The AAWS (finished)

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Found the reason..
Ah, you've got a screw loose. ;)
I expect you were pleased that you got it sorted out just in time for the Stockcar race. :mischievous:

Results to follow @half_sourly. I disconnected from race 1. However I remained in the longer race 2 but three others were disconnected. So my phone/cable tweaks were inconclusive, might have been the game.
A very quick recap of yesterday's races.

Race 1 (stockcar) - managed pole and held the lead into turn 1. Managed to lead the first half of the race, with raeggee always close. Towards the 2nd part of the race I don't really know what happened (lighter car?) but suddenly I started finding the rear tyres to lock under heavy braking. That made me spin a few times and so I ended 3rd (among humans, 5th if you consider AIs) behind raeggee (flawless race) and Zolon. Special mention to Richard, his long absence didn't harm his skill but it may have clouded his judgement on fuel usage, he was a solid 2nd place until the very last lap where he ran out of fuel. I may have some responsabiity in that, because he was using my setup, but truth be told, the 30 liters at the start would have been enough for me (started with 35, ended with 7 so I only spent 28)

Race 2 (indycar) - again managed pole and held the lead into turn 1. This time Richard was the one keeping me honest, followed me closely, after a few laps overtook me and led for much of the race. I was trying to save fuel so did some short shifting and coasting whenever that was possible. Eventually it paid off, I was the only car to do the race without pitting. One other thing I did to test (because I knew that regardless of fuel usage by midrace my front left tyre would have been shot by midrace) was that I used a mix of tyres (1 hard at the left front, 3 softs for all other wheels) and it proved a good call, by race end I had still all tyres in good condition. Meanwhile Richard used up all his fuel again, I really think a talk with his crew is in order! :lol:

It's highly likely I won't be able to race next monday, if that's the case I wish all some fine, close racing and hope the random disconnects (of which I have been spared so far) dissapear. Meanwhile, cheers and thanks for the racing, it's been a treat! :cheers:
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It was nice to get back on track with you all this week , enjoyed the races but had management issues ! mario short fuelled me and failed to setup my car properly 🤣 so another result not showing my good race performance !
looking forward to next week see if i can do better than last 🤞
It was nice to get back on track with you all this week
Likewise, it was good to see both yourself and your heavy fuel usage right foot back on track too. 😉

I was the only car to do the race without pitting.
Cough, not quite the only one. My soft tyres also lasted the whole race too. 😋
Mind you I was just cruising around admiring the Portuguese scenery once Reggae had disconnected. A good scrap up until then.
Race Results from Portugal.

Since I was disconnected and haven't got a full results screen, after position 5 it's a bit vague. Is it possible to give everyone equal points for those listed as 6th @half_sourly?

Race 1
  1. Reaggee
  2. Zolon
  3. Mario
  4. Don
  5. Oldbass
  6. Beachboy / Rich / Xero / Simon

I've got a results screen but there are less drivers shown than there were who started! ☹️
Perhaps Beach, Reaggee and Don should get equal 8th place since they all completed the majority of the race.
Race 2
Project CARS 2_20230306213139.jpg
I'm totally fine with it but for the fact that you (Paul) also got a disconnect in race 1 so you also should be awarded 11 points for that race.
you (Paul) also got a disconnect in race 1 so you also should be awarded 11 points for that race.
Thanks for the thought. 😉
I've been unfortunately disconnected a few times recently so I thought it best not to include me since that would add backdated complications. For the other guys it's not so normal. Count this as an unusual week.
Note to all.

Following a bit of snowy afternoon testing I've decided that the Stockcar might be a bit more chaotic than normal around Le Man's Bugatti circuit. So therefore in the interests of closer racing I'll make an executive decision and I'm swapping it out for another car.

** We'll be using another American car, another Ford and another from the same year - the 2016 Ford Mustang RTR (GT4) **

It handles quite nicely, certainly better than the Stocky, and goes around Bugatti well.
Since tuning is still available remember to create a setup using soft compound tyres - if you want to of course. It'll make it more competitive.

