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  1. So Crosshair did come back, great! I was expecting things to go a bit differently even though he was shown in the trailer with his crew.
  2. How does Crosshair have his rifle back? I thought he lost it on Barton 4, but suddenly I wonder if the one he used under the Empire was different.
  3. I wonder what is wrong with Crosshair's arm. I can't remember if anything happened previously to cause it or not.
  4. Had to say Barton IV, look where they stopped!
  5. Nice to see Crosshair still has feelings for Mayday, and to think he used to have issues working with regs when he made his debut.
  6. Oh wow, a close-up of the ice vulture, now that is nice to see! Wish we could have seen more of them, however.
  7. Geez, I’ve never seen Hunter so agitated before, he really wasn't happy with Crosshair.
  8. Got to admit, I thought Hunter was going to die out there.
  9. Surprised the Empire didn’t show up.
  10. While Tech is mentioned, I am a little disappointed we didn't get to see one of them tell Crosshair about it personally. (unless that was it right there)
Been meaning to post my thoughts on the last 2 episodes of The Bad Batch lately and I keep forgetting.
  1. Nice to see former Separatist and Republic leaders come together.
  2. Glad we didn’t have to wait long to see who the mysterious clone was.
  3. Oh wow, it’s Teth! I think that's the same Temple we saw in the TCW movie!
  4. I do admire Rex’s compassion for the clone and the fact he’s not outright aggressive towards interrogating him.
  5. Really glad they took out that clones shock capsule so he couldn’t kill himself. It still bugs me we never found out who Clone X was from the last season because of this. (Though I have a strong theory about this)
  6. Oh wow, another mysterious clone. How many are there?!
  7. Hold the phone, where’s The Marauder?!
  8. Wow, Howser isn’t happy at all to see Crosshair.
  9. Okay, since when is Rex secretive?! This was unexpected.
  10. Commander Wolfe! Finally!
  1. Wolfe seems to be oblivious to what the Empire is up to.
  2. I do hope we get to see that clone without his helmet eventually.
  3. I just love how Crosshair attacks the drop ship above him.
  4. Gosh, I thought Crosshair was dead when he was held underwater.
  5. I wonder what Wolfe is going to tell the Empire since he let them escape. Yea, I heard his remark he made near the end, but I have a feeling the Empire will be onto him.
  6. Okay, they keep putting a lot of emphasis on the operative, I really want to know who it is.
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Oh wow! 😲

Normally this is where I would put my thoughts here, but theirs so many things I am excited about that I don't even have the patience to type it all out. I am very hyped for this!
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I'll be honest, I didn't jot down my thoughts as I watched like I usually do because I just wanted to sit back and watch it. While the last season finale REALLY disappointed me, this one however did not and I think it rounded things off quite nicely. For starters, I like how not only did The Bad Batch have their own plan to get in, but Omega had her own plan for getting herself and all the children out as well, this certainly made it more interesting to watch. It was also nice to see the spotlight being put on Echo because I felt he didn't really have enough screen time in the past and Emerie joining him in an attempt to redeem himself was something I am glad they finally did. I didn't expect Omega to involve the Zillo Beast in all this, but man was I thrilled she did because seeing anything at all on the Zillo Beast again is a great thing and it did not disappoint either!

The small subplot between Rampart and Nala Se was kind of unexpected, but not unwelcome. I just knew Rampart could not be trusted and he would do something eventually, and I also had a strong feeling Nala Se would not survive this, but I didn't expect it to play out like this. It was a good scene though. Really glad they finally killed off Hemlock, I never cared too much for him from the start and I was ready for him to die back in the last season. So it was high time he finally went and his death was satisfying to see. I really thought The Bad Batch would lose a member or two by the time it was all over and I was surprised they didn't, but I guess the writers still have plans for them. That ending caught me by surprise because I did not expect a time jump into the future, but it was a nice surprise for sure and I can't wait to see what they'll do these characters later on.

While I have no shortage of things I liked about this finale, some things I didn't like was:
  1. Although we got a mention of Tech in the episode, I was really hoping we would find out more about what happened to him, but we didn't.
  2. They never revealed who that operative was that had been following them around across several episodes. The way Hunter was looking at him after he was killed, I really thought they were going to, but they didn't.
  3. While I haven't played through the game Republic Commando before and I have no huge attachment to Scorch like other people do, I do hate how they just killed him off like he was just another clone. I really do think he deserved better than this.
  4. What happened the Zillo Beast after it fled the mountain? Apart from maybe one mention after it escaped, we don't know what happened to it after.
  5. Maybe I need to watch it again, but how did they even get Wrecker on that ship in the end?
Overall though, I thought this was a solid ending to the series and while I hate it's over, I do look forward to seeing what they plan to do with the characters later on.