SRF NES S6, Gr.1 & Gr.3 Multiclass

A notice to all competitors

We have decided that instead of only those that we don't know to go through the Placement Test procedure, EVERYONE will now be going through it. Please look at the "Placement Test" tab on Post #2 of this thread for the details, and please contact one of the listed Moderators on post #1 to arrange your test.

We are aiming to have everyone tested before July 1st so we can release who goes to what split (Pro or Am) with a few days in advance of the first Preview Event race on July 4th.

Best regards,
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Psn Username: KanoniBrothers
Racing Number: 329
Driver Rating: A
Sportsmanship: S
Category: GT
Team name: TRD Motorsport
Car: GR Supra RC
Tyre Manufacturer: Michelin
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Welcome to the official thread of Nukeshot Endurance Series: Season 6!

The Nukeshot Endurance Series (NES) is a multi-class racing league ran by Nukeshot Motorsport since 2017, featuring LM (Gr.1) & GT (Gr.3) category cars.

Staff Credits:

@PSN offapple [NS_Zokeo_9]
(Series Organizer & Commentator)

@CrazyJohn [VLX_CJohn]
(Moderator, Decal Specialist & BoP assistant)

@DrifterJoe [JoeOfTheFire / TSR_JoeToGuy]
(Moderator & Track Map Editor)

@Rotato [G4_Rotary]


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The Nukeshot Endurance Series is part of the Sim Racing Federation (SRF) Group of leagues.

Link to NES Discord Server:

Link to SRF Discord Server:

All races of NES Season 6 will be broadcasted by Nukeshot Media on YouTube:

*A note to any GTPlanet admins that the Discord servers do NOT contain any event information that isn't available on this thread, and is for communication purposes only. Joining the servers are also strictly OPTIONAL, and NOT a requirement to participate. All of the necessary event information is contained within the opening posts of the thread, and therefore doesn't break thread guidelines.

Air Wales Airbus Racing
Corvette C7 gr.3
PSN: Tribe-Racing
Racing Number: #91
Team Name: Bilstein Racing
Driver Rating: B/S
Car (Gr.3): Mercedes Benz AMG GT
Tyre Manufacturer: Falken
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Lisboa, Portugal
I’m abdicating my Porsche for the Hyundai

PSN Username: HoudiniMeyers
Racing Number: 8 (1st choice 23) since 2017
Driver Rating: B
Sportsmanship Rating: B
Category: LMP
Team Name: Martini Racing Team
Car: Hyundai N 2025 VGT
Tyre Manufacturer: Firestone
Night Testing Teaser

World famous cameraman Jack Wilkinson reported Nukeshot Motorsport testing an RCZ at Nürburgring last night, in order to hide away from media attention. It didn't work, as Jack was hiding in a bush at Wippermann with his camera zoomed in to max.

After taking the photo, he later came across Team Manager and NES Series Organizer Zokeo in the lobby of the hotel they were [conveniently] both staying at. He managed to ask a few questions while Zokeo was doing his now traditional facepalm.

"I saw you were testing at the 'Ring tonight. How did it go?"

"Of course... you found out about that haha. Testing was fine. Track temperature was getting a bit cooler than we'd have liked but at least the weather held out. That's the risk we took in order to keep away from pesky media reporters like yourself, but I guess that part didn't pay off..."

"Well there's no hiding from Jack Wilkinson! Now, there was a rumour going around that you found a second driver to partner Y Bearr for NES Season 6. The most common name I've been hearing linked to that second seat was GTO. Is there any truth to those rumours?"

"Yes we've found our second driver, and yes it's GTO. He's been a somewhat recent recruit of Paradox Sim Sport in the GT-MES series, and of course you know that us and Paradox work as collaborative partners. GTO was actually part of the first ever LM Championship winning team back in Season 1 you might remember, much like myself in the GT category back then. He's also been on a run of good form in more recent times, taking 2nd place at the Red Bull Ring after a glitch forced him to start at the back, so I'm really looking forward to working more with him."

"Last I saw he was signed up to drive a Lexus RC F. Has he had a chance to drive the new car yet?"

"Oh, no. He's still going to be driving the RC F. It's a car he's already done some testing with, and of course the rules allow teammates to use 2 different cars if they want. And besides, there's only a one letter difference between RCZ & RC F."

"Fascinating. One final question. It's been well over a year since the last main season of the Nukeshot Endurance Series, with several special events and of course Season 5.5 in between. What are your thoughts for the upcoming months of racing?"

"Well first of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the support we've had on the entry list ever since it opened. I was thinking we might be able to just about get to capacity for 1 split, but then we ended up with that new personal record of 17 entries in 26 minutes. It was a real shock to see that much interest given how long it had been, as well as GT Sport getting towards the end of its life cycle.

"As for the season ahead, I'm really looking forward to hopefully seeing the new LM category BoP work as intended. It should provide an entertaining balance with the Hybrid cars better on corner exits, and the Non-Hybrids getting an edge further down the straights. And as for the GT category, the battles we've seen there over the years have been immense. I'm sure with how close a lot of the field is that we'll continue to see the same. Myself and Mika will have a real treat as we watch on from the commentary booth."

"Is Mika here at the hotel actually?"

"Yeah he's by the bar. You know how he is with Fanta..."

"Haha, well thanks for speaking to me. Wish you the best for the season, and have a good evening."

"You too."

