Stock Seasonal Time Trial #55 (500PP, 700PP RC – 08/11 to 10/06)

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  1. Hastatus


    This is a thread series for the seasonal time trials that focuses on completing the challenges (i.e. beating the gold target times) with stock versions of the cars. This means that instead of maximizing your PP with upgrades and focusing on getting the fastest laps on the in-game leaderboard, you are attempting to complete the challenges with the bare minimum amount of 'car' and money-spent as is possible.

    With the new more open ended format means that part of the challenge will be finding a stock car that has the lowest PP or lowest price depending on your view. It is also difficult to predict which types of tires a car will come with before purchasing.

    Warning: Some of these challenges are getting to be extreme and should be approached with caution! :banghead:

    In order to participate your car must be stock.

    1) A stock car is essentially any car as it is when purchased from the dealership or won as a prize: it will have had no modifications, added parts, or adjustments done that affect how the car performs.
    2) No oil changes are permitted: if you have had an oil change you must wait until the effects of the HP boost have been removed by driving over 300 km.
    3) You must use the original tire type that came with the car, unless dirt or snow tires are required.
    4) No changes to any “Car Settings” are permitted: they must ALL be left at their default values. [Note: cars that come with Fully Customizable Suspension that were purchased or won prior to patch 1.11 must have the suspension settings restored to default in order to be updated with the new stock suspension settings.]
    5) No SRF or ASM is permitted: other “Driver Assists” are permitted.

    Basically, the ONLY changes you may make to a car include: painting the car and changing a car’s racing number. Any other changes means your car is not stock.

    Stock Seasonal Time Trials #55:

    Non-Racing Car Super Lap: target 1:20.000 - Streets of Willow Springs - 500PP - SH - Repeat

    Race Car Super Lap: target 1:35.000 - Monza - 700PP - RH - Repeat
  2. Hastatus


    These events are repeats. I have included links to the previous events in the event description.

    My results so far with a wheel and an automatic transmission:

    500PP at Streets of Willow Springs:
    - 1:19.729 - Ford RS200 '84 - SH - 4WD - 246hp - 1180kg

    Managed to beat @nowcontrol 's time of 1:19.900 with the lowest PP car from the previous event. :D I am sure this will be temporary.

    700PP RC at Monza:
    - 1:34.981 - Chaparral 2J '70 - RH - MR - 683hp - 821kg

    I didn't have time to beat my previous time. I'll leave this one for others to beat. :mischievous:
    @MadMax had the best result last time with 657PP - 1:34.881 - Nissan R390 GT1 '98 - RH - MR - 788bhp - 1000kg.
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  3. BWM


    500PP at Streets of Willow Springs:
    - 1:19.985 - Mazda RX-7 Type R-S (FD, J)'95 - SH - FR - 252hp - 1260kg

    The first lap was slower but i think the middle section was tidier and more presentable.

    700PP RC at Monza:
    - 1:34.922 - Toyota GT-One (TS020) '99 - RH - MR - 764hp - 900kg

    Don't want to use the 2J so this was the lowest i did.
    Tried the R390 but nowhere near to gold on it.
  4. mcsqueegy

    mcsqueegy Premium

    Ran some of these the other day:

    500PP at Streets of Willow Springs:
    - 1'19.832 - Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71 - SH - MR - 191bhp - 1080kg

    Not too difficult, plenty of grip with these tyres in the slow corners.

    700PP RC at Monza:
    - 1'34.735 - Audi R10 TDI '06 - RH - MR - 649bhp - 925kg
    655PP - 1'34.931 - Mercedes AMG CLK-LM '98 - RH - MR - 785bhp - 1000kg

    The Audi wasn't too bad, the Merc took a while though :scared: figured I'd upload the laps for each one as well!

  5. StirlingMoose


    500PP at Streets of Willow Springs:
    - 1:19.996 - Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71 - SH - MR - 191bhp - 1080kg

    Well that was odd. I'd tried this a few days ago and was at least 2s off the pace and it felt like I was driving on marbles. So I'd totally given up on it. When @mcsqueegy said "plenty of grip" I couldn't believe it. But when I tried it again I was within a second on the first lap. Maybe I was having an off day.

    I did Monza in the old Minolta Toyota which is nearly 700PP but that was enough for me. I'm not much good with anything above 600PP.
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  6. MadMax

    MadMax Moderator

    500PP at Streets of Willow Springs:
    - 1:19.945 - Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71 - SH - MR - 191bhp - 1080kg

    700PP RC at Monza:
    - 1:31.864 - Toyota MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V '89 - RH - MR - 906bhp - 850kg (didn't want to try repeating that R390 lap)