The Best and Worst Vision Gran Turismo Cars (In your Opinion)

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Ranking them from Best to Worst according to their performance and usefulness in events:

1. Mazda LM55 (both versions)
2. Bugatti VGT (Gr.1)
2. Lamborghini V12 VGT
3. McLaren VGT (base)
4. Bugatti VGT (base)
4. Aston Martin VGT
5. Audi e-Tron VGT
6. Alpine VGT (Gr.1)
7 Alpine VGT Race
8. Nissan 2020
9. Alpine VGT (street)
10. Ferrari VGT
10. Honda VGT
10. Lexus VGT
11. Toyota FT-1 VGT (base)
12. Peugeot L750R
13. Peugeot L500R
14. SRT Tomahawk (all three versions)
16. Skoda VGT
17. VW VGT
18. VW Supersport VGT
19. VW VGT Gr.3
20. Suzuki VGT Gr.3
21. Suzuki VGT
22. Toyota FT-1 VGT Gr.3
23. AMG VGT Race
25. IsoRivolta VGT
26. Mitsubishi XR-PHEV VGT
27. Subaru VGT

Trash: Italdesign VGT and Infiniti VGT
I love how the Chaparral is so horrible that you even forgot about it... 😂
BTW, I feel like the Infiniti was unjustly ranked by you, isn't it looking good to "fake" some Super GT entrants with adequate livery? Or I'm confusing it with someone else?
I couldn't pinpoint which is the worst, but I never liked VGTs that didn't have interior view no matter how well they drive.
Now that I mentioned it the first Peugeot VGT does comes to mind.
Chaparral VGT also right up there as one of the worst crazy but almost unusable in all but the widest racetracks, and its top speed is unusually low for something so outlandish.
I thought it can break sound barrier just from its looks alone but nope it barely goes past 250 mph.
The best VGT is still unclear but for a vehicle that always gives you the adrenaline rush and test your limits, SRT Tomahawk X is the best. I'm still waiting for Tesla VGT and hopes that they go crazy with it and don't hold back the specs.
The best: Chaparral 2X. It's a car literally powered (and propelled) by laser beams. How does that not make you smile?

The worst: Italdesign and/or Bvlgari.
Nah on paper it should beat Thrust SSC but nope they only gave it 900 HP and a bit over 250 MPH top speed.
If you want to go crazy with VGT you don't hold back, and Chevrolet held back a lot once they are scratching their head on how to make them usable how the hell it drives far worse than boxy ass 2J that actually exists in real life I'll never know.
Why should it beat Thrust SSC on paper?
I meant that as a sarcasm, obviously I don't want it to be supersonic jet-engines on wheels that can't go 'round corners but surely it looks like something that can be faster than Tomahawk X but nope they just want it to be some crazy Le Mans prototype, but the end result was very disappointing. Somehow it drives much worse than the real cars that it got inspired from.
Friendly reminder to folks that the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 is NOT a Vision Gran Turismo. Its a racing version of this:


Which is also NOT a Vision Gran Turismo car either.
The ones I like:

Alpine VGT (all Versions)
Ferrari VGT
Honda VGT
Hyundai N 2025 VGT
Jaguar VGT (all Versions)
Lamborghini Lambo V12 VGT
Mazda LM55 VGT
McLaren Ultimate VGT
Nissan Concept 2020 VGT
Peugeot VGT
Peugeot L500/750 VGT
Porsche VGT
Skoda VGT
SRT Tomahawk VGT
Suzuki VGT
Toyota FT-1 VGT

The rest for me doesn’t feel as having its own identity for me, is it because it’s too similar to a pre-existing production car, because it just feels too far from a real car or because they just lack a cockpit.
And some I just don’t like, like the Bugatti VGT, I don’t know why🤷‍♂️

But there’s also points to criticize with the ones above, especially when it comes to the performance of some, like the braking on the Genisis (it just weighs over a ton).
The worst are Gr.1 conversions. The Bugatti loses 420 kg, the Alpine moves the engine from the front to the back of the rear axle and the Audi goes from EV to a V6 powered GT shaped but P1 performing thing. None of this makes sense.

The uninteresting and unnecessary are the alternative modes of the AMG, the Alpine and the Italdesign.

The rest ranges from the fine AMG to the pretty cool Ferrari.
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Best one is definitely the Ferrari VGT, as much as I dislike spaceships, it looks awesome and it's a Ferrari
Problem with the Ferrari is the tiny battery capacity. It's pace over anymore than three laps is so inconsistent thanks to the hybrid.