With the first race of the Preview Event just under 2 weeks away, and with many of the drivers yet to complete their Placement Test, what other surprizes and stories are just around the corner?
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
PSN Username: AXR_Groot-89
Racing Number: 14
Driver Rating: A
Sportsmanship Rating: S
Category: GT
Team Name: AequepaX Racing
Car: Hyundai Genesis
Tyre Manufacturer: Bridgestone
And with that, all of the full-time spaces are full! Thanks again so much for making this happen.

It should be said though that we are still accepting reserve entries. And with there currently being no reserves in the GT category at this time, the likelihood of being able to race at most rounds is very high. Don't be put off that it's just a reserve space. We're still accepting LM category reserves too, but with us already having 3 there's a smaller chance than the GT category.

We're coming towards the end of people completing their Placement Tests. After all of the times are collected and the Mods examine the data, we will be able to announce who will go to Pro split and who will go to Am split. A few people might get shuffled around again after the Preview races if they're better suited to the other split, but for the most part the list will stay the same.

We're just over a week away from the Pro split Preview race, so everyone be sure to get your liveries sorted well in advance, using the "Livery Regulations" tab on post #2 of this thread as a guide.

And if for some reason you haven't read all of post #2 by now, do so. Make sure you have an understanding of the rules in advance, or you might be caught out and get a penalty when the season starts.

See you soon!
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Here are the results from the Placement Test.

They also list which driver split you will be going to (Pro or Am). Be sure to check the "Race Calendar" tab on post #2 of this thread to find the dates you'll be racing on.

A note that we don't only go by the times for deciding driver splits, but in cases where it's close between a few drivers (such as in de-luck4's case) we also go by previous knowledge of skill level too.



The first Preview race (for Pro split) is THIS SUNDAY, so make sure that you're all prepared. Read through all of the sections under the "Race Day Procedures" tab on post #2, and use the "Livery Regulations" tab to design a livery with all of the necessary decals and such*.

*Liveries are not mandatory to be completed for the Preview round, but are preferred for media purposes

Thanks again for your continued support.
It's Pro Split Raceday!


After so many memes [at my expense], Nukeshot Endurance Series: Season 6 is finally happening! It is Sunday at last, and our first stop on our 250+km/h tour of the world takes us to Autodrome Lago Maggiore.

Autodrome Lago Maggiore: GP

The circuit is situated just north of Lake Maggiore itself near the Italian-Swiss border, and the lake can actually be seen as you approach Vista Lago, the final corner of the track.

Sector 1 offers a complex of slow speed corners, with a key overtaking opportunity going into the sharp 90° Turn 1. From there it's about holding a tight line at the Turn 2 hairpin, and hitting late apexes for Turns 3 & 4 as you go onto another straight.

Sector 2 starts the high speed portion of the track, with the double-apex Valle di Gomma (Valley of Rubber) sure to catch a few drivers out as the marbles start to build up. This is followed by the very high-speed Esses that lead onto the back straight. Sticking close behind the car ahead will allow for a great slipstream overtaking opportunity going into...

Sector 3's, and the circuits most famous corner, Spag Bowl. The downhill approach combined with its 20° banking allows for an abnormal amount of speed to be taken through such a sharp corner. It's crucial to get a good exit as the track goes uphill, not to mention the gravel waiting for you on the outside if you pick up the throttle too early.

Sector 4 is all about rhythm, with throttle brake and steering input all balanced at the right split-second moment to propel yourself towards Vista Lago. Instead of taking in the view however, your focus should be on carrying as much speed as possible onto the start/finish straight, all while staying within the track limits before starting another lap.

By now you should hopefully know what you're doing, as well as the rules and procedures all listed in Post #2 of this thread. I especially recommend re-reading the "Etiquette & Guidebook" & "Race Day Procedures" tabs.
Make sure you're especially clear on the "Race Start Procedure" & "Incident/Safety Car Procedure" tabs within the "Race Day Procedures" section. The start/restart zone for the track is highlighted in red on the track map.

Something that I added just as extra clarification, the track limit rules also apply to the solid part of the pit entry/exit lines. The dotted part you're allowed to fully cross, but as soon as the lines are solid, a minimum of 2 wheels must be within them.

As it's the first time back for a while, and we have a lot of new drivers to the series, I should also clarify that Blue Flags are there just to let the GT category know the LM category cars are coming up to lap them. The GT category cars are to maintain a predictable racing line, and not deliberately move out of the way of the LM cars. Moving out of the way can lead to miscommunications on track, which in turn can cause an incident.

As stated in the title of this post, today is going to be Pro Split racing. See Post #43 (the above post) to find out if you're racing today. If you're running late, then make sure you let one of the Moderators know as soon as possible. You might miss qualifying, but be able to start the race.

Both of the Preview Round races do not offer any championship points, as well as SRF License Points. They exist purely as a way of getting drivers familiar with how we run things. Liveries are ideal to have as we will be broadcasting the race live on Nukeshot Media, however they are not mandatory. Just as long as your livery doesn't break the rules such as no political/racial/sexual/etc themes you will be allowed to compete.

I believe that covers everything. Hopefully these posts can get a bit shorter as everyone gets used to things further into the season. Check the "Race Day Schedule" tab within the "Race Day Procedures" section to see when the lobby opens, when the race starts etc.

We hope to see you soon!
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Stewarding has been completed for the Pro Split Preview race. You can find the race results & incident judgements on Post #4

This week it's the turn of Am Split!
Be sure to read the Pro Split race day post (post #44) to make sure you're prepared.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Edit (10th July):
Just to let you know, we are going to be trialing the following BoP changes on Sunday. These may become permanent changes:

Alpine VGT: +2% weight (98%)
Peugeot 908 HDi: +1% weight (97%)
Audi R18 TDI: -1% weight (104%)
Hyundai N 2025: -1% weight (98%)
McLaren Ultimate HY: -1% weight (90%)
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It's Raceday!


