The 2018 Renault Megane RS Makes Its Video Game Debut in The Crew 2

I know I'll play this game a lot. The game looks ok.. but the map and the online experience is just on another level, IMO. Any news regarding the Beta? Guess not before June.. ok, I can still play some more Forza till June. ;)
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Do we need another wasteland,rural and forest area? First game didnt utilized most of the map, so i dont think we need more space. If we think about map expansions, best way will be implementation of different Asian(S.Korea,Japan) and European countries in yearly expansions like they do with R6 Siege or SCS do with ETS2.
Never played the first game so I'm not sure what to expect. What will the Crew 2 be like in comparison to FH3? It's similar in gameplay but does include boats and planes as well?
What will the Crew 2 be like in comparison to FH3
Always online, visuals somewhere between current gen Forza and Need for speed, 3-5 times bigger map than FH3, lower vehicle count(~200 and +100 modifications, half of them cars), slightly more arcade physics(without assists ~ like in FH2 and FH1 with full assists), totally different car progression and classes, customization on same level with FH3, story mode closer to FH1, 8 player online, avatar customization.