The 2018 Renault Megane RS Makes Its Video Game Debut in The Crew 2

With release slowly but surely approaching, players will finally get a chance to play The Crew 2 soon enough. Following a disappointing delay earlier in the year, Ivory Tower is preparing the ambitious open world racer for the end of June. The vehicle roster in the title will span land, sea and air but there’s a special treat for hot hatch fans. Meet the Renault Megane RS 2018.

Suitably mental and a bit over-designed, the RS is certainly a looker. The striking bodywork is accompanied by funky headlights and bumper lights in the shape of the Renault Sport logo. Usually this sort of thing would be overkill but we personally love it. This is definitely the type of car we want to hoon around in The Crew 2.

One takeaway from the short one minute trailer is the striking visuals of the game. The lighting engine looks especially nice with vibrant colours that don’t cross the border into a cartoony look. Everything looks very real, which will make changing vehicle types in real-time look even more ridiculous. If real world reviews are anything to go on though, you might fall in love with the RS 2018. There’s a real beast under the devilish looks of the French hatchback.

This video appears to be the first in a new series highlighting the motorsport class cars in the game. The original The Crew title had a decent car list that was maybe a bit too DLC centric. Hopefully this time around Ubisoft and Ivory Tower pay more attention to the vanilla vehicle roster.

Release isn’t too far away, as The Crew 2 will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 29. Sign up for the upcoming beta right here.

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