I meant that as a sarcasm, obviously I don't want it to be supersonic jet-engines on wheels that can't go 'round corners but surely it looks like something that can be faster than Tomahawk X but nope they just want it to be some crazy Le Mans prototype, but the end result was very disappointing. Somehow it drives much worse than the real cars that it got inspired from.
Fair enough, but once you've suspended your disbelief in the technology used to deploy the laser propulsion, it would likely still have sensible limits. The amount of air it shifts compared to any kind of jet engine is probably pretty small if for no other reason than size.

Always worth keeping the real element of the technology in mind (in spite of the execution in game)...

best: real car
worst: All vision, stop with this stupid car, this is gt "real driving simulator" not motorhead or wipeout
Have you ever tried to hammer a nail into a wall, only to find that you hit your thumb with every single swing?

"The Real Driving Simulator" subtitle implies that the game is a simulation of driving, it does not define what is being driven. The focus is realistic simulation of driving i.e. the physics of driving.

The Gran Turismo series has historically embraced prototype vehicles, with different games in the franchise featuring both historical and futuristic prototypes (I'm still waiting for my Nike ONE!), some of which were nothing more than static physical cars that have never moved under their own power. The VGT program is an advancement of that facet of the GT games, allowing manufacturers to work directly with PD to build prototypes in-game and see how they'd drive. Prototypes have always been there, now they just fly under the VGT banner.
I actually like the AMG VGT's (exterior obviously) design more than most of the other VGT's. You can see how it's influenced by models of the past, like the 300SL and not too sci-fi, or far out looking to the point of being unrelatable like some other VGT's. The lack of a interior is what hurts it, to the point of making it a less attractive purchase in the game. If you're going to make a vision/concept car for a video game to wow gamers, go all in and model everything. Whether it exists only on an artist sketch board or in a non-driving show model.
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The Tomahawk X, the one below it, and the Chaparral are probably objectively the worst. Ridiculous, unfun to drive, and contributed a lot to the stigma against these cars.

The Gr.1 version of the Tomahawk is cool though. I also like the Mazda, Honda, Gr.3 Suzuki, Audi, Alpine, and AMG Racing Series based on a combo of how they look and drive. The cars that are pretty much existing cars with mods don't really do anything for me.
The Suzuki looks cool. Don’t think I drove it much because it was just a “meh” experience. The rest of the VGT’s I could care less about. Any VGT I have in my garage I have because they gave it to me and I either have a cool livery on it and that’s it or I need it for when a VGT shows up in weekly races, which is a lot more often than I’d like.
I put the Infinity Concept VGT to the top, and the SRT Tomahawk GTS-R VGT dead last (and sisters).

The Jaguar VGT Roadster has a good design, but the worst possible engine so....

Honorable mentions : Mazda and BMW.
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The Vision Gran Turismo webpage says this:

Grand touring cars are meant for long distance driving, combining performance and comfort. Therefore, I'm gonna say that any VGT car with a single-seat layout or no luggage compartment is a bad VGT car.
This. Mercedes got the ball rolling with the closest interpretation to the original request. Then subsequent manufacturers played fast and loose with their definition of "GT" and we got everything from spaceships to full on race cars and impractical hypercars.

If we only include the original definition of Vision "GT", my choices would be: Mercedes, Infiniti, Jaguar (road version) and maybe Genesis.

Now, putting the original definition aside, here are ones I'm partial to:
Aston - gorgeous design and believable stats. Previews the Vulcan and their mid engine cars like future Valhalla and Vanquish.
Chaparral - lots of people hate it. I just think it's the most creative one in terms of propulsion. Also with the lying down driving position it's basically an Iron Man suit in car form.
Infiniti - best in terms of design overall for me. I don't know why it just feels well proportioned and looks good in every colour. Driving wise not great though.
Mazda - modern day 787B, nuff said. Probably best to drive overall.
Lexus - low effort since it's basically a stylised LC500 GT500, but a pretty car is still a pretty car. Also the brush strokes livery is beautiful.
Peugeot VGT - the MR one, not the later LR versions. Again I just like the design. Low and wide like a land shark ready to hunt its prey.
Tomahawk - just like the Chappy, I just love how the designers decided to **** it and create the absolute limit of what human reflexes can drive. The pneumatic system forming part of the chassis is just as innovative as the Chappy's laser propulsion, no matter if it's unrealistic. Also it's the grinding go to car (mine has over 100,000 kms).
Bugatti - this is what we envisioned the Le Mans Hypercars to all be like. Road going hypercars turned up to 11.
Fittipaldi - shame not in GT7. Looks, sounds and feels great to drive.
Suzuki - motorcycle engine swapped cars are cool and this takes the concept to the extreme. The Gr.3 version is better than the road car.
Genesis - probably second best looking after Infiniti. Shame it drives like a dragster.