The first race for championship points! The NES makes its return to Monza for Round 1 of the season.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Situated in the park that shares the same name, Monza is renowned around the world as the "Temple of Speed" and was the world's third purpose-built racing circuit.

Sector 1 sees you braking for the first chicane (Variante del Rettifilo) at well over 250km/h, making it a good overtaking opportunity but also a hotspot for incidents if drivers aren't careful. Be careful of the anti-cuts unsettling the car as you try and keep as straight a line as possible while remaining in the track limits. As you pick up the throttle be careful to not clip the gravel on exit. Building up speed once again as you make your way flat out through Curva Grande.

Braking for the 2nd chicane (Variante della Roggia), once again you try to maximise the speed you can carry while remaining in track limits. More gavel on the exit is very easy to clip, and be dragged into. The 2 Lesmo's are slightly banked, allowing to carry a decent bit of speed going onto another long straight.

Sector 3 opens up with the Ascari Chicane, a left-right-left that once again you must carry a lot of speed through hoping the anti-cuts aren't too mean to the suspension. It might pay of to set the suspension up to be able to go over them while maintaining stability. Onto the back straight, yet another chance to get some slipstream going down to the final corner, Curva Parabolica. The corner starts quite sharp, but then opens up on exit allowing you to pick up the throttle, and cross the line to start another lap.

Track limits are being monitored manually today, and will follow the rule of:
"2 Wheels must be within the white line, or on kerb if present. These track limits also apply to pit entry & exit solid lines."

This is allowed:

This is NOT allowed:

We haven't actually had a Safety Car yet, but please go to Post #2 -> "Race Day Procedures" -> "Incident/Safety Car Procedure" tab so you know what to do if involved in a multiple car incident.

We're going to continue using the BoP changes we started trialing last week in Am Split. The LM BoP for all cars is the following for today:
Alpine VGT: 98, 98
Audi R18 HY: 100, 101
Audi R18 TDI: 112, 104
Bugatti VGT: 107, 101
Dodge SRT Tomahawk: 93, 103
Hyundai N 2025: 94, 98
Mazda LM55: 98, 101
McLaren Ultimate HY: 86, 90
Nissan GT-R LM Nismo: 106, 91
Peugeot 908 HDi: 87, 97
Peugeot L750 HY: 88, 97
Porsche 919 HY: 100, 102
Toyota TS030 HY: 110, 104
Toyota TS050 HY: 100, 102

A reminder also for the LM cars to be patient when lapping traffic, and to GT cars to hold a predictable racing line when being lapped.

Today is Pro Split's race. Next week will be Am Split. Hope to see you tonight!

Lobby host will be TSR_JoeToGuy
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It's Am Split Raceday!

Please look at last weeks Pro Split Raceday post (post #47) as part of the usual drivers briefing. Hope to see you later!
It's Raceday!


The Nukeshot Endurance Series travels north from Italy to the Nürburgring GP circuit in Germany for Round 2 of the season.

The Nürburgring. Nicknamed the "Green Hell" located in the Eifel region, it has been the scene of many historic races dating back to the 1920's. The north loop, the Nordschleife, is renowned for not only its racing history, but also being the benchmark testing circuit for many leading automakers. The NES will be using the GP-F circuit for its race, which was constructed in 1984.

A slight kink at the end of the start/finish straight leads you downhill into Turn 1, which has a very steep elevation change right at the apex. This can lead to multiple racing lines going into the Mercedes Arena complex. A smidge of acceleration out of Turn 2 leads to the tight Turns 3 & 4 complex, where it's important to stay as far to the left as possible in T3 to maximise your run through T4.

Sector 2 sees the track narrow as you go through a downhill 90° left followed shortly by a tight right. Again your focus should be on setting yourself up for the fastest run onto the straight by compromising the first part of the complex. A downhill smooth curve leads you to the Dunlop hairpin. It's very banked, so you can carry a lot more speed than you might think through it. You can either stay tight to the inside kerb, or be a bit later on the brakes to eventually cut back to a late apex.

Heading back up the hill you are met by the Schumacher S, a very high-speed S bend that can just about be taken flat out. It's very easy to end up making a mistake though as it requires a very precise line. Some may wish to use the tall entry kerb on the right to help get the car turned in to the first apex easier. Continuing uphill, you are met by a 90° left followed by a short straight and a right. Both corners have a bit of banking so make sure you're carring enough speed to maximise it, while also watching out for the gravel trap on the exit of the right.

The final sector starts off with one of the longest flat-out zones on the circuit, making your way through a sharp kink before braking heavily for the NGK Chicane, which has been a good passing area in the past as well as the scene of a few incidents. Use the relatively flatter kerbs to make your line as straight as possible to minimise speed loss, then set yourself up on the entry kerb for the Coca-Cola Kurve, the last corner on the circuit. Set a late apex and avoid hitting the inside pit wall, before exiting the corner onto the start/finish straight to complete a lap.

Now that Monza is over, we will be going back to the in-game track limit settings until we go to La Sarthe. Pit entry & exit lines will still be monitored and enforced manually. We've had several people make the mistake of crossing the lines with all 4 tyres in both qualifying & race conditions, so make sure you don't get caught out. Crossing the kerb division for the pit entry will be enforced the same as the white lines.

It has been brought to our attention to tell you all NOT TO SPIN ACROSS THE FINISH LINE. This can cause yellow flags, which will prevent drivers from serving any in-game time penalties. As fun as it might be, please don't do this.

