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  1. Danoff

    United States Mile High City

    People have been abusing the funny video thread by putting amazing/cool videos in it for far too long. It's time to categorize things properly and create a dedicated thread.

    I'll get the ball rolling.

    Edit: Please post a descriptive title for your videos so that people can know what they're about to watch and/or search for a particular video

    What Song Is this?


    Beating Super Mario 3 in record time

    Maybe Shooting at a Metal Plate Isn't A Good Idea


    Amazing Tornado Footage
  2. daan

    Scotland Scotland

  3. Danoff

    United States Mile High City

    Almost forgot

    Tactical Nuke

    Credit to Solid for finding several of the videos I posted.
  4. Sage

    United States San Diego, CA

    Oh dear… it’s going to take me forever to go through my Facebook Post Items list to find everything… here’re a few:

    Modular robot reassembles when kicked apart

    Synchronisation of 5 coupled metronomes

    Golden Eagle throws goat off mountain (don’t watch if you get queasy about animals killing animals)

    Air bear

    ABC3D pop-up book

    Boston Dynamics Big Dog

    Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos

    How people in other countries count money in hand

    Gmail Art

    Improv Everywhere – Frozen Grand Central
  5. MP


    Nice clips so far!

    This is the same guy from Danoff's post doing the beat-boxing (Lasse Gjertsen). But in this clip he uses two instruments along with his time line editing to create what I consider an awesome video.

  6. Sage

    United States San Diego, CA

    Okay, I think this is everything from my Facebook list…

    Honda Cog commercial (old, I know, but always amazing)

    Dice stacking

    500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

    Jeff Han: Unveiling the genius of multi-touch interface design (also old, but amazing)

    “The Ring of Truth: Atoms” featuring chef Kin Jing Mark making noodles to demonstrate the principle of halving

    Lance Burton Sleight Of Hand Magic (I’ve watched a lot of magic, and this comes close to being the best routine ever – I know how most of those tricks are done, and it’s still amazing)

    David Attenborough: Slug Sex

    David Attenborough: Crows in the City

    David Attenborough: Penguins

    David Attenborough: Lyre Bird (really stupid crazy amazing)

    David Attenborough: Caterpillars

    Bowling: 2 lane spare pick up

    The Nicholas Brothers: The greatest tap performance ever

    Penn & Teller: Burning a Flag (not a particularly sophisticated magic routine, but probably my favorite)

    The Inner Life of the Cell

    Minilogue/hitchhikers choice stopmotion
  7. Unbelievably smart crows
  8. Tree'd on the crows.

    Being a recreational amateur flair bartending enthusiast, I found your dice stacking to be pretty neat. The guy just stacks four dice, and his hand work is pretty basic compared to some top notch flair barkeeps... I don't really like professional flair bartending, it is too circus performance (s/he might as well be a clown juggling bowling pins) but there are some seriously good bar tenders out there coming up with some cool moves.

    This is from a series that got me started with flair. The second half of the movie is my favorite trick - Magnet Pour, performed by one of the world's best.

    Absolutely pimp when you do it while talking to a firend/making them a drink.
  9. TB

    United States NoDak

  10. I hate it when people who have unbelievable musical skill play the dumbest songs. Showcase your talent with a piece that isn't the definition of musical kitsch! I think cell phones in the late 90s could play reasonable interpretations of Fur Elise.
  11. MP


    Yeah I know this is an old video clip, and everyone has seen it but I think it deserves to be in this thread.

    Ambrose looses tire off his V8 Supercar

    Not an ordinary hole in one in golf, no, this is much better. (player: Fuzzy Zoeller)

    This video music clip (The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage) is full of well known optical illusions, very cool clip.

    I'm loving this thread, awesome clips from everyone so far! :tup:
  12. Touring Mars


    Zero Gravity Water Bubble

    Vincent by Tim Burton

    Sir Martin Rees lecture (note: 18 mins)


    Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke, in one interview :eek:

    That's brilliant, love the ending...! :lol:
  13. Richardrfo

    United Kingdom Essex, UK

  14. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

  15. TB

    United States NoDak

    That is one ballsy dog. And judging by the fact that no one was hollering at it, they've done that before. Probably repeatedly.
  16. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    He must be a fishing dog. In one of the feedbacks, a guy from Texas said dogs are often taken on shark or big fish expeditions and are trained to retrieve fish like a lab retrieves a bird.
  17. TB

    United States NoDak

    Owner of a Smooth Criminal on violin

    DJ Keltech - Keltech Strikes Back

    Compilation of people doing, in most cases, amazing things

  18. MP


    That's just awesome :tup:

    Another great video, it reminded me about these videos.

    Trick shot madness - Eric Yow doing what he does best.

    Freestyle Football (Soccer) skills.

  19. Perfect Balance


    I totally didn't expect this when I saw the beginning. This guy is amazing.

    The rest of his videos are similar.
  20. UnoMOTO

    United States Colorado

  21. Loon


    Does this thread break youtube for anyone else? I press play and it goes for two seconds and then stops.
  22. Alex.

    England Northamptonshire

    Yep, happens to me too.

    This is absolutley ridiculous. Just check the third one on the 2nd clip.
  23. AOS-

    Canada 'Sauga, ON

    FxNine - Overdrive (probably the most epic car animation i ever laid eyes on)

    Tom-Yum-Goong (uncut sequence fight)

    Beatmania - has a nice Clickidee Clack tune to it - DJ Amuro - AA

    Simulated Nuclear Fission (Mousetraps and Pingpong Balls)
  24. I also put this in the funny vid thread. Watch at 1:22.
  25. UnoMOTO

    United States Colorado

  26. Touring Mars



    That's incredible... must have taken forever. I love the bits where he incorporates objects on the walls into the "action" so to speak... great find :tup:
  27. MP


    Wow... I don't know what else to add. Definitely one of the best video's I've EVER seen. Looking forward to the creators response on how long that took him/her to complete.
  28. Bram Turismo

    Belgium Belgium

    That was mind-blowing, god knows how long that took... I love the bit where the guy eats the paper and throws over those bricks, that was just amazing! :tup:
  29. 21 Accents - The same sentence from 21 places in the world

  30. Danoff

    United States Mile High City

    I can vouch for the Texas, LA, and Seattle accents. Each sounded right on. Seattle sounds like "no accent" to me.
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