I hope everyone approves. Hard luck if you don't. 😉
If everyone likes the car we'll maybe keep it for Silverstone.
Oh crap ... last night I was playing with raeggee (sent message to all but only raeggee showed up) and we spent our good time trying to tune the Fusion for LM Bugatti :lol:

Better warn him then. Consolation prize, at least he now has a good idea of the track layout. ;)
we spent our good time trying to tune the Fusion for LM Bugatti
Oops sorry. You were both too keen. 🙂
But as you say you now know where the corners are. And the Mustang just goes around them better. (It also has brakes too)
No problem, I'm not even taking part in next monday's races and I do enjoy the tuning aspect of PCars2, something I had almost forgot since I met you guys and entered the Caterham Cup (seems like this was many years ago lol).

I'll tell raeggee the news, not sure if he noticed your message in the PSN group chat. Maybe we have a go again tonight trying this car, if anyone cares to join please do
Paul, raeggee asks me to inform you that due to some unexpected issues he had to travel and will be away from Portugal for most of this week so, with much regret, he won't be able to race today. Cheers all, hope you guys have fun later, I know I'll miss being there myself!
Thanks for the info Mario.

HEY, EVERYONE! Due to Paul's issues with connection over the past couple of weeks I'm giving hosting a go tonight. Hopefully he'll be able to make it through.

So, don't be waiting for an invite from Paul, it'll be from me.
Results from Le Mans Bugatti
Now I know recently I've not been managing to complete 2 races, but who was in 2nd place in race one? 😉

Plus where's my 50 extra points for staying connected throughout! 😀

** For those who didn't participate on Monday. The Mustang was quite well liked so we're keeping it for the final week at Silverstone. It should go well there actually.
Holidays are supposed to be good for you, but judging by what this one did to my driving and score keeping abilities, I'm not so sure.
Holidays are supposed to be good for you, but judging by what this one did to my driving and score keeping abilities, I'm not so sure.
You've still got your holiday head on. Not such a bad thing. 🙂

Anyway that's better. I've shot up from 7th place in the standings to er... 7th place in the standings. 😀
Ooh, it's a close finish at the top! And a closely packed midfield too.

Well done to all for managing to manoeuvre the Stockcar around the circuits along with the sprightly Indycars.

And especially well done to @Pantheons for coming out on top. Congratulations.

Also congratulations to me for managing to stay connected for 2 whole meetings now. 😀

Thanks everyone for taking part. Thanks to @Zolon32 for hosting the last 2 meetings. And as usual, thanks to @half_sourly for keeping score. 👍

Onwards to Zo's - Easy Drive Series.
Woohoo! Well done Simon, it's not your fault other people couldn't make it (although there is a suspicion you might have nobbled Paul's internet). And you wouldn't have won it if you hadn't got the right results.

Right then folks, get those little Ginettas out of the garage, and familiarise yourselves with Fuji. I had a little spin round there today, and the date/weather tweaks have eliminated the "hot front left" issue.

And, have a little practice in your heads, with regard to the starting procedure for race 3. It should be easy...;)
Thanks, it was a hollow win, due to people not racing or not finishing. I think only 3 of us actually finished every race :lol:
Big thanks to Paul & Zolon and the marshalls for all the effort that goes into running such a good race night.
I think I will be taking a break from Monday racing for a bit though for now, the win has gone to my head, and I need to recover. :gtpflag:
Catch up with you all soon.
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Congratulations Simon and all. Nonsense about that hollow feel, to finish first ... first you must finish, and you made very competitive drives throughout (still remember our fantastic battle at the Nurburgring), you only need to look at the table to understand you were always a top scorer (around or above 25 in 30 possible points is top scoring in my book)

So, enjoy you vacation but know you'll be missed on track! And here's a virtual beer salute vowing for your quick return to monday racing! :cheers: