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    Why is the game so bad for steering wheels and better for controllers.. Where are the steering wheel settings I can only find them for controllers I'm not using a controller I'm using a wheel
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    Better for controllers? I'm using a DS4 with a few tunes from @praiano63 who uses a G27 if I'm not mistaken.

    Top times are from people who use wheels, not DS4s.
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    Marcus Garvey

    Not exactly. Praiano is still on a controller for GTS IIRC, and nearly all top times were with controllers a few weeks back. I haven't played the beta in a bit and have been somewhat detached from this subforum, so perhaps with the recent updates this changed...

    This exact issue has been covered here, many times. It is a known issue.

    Discussion on this exact issue exists in the following and in several other places;

    Remember that bit about how "driving simulators should not be hard" and playing to the lowest common denominator, targeting casual users, and giving the game a broader appeal whilst alienating the most devoted hard core base....all of that.
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    I have played during all the GTsport beta period with a G29 wheel. Before this i have spent 7 years with G27.
    Now my G29 is broken , switch PS3 PS4 button , downshift paddle failing ....
    I have tried to play with DS4 but after almost 10 years it is impossible for me, very bad driving and above all no fun at all. Hard to come back after the wheel experience.
    Now i am waiting an answer of logitech about the warranty that end 15 october but also waiting for a GIMX device to be able to play with my old good G27 that never let me down and is ready to start all over again.;)
    In my opinion DS4 players are as fast as wheel players in GT. The top ten leaderboard for example , you can find around 2 DS4 players for 8 wheel users.
    I think that most of the top players , where you can find the more GT fanatics are investing more money and playing whith a wheel for the feeling and the superior driving pleasure they can find with it. The proportion of 10 to 20% DS4 users for the top players must be larger down the leaderboard , composed by more casual players.
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    What wheel are you trying to use?