Sorry I don't play gt3 anymore.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 3' started by whiteFang2k2, Aug 21, 2001.

  1. whiteFang2k2


    OH MAN i stopped play gt3 right now cuz i get bore. and i suck anyway cuz i just played it and i can even handle the F1 anymore.

    i will be in this forum but not play gt3

  2. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider Staff Emeritus

    Your the first member to say they can't handle a F car. Everybody has trouble even getting one. :(
  3. GVX


    I'm 63% complete and still haven't won one yet. There's only one race series you need an F1 for anyhow!
  4. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider Staff Emeritus

    This is true but everybody thinks they need one to win easy!!:rolleyes:
  5. misnblu

    misnblu Staff Emeritus

    I win my races by earning them. I dont use an especially fast car just to win races, thatd be too easy.
    Make it a challenge for your self. Use an underpowered car and win by being a better driver that the AI cars. Thats how I challenge myself.
    Its a lot of fun too, especially when a Vitz beats the Skylines etc. Now thats an achievement.
    Keep trying man and like anything else in life, youll get better at it.
    Dont give up the ship because its sinking. If you keep trying, you may be able to find the stopper and keep the ship afloat. Good luck.
    Never give up.
  6. Pako

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    United States
    I'm just wondering why your apologizing? My feelings arn't hurt because of your lack of enthusiasm of the game. I do feel bad for you though and do feel sorry that your experience in not a joyous and fullfilling one.

    Keep on keepin' on.

    Oh - BTW, if you can get all your licenses using the demos and guide lines on how to drive, your racing experience would be much more gratifying and might just spark a new interest in the game. :thumbsup:
  7. Threat

    Threat (Banned)

    yeah i stopped playing for a record 3 days when i DLed Max Payne, a bad ass matrix like game, if you havent played it, do it. anyways, speaking of s2000, i think the Mugen s2000 is one of the best looking cars in gt3, i have a red one with a black/carbon fiber? hood. so good looking