As some of you might be aware already, the modified LM category BoP we've been trialing has now been fully implemented.

The championship standings and race results are in the process of still being updated after the Am Split race last week. They should be ready before the race tonight. A reminder to also check the Ballast Tracker for out top 3 finishers in category from last week.

Today is Pro Split, and next week is Am Split. Hope to see you there!
Lobby Host: TSR_JoeToGuy
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It's Am Split Raceday!

Please look at last weeks post (post #52) for the drivers briefing.

Results and incident judgements from Pro Split Round 2 added to post #4. The championship tables will be updated after both splits have completed a Round rather than after each individual race.

Hope to see you later!

Lobby host for today: TSR_JoeToGuy
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Western Pomerania
I'm gonna have to step back from this season and would like to take a reserve driver role instead of a full time entry.

My worsening mental state is in the way of driving with you all as my long time friends since way back. I have everything and nothing going through my mind right now and my moods are changing really fast. I just can't focus on stuff in my spare time. So after missing the first 2 races because of that I had to take these few minutes to post this to clarify things for you all.

I won't be gone, just trying to reorganise everything and whenever I feel like that again, I can go race as a reserve without any pressure. Just like back in the days. And maybe I'll be watching the streams when I feel better.

I'm grateful for Zokeo, who granted me just another chance to race again and I'm sorry that I blew it up once again. Sometimes I think this all is cursed and something just doesn't want me here.

I will try to come back. Once again. I just don't know when.

See y'all on track,
Its Raceday!


The Nukeshot Endurance Series makes its way to the other side of the Eifel/Ardennes region to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium for Round 3 of the season.

Located in the Ardennes region of Belgium, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps has been hosting motorsport events since 1921, with the modern GP circuit being built in 1981. The region is well known for its weather, and the circuit itself is one of the fastest in Europe which makes it a tricky balance for car setup.

The lap begings with the heavy braking zone of the La Source hairpin. Uphill on entry, banked in the middle and downhill on exit, there are multiple lines you can take, with the most ideal being a late apex as you plunge flat out downhill to what seems to be a 32° tarmac wall going through Eau Rouge and Raidillon. You want to be as far to the left as possible through Eau Rouge to be able to stay flat up the hill, but you also don't want to go too far so that you miss your turn-in point for Raidillon and understeer off the track. At the top you are given a chance to catch your breath on the Kemmel Straight.

The slipstreaming from the straight going into the braking zone of the Les Combes complex offers a key overtaking opportunity, as sector 2 makes up the handling part of the circuit and is difficult to make a move without a mistake from the car ahead. Keep a tight line through the left to set yourself up for the best line out of the final right. Careful on the brakes for the downhill Bruxelles/Rivage hairpin, making sure you don't get on the throttle too early and understeer. Same goes for the following 90° left of Ickx before a short blast to the double-apex left at Pouhon. It's very easy to pick up marbles off the racing line and understeer off, but luckily there's a lot of tarmac runoff.
The Campus/Fagnes S bend (also known as the Pif-Paf) rewards careful accelerator control, holding a tight apex for the right and a late apex for the left. Again be measured and careful on the throttle through Stavelot and Curve Paul Frère as the astroturf on the outside can easily cause mistakes.

The 3rd and final sector is mainly a flat-out uphill run, with Blanchimont being a key corner to carry speed through. To do this, take a smooth out-in-out line with minimal steering inputs. The last challenge of the circuit is the Bus-Stop chicane, which can be a good last chance overtaking spot. Brake at around the 100 marker, and take as smooth a line as possible to maximise your run onto the straight. Careful picking up the throttle again as you exit the chicane.

Due to the short distance between the final corner and the timing line, the leader on the formation lap is only allowed to go at the timing line itself, not before.

Remember again to check the Ballast Tracker tab on post #5 of this thread to see if you have any extra weight added.

Sadly as some may have already heard the news, the CEO of Spa-Francorchamps Nathalie Maillet, has died today. Before the formation lap, we will be having a 1 minute silence on the grid for both the Pro & Am races. I encourage you all not to rev your engines during the silence. Once the minute has ended, you may start the formation lap as normal. Remember that your tyres will potentially be colder than normal at the start.

Today is Pro Split, and Am Split is in 1 week. Hope to see you there!
Lobby Host: TSR_JoeToGuy
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Rules, Regulations, & General Info

The Nukeshot Endurance Series races on Sundays (See "Race Day Procedure" tab), and features 1 Preview round and 8 Championship rounds.
There are 2 car categories, up to 4 drivers championships, and up to 6 teams championships.

Teams are made up of 2 cars maximum (not including reserve drivers), and don't necessarily have to use the same car for both drivers although it's recommended.

Depending on whether we will get enough sign-ups to run 2 driver splits (Pro & Am), we will have the following championships:

*LM Pro Drivers Championship
*LM Am Drivers Chsmpionship
*GT Pro Drivers Championship
*GT Am Drivers Championship

*LM Pro Teams Championship
*LM Pro-Am Teams Championship
*LM Am Teams Championship
*GT Pro Teams Championship
*GT Pro-Am Teams Championship
*GT Am Teams Championship

These Championships will also be combined together in an "Overall" leaderboard.
Here is a link to the official guidebook document (Microsoft Word) of the Sim Racing Federation. This guidebook is to be referred to regarding racing etiquette and rules.

SRF Official Guidebook:!AqAqGgRNcV-oiWGZ6ZyeoxMYqE30

The Nukeshot Endurance Series will be using the "GT" Ruleset for all of its events, and SRF License Points will be up for grabs throughout the season with exception of the Preview Event.

