The 1m credit Spa race.

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Well I finally beat it using the advice on this thread. Thank you so much for your input peeps, much appreciated!
Wasn’t actually as difficult as I had in my head once I realised what was going on. I’ll certainly do it a few more times.

@smoothbore12 - got the 962 just now, thanks for the heads up.
As you realise, wasn't that hard .
And the more you get familiar with what the car needs in terms of fuel mapping and tyre wear , the weather would be your " friend " as the AI aren't so smart to make the right choice on tyres .
Happy Spa racing our friend 😉
OP: Congrats! Superb job on winning here! This race will become a good test bed for road car tunes.
For a challenge, beat it with the F-XX-K or the Raptor on any setting.
Also, bust out those Porsches and the CLK-LM so you can practice for license tests and the CE.
It's a good race, especially when mixed up with events like the Sardegna 800, Tokyo East 600, Road Atlanta Group 1, and Le Mans 700. Be sure to mix in other stuff too. For some reason while grinding at Spa, I ran enough events at Dragon Trail Seaside to get confident there.
One more challenge here at Spa: hard difficulty, no assists of any kind (that means no MFD and no HUD), any Group 3 or Group 4 car or their road going models (e.g. Mustang Group 3 Road Car). Engine swaps allowed.
I've done this in only three cars, one that has no interior in VR, the 787B and the F1500. I did win with the 1994 McLaren F1 with some assists.
Also find out what cars you can win this with and at what difficulty. Run it on hard enough and then take a crack at The Human Comedy, those races will seem easy.
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Make sure you pick a car that has headlights. 🙂
if not, you can push the exposure to max in the menu display settings and use the driving line assist it will guides you where you cannot see, i used this once when i used the washing machine Chapparal, it has no lights...
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Make sure you pick a car that has headlights. 🙂
With judicious use of the track map, brake zones, racing line, and proximity radar you won't need them. In VR you don't need any of that, the road surface is displayed in sepia tones (read: heavily grayed out but still visible). The only time you won't see the road is at night and under hydroplane conditions where the moisture bar turns blue.
That said...this race is best enjoyed with a Group 3 car and they all have headlights. It's also fun with a road car tuned to specific PP: 650-700 for Easy, 700-750 for Medium, and 750-800 for Hard.
I ran it with the RX-Vision Stealth yesterday. I hate that car now. I won but the car was severely beaten up in the process. Still trying to win with the Beetle, all on Hard mode of course.

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