console more powerful but closer to "next-gen" technology.

    Looks like a nice solution but it all depends on how developers see this "upgrade",and I will be looking forward to this,thanks for the heads up Dijital Majik :tup: .
  6. nick09

    United States NY

    If they can sell it for cheap then it would not be bad at all. I'm pretty sure we will have to plug an extra power supply for this since the PS3's power supply is built to only supply enough for the PS3 itself.
  7. Ibonibo

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    I readd an other article (Digital Found.):

    It sounds like it would not make it in our homes.

    But i said that a long time ago with friends.

    They already had the idea on the PS2 with the extension Bay.
    They should have left a PCI-E port open to add Ram to the PS3.
    The cell is still competitive enough, but add 2-4 gigs of Ram to the PS3 and it would rock like it rocked 5 years ago.
    Now if someone comes again with the argument that Ram does not iinfluence Graphics.
    You're right Sir.
    But the PS3 does more of the graphics on the cell and not the 7800 nvidia chipset.
    Therefore adding RAM would take some work of the Cell and thus improving overall performance.
  8. gtone339

    New Zealand Auckland New Zealand

    No PS4?
  9. UK-Gamer

    England London

    No, there prbably will be a PS4, but this would be a better way of milking more out of the PS3. I am interested.
  10. Kubalivre


    Outdated? Compared to what, the PC market, that outdates its latest models every semester?
  11. VXR

    United Kingdom Plymouth, UK

    That's deeply lovely (although better with the Mega Drive's red buttons.)
  12. SuperShouden


    The only problem is that, the PS3's issue isn't processor power, it's got plenty of that. I mean, the Cell is still the most powerful processor of any console. The problem is that the graphics card is a slightly horrible. However, I would think that it wouldn't be too hard to swap out the graphics card for a better one and maybe offer the upgrade for a small fee.
  13. VXR

    United Kingdom Plymouth, UK

    Am I right in thinking that the Cell is an IBM design and an improved version of the G5 PowerPC architecture once used by Apple? Good chips if so.
  14. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I think it sounds like a good idea, with consoles being really expensive for the early adopters and with hard times having a cheaper upgarde option would be a welcome change from fixed hardware for a decade. However I think it would only work if there wasn't also a PS4 out to compete with it.

    I also think this issue is being raised because this generation developers already seem to be squeezing every drop of performance out of the PS3 so early in its life whereas with the PS2 is took til about the GTA-SA to use its full potential. I guess the worlds just moving quicker with tech now.

    I'm curious as to how it would be implemented though as the PS3 has not got an EXT port of any sort. USB would not be sufficient for the transfer speed required. Also would it be an object which 'mates' with the PS3 or sits as a stand alone box? (because it might not be compatible with the fat PS3's).

    What the PS3 desperately needs is more RAM, processors would be good but a whole extra cell would probably be overkill. A few more cores would be more than enough. They could also build Play TV into it.

    The general track record of such bolt on enhancements has not been great. The Sega 32X, N64 DD and PS2 BB/HDD all pretty much crashed and burned.

  15. Mike240SX

    United States Northern DE

    I'm not trying to be insulting, but you're too young to remember the colossal failures to Sega's CD and 32X upgrades for the Genesis, or Nintendo's 64DD.
  16. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Do you guys think Sony might resurrect this idea (seeing as they already have the patent) if the new Nintendo console turns out to be a real challenger? Having more RAM and some extra processing power would do wonders for the PS3.
  17. icelt


    I'm sure Sony, just like MS, are considering all their options. Clearly Ninty has their eye on gaining a fair share of the HD gaming pie, a pie that presently Sony and MS share about equally. So both companies will have a response, however as noted above, history is not on the side of "stick-on" external processing power. It's confusing for the consumer and hell for the developers, well at least "heck" for the developers.

    I still think their initial battle plans will center around price drops, with plan 1A being to possibly bring up the launch of their next gen hardware. It will all really depend on the launch and first 3-6 months sales of the "Stream." If Ninty quickly goes out and posts Kinect like numbers, then Sony & MS will probably have to start trumpeting how their next uber-HD systems are right around the corner. If sales are more modest they can/might be able to stem the tide by aggressive pricing and/or package offers.
  18. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I think when all those other 'add ons' came out we all where less tech savvy than we are today. With the rise of gadgets have come a bombardment of things you need to know that even the older generations have had to adapt to. I recon with clear campaigning and explanation having add on hardware wouldn't be so daunting.

    MS saw the potential for confusion with the Kinect which was a pretty substantial hardware add on so they wisely went and created an entirety different division so it became Kinect 'for' Xbox 360. That way people clearly new what needed it and what didn't.

    As for old hardware pricing I agree it can still hold its own if its well priced and they can also sell it on the good back catalogue of games, much like how the PS2 still sells to this day! If Sony and MS dropped prices if Nintendo did well they could probably hold out till their next gen offerings.

    I would rather have an add on though...:sly:

  19. Smoothherb


    Reminded me of the N64 memory pack. It´s nothing new, isn´t it?

  20. marchi


    Don't particularly see the issue if Sony implement it correctly. Effectively they could turn it into a neat box that sits just under the ps3.
  21. slims

    United States Denver

    Damn I remember that N64 Expansion Pack. I remember when I got Perfect Dark and couldn't play the single play for a couple weeks because I didn't know I needed to have that.

    As for the external add on, console add-ons have a terrible track record but if they do it right it could work. I think basically it just has to be affordable. Worst case scenario is if it's expensive people may not want to buy it. The game developers design their game to run with the add-on. Not enough people buy the add-on because it's expensive and therefore they can't play the new games designed for it. Developers get less sales and stop making PS3 games.

    How would something like this connect to the console though? If the two high speed ports are in use (LAN port to router and HDMI port to TV) then what's left? Would a USB port be fast enough to support an add-on processor?
  22. Stephen220378

    Scotland Scotland

    This is where the issue is though. Has any console boosting add-on in the past ever warranted it's price in terms of the actual gaming enhancement it adds to the existing console? Would we really see much of a difference after paying X amount of £'s or $'s that would make us consider this add-on a worthy purchase? I can't see it but I'd love to be proved wrong.
  23. Alex p.

    Germany Hanover/Germany

    Increase the ram amount to 2GB total, and the games look 3 times better.
  24. nick09

    United States NY

    Source for that information? The most RAM size will do for you is to hold more files like textures and 3d models. If you want better graphics you would have to upgrade the graphics card and that thing is soldiered to the motherboard. RAM is like a container holding items you need for now and after you are done with those it tosses the old files out and grabs new files.
  25. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    If the add on was just another RSX (Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX) and some extra ram externally packaged in a black box it could link up 'SLI' style with the other GPU in the system. And seeing as the RSX architecture cost has come down dramatically I say it could be done for under £100, maybe around £70.
  26. Villain

    United States Golden State

    The released the PS3 with a decade-long life expectancy, so no. Not yet. :)
  27. Northstar

    United States Minnesota

    They may have planned to do that, but they will be left behind if they don't release their new system around the same time the others do.

    Besides, both the PS and PS2 technically had decade long life spans.
  28. Villain

    United States Golden State

    That's true, which is why I expect similar things. I wouldn't be surprised by more console overlap as we've seen in the other generations. I remember God of War II being released on PS2 after the PS3 launch, I ended up playing that game entirely on my PS3.
  29. Hopefully this stays in it's patent form.
  30. Terronium-12

    United States Brooklyn, NY

    The only game I can remember that actually needed this was LoZ: Majora's Mask. Was there anything else?
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