The Nukeshot Endurance Series will be using the "Safety Car Procedures & Pace Laps" & "Multi-Class" supplementary sections for the set rules regarding each subject. The details of the system for Pace Laps and Safety Car Procedures can be found on this post under the "Race Day Procedures" tab.

Regarding "League Advisory Notes: 4";

*Track Limits: 2 wheels must be within the white line, or on kerb if present.
These track limits also apply to pit entry & exit solid lines.

*Bump drafting: Prohibited.

*Excessive weaving at a distance: Allowed (See "GT Ruleset: 6" for gap when weaving becomes prohibited).

*Exiting to the pits to repair damage in qualifying: Allowed.

*Minimum distance required to be classified: 75% for SRF License Points, and half championship points. Full championship points at 100%

Blue flags in our series can mean 2 different things:
*If being lapped by a car in a different category, you are to keep a predictable racing line. You do not need to leave your line or slow down to let the faster car past.
*If being lapped by a car in the same category, normal blue flag rules apply. You are to let by the car lapping you and not hold them up.

Also, a reminder not to type during the race or qualifying and use auto-drive functionality with exceptions of:
"MD" (Major/Mechanical Damage)
"ES" (Emergency Service)
(See "Race Day Procedures" -> "Incident/Safety Car Procedure" tab).

When needing to type while in the Safety Car queue, please pull over safely and apply the handbrake before typing so your car doesn't move. You will be allowed to retake your place in the queue if you lost any positions doing this.

Besides that, follow the instruction given by the Race Director.
Here is a list of the various Race Day Procedures that you should know:
All times are listed in BST (UTC + 1H)
(As the clocks change on October 31st, the Am split finale will be using GMT (UTC + 0))

19:15: Lobby opens. Gathering/warm-up period begins.

19:40: GT qualifying begins. 10 minutes to set laptimes.

19:50: GT qualifying ends. Results saved. LM qualifying begins. 10 minutes to set laptimes.

20:00: LM qualifying ends. Results saved. Break period begins and grid order is set.

20:10: Race starts and lasts for approximately 1 hour.

21:10: Race finishes. Replay data saved. Incidents to be reported by DM to a Moderator. Session ends.
The 2 categories (LM & GT) will be seperated into 2 10 minute sessions. GT qualifying goes first, followed by LM qualifying.

After the 10 minutes in a qualifying session are up, everyone on track should either finish their lap if they are on one, or park up in a safe place after the first track sector marker. A screenshot of the live timing will be taken after all cars have finished their final lap.

Cars will be permitted to change tyre compound between qualifying and the race after the screenshot has been taken.
The Nukeshot Endurance Series uses a Manual Rolling Start procedure. There is only 1 formation lap.

*If any cars are stuck on the grid on the first start attempt, the Race Director will call for a Red Flag and a restart. There will be no Red Flag on the 2nd attempt, and stuck drivers will be classed as a DNS

*All cars are to be single-file from driving off of the grid.
*LM category at 62mph (100km/h).
*GT category at 50mph (80km/h).
*There is to be a minimum gap of 2 car lengths between cars on the formation lap before going double-file.
*Weaving, accelerating and braking should be smooth, safe and predictable.

*Cars go double-file in the final sector.
*Weaving to stop
*Odd numbers (1, 3, 5 etc) line up on the side closest to the pit wall.
*Even numbers (2, 4, 6 etc) line up on the side furthest from the pit wall.

*Leader of the category controls the start, and can start accelerating as soon as they are within the designated start zone shown on the track maps in the "Race Calendar" tab.
*No overtaking before the timing line.
*No dropping back to get a jump at the start.
The Nukeshot Endurance Series uses a Safety Car procedure. Here are the details:

*Drivers are to type "MD" (Major/Mechanical Damage) in the lobby chat if they are involved in a multiple car incident (2 or more).

For a Safety Car to be called by the race director, the incident must meet the following criteria:
*A car leaves the circuit, significantly drops speed, or stops in a dangerous part of the circuit.
*The cars pick up 3 damage points between them (1 point per aero & suspension, 2 points for engine).

*The Race Director will review the incident to see if it meets the criteria, and will either type "Still Green" or "SC, Pits Closed" (SC = Safety Car).

*The leader of the race (LM Category) will then slow down safely to 62mph (100km/h) and act as the Safety Car.
*Pits are closed.
*No overtaking.
*Minimum gap of 2 car lengths between cars.
*Cars catching up to the Safety Car are not restricted by a speed limit, but should drive safely and within the limits of control.
*Weaving, accelerating and braking should be smooth, safe and predictable.
*The Race Director will indicate any cars that should overtake the Safety Car to gain a lap back.

*Any cars that are damaged or critical on fuel and can't drive another lap can type "ES" (Emergency Service) in the chat after stopping off of the track with the handbrake on to type. The Race Director will then message back granting authorization to enter the closed pits.

Under Emergency Service conditions, you are allowed to do the following:
*Repair damage
*Add fuel up to the 10% mark (5% lenience or penalty)

You are not allowed to change tyres. If you do so, then you will be given a penalty.

*Once everyone has caught up to the Safety Car, the Race Director will type "Pits Open" to open the pits. Both categories are allowed to pit at the same time. Cars are to stay in their positions after exiting the pits.

*The Race Director will then when safe to do so, type "LM pass GT" for the LM cars to pass any GT cars that are ahead of them in the Safety Car queue. No weaving is to take place during this process, and the GT's should yield their position to the LM's.

*Once the Race Director is happy with the order, they will type "SC End This Lap". Everyone is to maintain the 2 car length gap until the final sector before the restart point, where you can close up safely, and remain single-file for the restart.
*Overall leader of the category controls the start, and can start accelerating as soon as they are within the designated restart zone shown on the track maps in the "Race Calendar" tab. This restart zone is different from the start zone at La Sarthe.
If involved in an incident on track, report the incident via DM to one of the Moderators listed on post #1 of this GTPlanet thread as soon as possible after the race. In your post you should include the following information:

*Drivers involved
*Lap number
*Track sector number (or specific corner if possible)
*Accusation (e.g. "Hitting me off the track")

Once your report has been sent, the Moderators will review the incident based on replay data. A decision will be reached based on the rules on this thread, and the SRF Official Guidebook.

To remove any basis of an accusation of bias, Moderators that were directly involved, or whos teammate was involved, will not be a part of the final judgement/penalty process.

If either party does not think the ruling is fair, they can submit a protest. This would mean that the incident also gets reviewed by the SRF Stewarding Group.

The types of penalties we use in the NES include:
*Championship points deductions
*Post-race time penalties
*Position swaps (when appropriate)
*Race bans
*Championship exclusions

Depending on incident severity, points will also be deducted from drivers' SRF License Points (see SRF Official Guidebook if you want more info on the License system)
Here is the Race Calendar for Nukeshot Endurance Series Season 6.
*In the event of there only being 1 driver split, races will be held on the Pro Split dates only.

Track map red lines indicate the designated start/restart zone. If there is just 1 line going across the track, rather than 2 with the track itself red in between, that indicates the timing line being crossed by the leader as the start/restart point.
La Sarthe has a seperate restart point to its start point, which is indicated by a blue line on the track map. That is the Sector 2 in-game timing point.

Sunday July 4th (Pro) / July 11th (Am)
Preview Event: Autodrome Lago Maggiore GP

Sunday July 18th (Pro) / July 25th (Am)
Round 1: Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Sunday August 1st (Pro) / August 8th (Am)
Round 2: Nürburgring GP-F

Sunday August 15th (Pro) / August 22nd (Am)
Round 3: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Sunday August 29th (Pro) / September 5th (Am)
Round 4: Tokyo Expressway EOL

Sunday September 12th (Pro) / September 19th (Am)
Round 5: Fuji International Speedway F
Livery Week/Fortnight

Sunday September 26th (Pro) / October 3rd (Am)
Round 6: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Sunday October 10th (Pro) / October 17th (Am)
Round 7: Autódromo de Interlagos

Ballast Removed

Sunday October 24th (Pro) / October 31st (Am)

Round 8: Circuit de la Sarthe
Here is a list of all of the in-game Lobby Settings:
*Boost: Off
*Slipstream Strength: Real
*Visible Damage: On
*Mechanical Damage: Heavy
*Tyre Wear: 3×
*Fuel Consumption: 2×
*Initial Fuel: Default
*Grip Reduction: Real
*Race Finish Delay: 180 Seconds
*Overtaking System: Default (N/A)
*Balance of Performance: Off (See specific tab)
*Tyre Compound: Unrestricted
*Tuning: Allowed
*Ghosting During Race: Off
*Shortcut Penalties: Weak (Off for Monza & La Sarthe as these will be monitored manually)
*Flag Rules: On (Blue Flags when GT cars get lapped by LM's means the GT should stay on a predictable racing line. If being lapped by a car in the same category, you must let them past and not hold them up)
*Countersteer Assist: Prohibited
*Active Stability Management: Prohibited
*Driving Line: Allowed
*Traction Control: Allowed
*ABS: Allowed
*Auto-Drive: Prohibited
Here are the lists of Balance of Performance (BoP) for both categories:
Alpine VGT
Power: 98% (582BHP)
Weight: 98% (911kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Audi R18 HY
Power: 100% (526BHP)
Weight: 101% (883kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Audi R18 TDI
Power: 112% (620BHP)
Weight: 104% (936kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Bugatti VGT
Power: 107% (685BHP)
Weight: 101% (989kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Dodge SRT Tomahawk
Power: 93% (643BHP)
Weight: 103% (978kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Hyundai N 2025
Power: 94% (601BHP)
Weight: 98% (952kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Mazda LM55
Power: 98% (628BHP)
Weight: 101% (888kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

McLaren Ultimate HY
Power: 86% (840BHP)
Weight: 90% (810kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Nissan GT-R LM Nismo HY
Power: 106% (641BHP)
Weight: 91% (800kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Peugeot 908 HDi
Power: 87% (609BHP)
Weight: 97% (902kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Peugeot L750 HY
Power: 88% (610BHP)
Weight: 97% (800kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Porsche 919 HY
Power: 100% (500BHP)
Weight: 102% (892kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Toyota TS030 HY
Power: 110% (582BHP)
Weight: 104% (936kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA

Toyota TS050 HY
Power: 100% (506BHP)
Weight: 102% (892kg)
La Sarthe Changes: TBA
Alfa Romeo 4C
Power: 105% (519BHP)
Weight: 103% (1,256kg)

Aston Martin DBR9
Power: 92% (552BHP)
Weight: 112% (1,232kg)

Aston Martin V12 Vantage
Power: 111% (576BHP)
Weight: 104% (1,300kg)

Audi R8 LMS
Power: 90% (527BHP)
Weight: 106% (1,298kg)

Power: 111% (555BHP)
Weight: 107% (1,332kg)

Power: 95% (555BHP)
Weight: 102% (1,326kg)

Power: 105% (534BHP)
Weight: 107% (1,273kg)

Chevrolet Corvette C7
Power: 103% (568BHP)
Weight: 100% (1,300kg)

Citroën GT
Power: 87% (521BHP)
Weight: 110% (1,320kg)

Dodge Viper SRT
Power: 81% (549BHP)
Weight: 101% (1,302kg)

Ferrari 458 Italia
Power: 97% (525BHP)
Weight: 106% (1,287kg)

Ford GT LM Spec II
Power: 89% (525BHP)
Weight: 113% (1,316kg)

Ford Mustang
Power: 109% (598BHP)
Weight: 102% (1,326kg)

Honda NSX
Power: 97% (551BHP)
Weight: 100% (1,300kg)

Hyundai Genesis
Power: 115% (585BHP)
Weight: 103% (1,287kg)

Jaguar F-type
Power: 101% (557BHP)
Weight: 103% (1,287kg)

Lamborghini Huracán
Power: 93% (536BHP)
Weight: 105% (1,291kg)

Lexus RC F
Power: 106% (553-556BHP)
Weight: 102% (1,326kg)

Mazda Atenza / 6
Power: 107% (606BHP)
Weight: 106% (1,356kg)

Mazda RX-Vision
Power: 92% (516BHP)
Weight: 103% (1,287kg)

McLaren 650S
Power: 108% (547BHP)
Weight: 104% (1,289kg)

McLaren F1 GTR
Power: 86% (516BHP)
Weight: 116% (1,218kg)

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
Power: 92% (564BHP)
Weight: 100% (1,325kg)

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Power: 99% (564BHP)
Weight: 97% (1,309kg)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FE
Power: 107% (558BHP)
Weight: 102% (1,315kg)

Nissan GT-R Nismo
Power: 107% (580BHP)
Weight: 98% (1,274kg)

Peugeot RCZ
Power: 108% (558BHP)
Weight: 109% (1,308kg)

Peugeot VGT
Power: 98% (531BHP)
Weight: 106% (1,325kg)

Porsche 911 RSR
Power: 105% (535BHP)
Weight: 106% (1,317kg)

Renault Sport R.S.01
Power: 100% (534BHP)
Weight: 109% (1,329kg)

Subaru WRX
Power: 107% (558BHP)
Weight: 104% (1,331kg)

Toyota FT-1
Power: 101% (549BHP)
Weight: 103% (1,318kg)

Toyota GR Supra RC
Power: 94% (556BHP)
Weight: 103% (1,280kg)

Volkswagen Beetle
Power: 92% (544BHP)
Weight: 111% (1,332kg)

Volkswagen GTI
Power: 97% (535BHP)
Weight: 103% (1,297kg)
The points & ballast system (per category) for the Nukeshot Endurance Series is as follows:

Pole Position: 2pts

1st: 15pts (+3 "Ballast Points")
2nd: 12pts (+2 "Ballast Points")
3rd: 10pts (+1 "Ballast Point")
4th: 8pts
5th: 6pts
6th: 4pts
7th: 2pts
8th: 1pt

Fastest Lap: 1pt

*Full championship points to be awarded to cars that finish the race

*Half championship points to be awarded to cars that complete more than 75% race distance if the cause of the DNF was not a ragequit.

*The positions awarded in the situation of multiple DNF's will be based on distance completion.

*Ragequits under any circumstances are not eligible for championship points, and will result in -3 SRF License Points.

*Championship points are not to be confused with SRF License Points. For more information on SRF License Points, please read the "SRF License System" section of the SRF Official Guidebook.

Ballast System

*Ballast Points (BP) are taken from the previous 4 races. Race 5 BP is made up of R1, R2, R3 & R4 added up. After race 5, the Ballast Points from race 1 are removed. After race 6, the Ballast Points from race 2 are removed etc. All Ballast Points are removed for the final race.

Here is how the Ballast Point (BP) system works:

+1% weight = 1BP
-1% power = 3BP

Weight ballast is prioritized over power reduction.
If a car earns more BP than its maximum weight allows, then a simple calculation of BP is shared with a power reduction.

E.g. A car has max weight ballast of 8%
Car finishes 1st, 1st, 1st & 3rd (10BP total)
The ballast = +7% weight (7BP) & -1% power (3BP)
Liveries for the Nukeshot Endurance Series should not contain the following:
*Foul language
*Pornographic content
*Political themes
*Racial themes
*Sexual themes
*Religious themes

View attachment 1016778

Liveries for the LM category must contain the following:

*Normal/Clear Light Covers.

*SRF NES LM Number Board (Red) on both sides, and the front hood/bonnet/top face or above wheel arch areas.

*SRF NES LM Decal on both sides, and the front hood/bonnet/top face or above wheel arch areas.

*SRF NES Hybrid Decal for the cars listed below:
*Audi R18 HY
*McLaren Ultimate HY
*Nissan GT-R LM Nismo HY
*Peugeot L750 HY
*Porsche 919 HY
*Toyota TS030 HY
*Toyota TS050 HY

*SRF NES Non-Hybrid Decal for the cars listed below:
*Alpine VGT
*Audi R18 TDI
*Bugatti VGT
*Dodge SRT Tomahawk
*Hyundai N 2025
*Mazda LM55
*Peugeot 908 HDi

Both the Hybrid & Non-Hybrid decals should be placed on both sides, and the front hood/bonnet/top face or above wheel arch areas.
View attachment 1016779

Liveries for the GT category must contain the following:

*Yellow Light Covers

*SRF NES GT Number Board (Green) on both sides, and the bonnet/hood/top face area.

*SRF NES GT Decal on both sides, the back, and the bonnet/hood/top face area.
The following decals are not mandatory, however you may wish to use them in your design.

NES Official Logo:

NES Official Logo (Colourable):

SRF Emblem Logo:

SRF Blue & Gold Logo:

SRF White Logo (Colourable)

NES Reigning Champion Decal
(Only available to be used by TSR_Waike, RBZ_Orama, ART_James_95 & TSR_JoeToGuy)

You may also wish to use your appropriate SRF License Decal. Make sure you check the "SRF's License System Center" document to find your current ranking. The document can be found on the SRF official Discord server linked in post #1 of this thread, and pinned on the #main-notice-board channel.
If you are brand new to SRF competition, you will start at the "Amateur/AM" rank.

SRF License - Novice/NOV Decal

SRF License - Amateur/AM Decal

SRF License - PRO-AM Decal

SRF License - PRO Decal

SRF License - Elite/ELT Decal

All liveries are to go through the following process for media purposes:

Liveries are also to be uploaded by the user to their GT Sport profile where it can be downloaded and used for media purposes.

Livery Week/Fortnight is a tradition of the NES where competitors create special one-off designs and have them featured in a contest. We encourage you to let your creativity shine and make something that will look fantastic! A poll will be put up to decide 2 winners:
*Best in LM
*Best in GT

Livery Week/Fortnight this season takes place at Round 5, at Fuji Speedway!

So you think you're ready to sign up? That's great! Here's what you need to know:

Before signing up, first you need to see whether the entry list is open. You can check that in post #3 of this GTPlanet thread. Once you've made sure the entry list is open, you can go to the "Car Availability List" tab on post #3 to see what cars are available for you to enter with in whichever category you decide to go with (LM or GT).

Once you've done that, you're ready to make an entry post! Your entry post should be made in the following sign-up format:

PSN Username:
Racing Number:
Driver Rating:
Sportsmanship Rating:
Team Name:
Tyre Manufacturer:

Here's an example of what a finished entry post looks like:
PSN Username: Generic_Username
Racing Number: #1
Driver Rating: B
Sportsmanship Rating: S
Category: GT
Team Name: Generic Racing Team
Car: Alfa Romeo 4C
Tyre Manufacturer: Michelin

Once your post is made, I will process it and add your entry to the list. Don't worry if we are already at maximum capacity by the time you have signed up, as entries that get put in our reserve list have a good chance of being called upon to race if anyone else can't make it.

A word of warning. If you choose to change cars mid-season (after Round 1), your championship points up to that point will be halved, with exception of joining another established team.

After all of that is done, you're officially a part of SRF Nukeshot Endurance Series Season 6! We will keep you informed of things such as your Placement Test if it's needed.
The Placement Test is our way of measuring drivers' ability to make sure you're in the right driver split (Pro or Am) in the event of 2 splits being formed.

The test is spread across 2 circuits:
*Autodrome Lago Maggiore
(18:15 Sunny)
*Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
(10:30 Fine Weather)

You will drive 1 outlap and 4× hot laps on Soft compound tyres at each track, using the same lobby settings as our actual races but without:
*Mechanical damage.
*Tyre wear.
*Fuel depletion.
*Track limit penalties (will be viewed manually).
A Moderator from the NES will be hosting the lobby, and will use optimal laptime data during your hot laps to see where you are at in terms of pace. After those needing to complete a placement test have done so, we will announce who goes to what split.

Which split you are in also determines what weeks you are racing.
Pro split races every odd week (1, 3, 5 etc).
Am split races every even week (2, 4, 6 etc).
All races will be held on Sundays following the exact same Race Day Schedule that can be found in the tab labelled "Race Day Schedule" so any scheduling conflicts should be kept to a minimum no matter which split you end up in.

View attachment 1016224

Welcome to the official thread of Nukeshot Endurance Series: Season 6!

The Nukeshot Endurance Series (NES) is a multi-class racing league ran by Nukeshot Motorsport since 2017, featuring LM (Gr.1) & GT (Gr.3) category cars.

Staff Credits:

@PSN offapple [NS_Zokeo_9]
(Series Organizer & Commentator)

@CrazyJohn [VLX_CJohn]
(Moderator, Decal Specialist & BoP assistant)

@DrifterJoe [JoeOfTheFire / TSR_JoeToGuy]
(Moderator & Track Map Editor)

@Rotato [G4_Rotary]


View attachment 1016771
The Nukeshot Endurance Series is part of the Sim Racing Federation (SRF) Group of leagues.

Link to NES Discord Server:

Link to SRF Discord Server:

All races of NES Season 6 will be broadcasted by Nukeshot Media on YouTube:

*A note to any GTPlanet admins that the Discord servers do NOT contain any event information that isn't available on this thread, and is for communication purposes only. Joining the servers are also strictly OPTIONAL, and NOT a requirement to participate. All of the necessary event information is contained within the opening posts of the thread, and therefore doesn't break thread guidelines.

PSN Username: BNR_Barracuda
Racing Number: #47
Driver Rating: E
Sportsmanship Rating: A
Category: LM
Team Name: BNRacing
Car: McLaren Ultimate VGT
Tyre Manufacturer: Pirelli
It's Am Split Raceday!

Be sure to read last weeks post (post #55) for the usual briefing.

Hope to see you later today!
United Kingdom
Psn username: TX3_HASH
Racing number: 6
Driver rating: A+
Sportsmanship: S
Category: LM
Team name: Toyota Gazoo Racing
Car: TS050
Tyre manufacturer: Michelin