Also honorable mentions to the "proto" VGTs: Nike One, Citroen GT and Red Bull X cars. Not technically VGTs but they were concept cars created specifically for Gran Turismo.

Now the reasons why others didn't make the cut:
Merc - shape too caricatured, meh performance, no interior.
BMW - low effort and too basic.
Mitsu - putting the Evo name to a SUV = fail.
VW - basically just a faster Golf.
Nissan - actually a pretty good car design and performance wise, but I'm just not a Nissan person. Also they decided to complete forget this and came up with the Hyper Force as a future GT-R concept which looks 100x worse.
Toyota - low effort just putting bodykit on FT1.
Subaru - almost as bad as Mitsu. At least it's not called the WRX.
Mini - low effort.
Alpine - isn't as fast as it looks. I like the side airbrake but somehow it just doesn't fit the brand identity IMO. Something like THIS would be a better VGT.
Hyundai - it's basically the Mazda LM55 but in less exciting form.
McLaren - almost as crazy as the Chaparral with its lying down position, but drives terrible. Loads of understeer despite the downforce and you get sudden lift off oversteer at high speeds.
Daihatsu - I'm convinced even PD is ashamed of this car because it never got an official release. Overpriced and slower than a fully tuned Copen.
Peugeot LR - not bad but the other VGT is better.
Zagato - weird design, so so performance.
Honda - I love how it's basically a mini NSX, but I kinda expected something a bit more from an engineering led company like Honda. Maybe put the HSV-010's V10 in it and make a proper supercar.
Audi - not a fan of EVs. The Gr.1 as a hybrid is better but handles weird with too much torque steer.
Lambo - basically what every 12 year old thinks when they draw a Lambo. Pretty basic powertrain despite its looks and understeers a lot.
Jaguar - same reason as Audi. Overpowered EV that drives terrible.
Porsche - same as Audi/Jaguar.
Ferrari - not bad but it's basically a dressed up 499P (which I'd rather have).
Italdesign - coming from a design company ironically it has the one of the worst designs. Also drives terrible and off road version totally unnecessary.
Bvlgari - the car description reads like it's made by ChatGPT. Such a cynical marketing exercise, pass.
Skoda - yay for the brand coming to GT, but (you know the drill) it's another overpowered EV.
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The GT by Citroen is the best VGT. All of the others are trash.

This whole Vision Gran Turismo thing has become a bit ridiculous because I feel like it's gone beyond the original intent. Some manufacturers respected the philosophy but a lot have not, creating totally stupid concepts which do not reflect "gran touring" in the slightest. Then there are cars such as the BMW VGT (M2), Daihatsu VGT (Copen) and Bugatti VGT (Chiron) which aren't even trying to be unique or different. Despite this, I can't get too offended over them because they aren't too radical and are at least recognisable to some extent. They are far from the worst additions. I also like the Mercedes VGT, VW Golf VGT Roadster, Alpine VGT, Dodge Tomahawk S, Genesis VGT, IsoRivolta VGT, Jaguar VGT, Peugeot VGT and Ferrari.

Now for the cars I don't like.

The McLaren VGT. A suicidal car with some strange handling characteristics that make it extremely deadly and not very enjoyable. Same goes for the Lamborghini which I don't think is very refined. I'm also not a fan of the VW Golf VGT Supersport and Group 3, the Mercedes VGT Racing Series, the Peugeot VGT Group 3, and Peugeot L750R. Most of these vehicles have been used to increase the car count in their respective categories, but I don't hate them because GT has done this sort of thing for years. Nor do I hate the Italdesign thing, although I do find it's inclusion to be a bit weird. It just showed up out of nowhere. But by far the two worst cars to come out of the program are the Tomahawk X and Chaparral 2X. What in the world are these things? They don't have ANY grounding in reality and I absolutely CANNOT STAND them. I hate them. I hate them more than anything else in this game - even more than the horrible Urus, which is saying something. They aren't cars, they're spaceships from a different universe where reality conforms to a different type of structure which is totally distinct from our own. What a waste of space.
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The tomahawk is a very important one. It makes money and has paid for itself many times over just a shame you can’t use its full power big brother once every so often
I love the tomahawk, even when I don't drive it very often. All the positive aspects are also the negative aspects: it has a lot of power,
weighs nothing, it is super fast and has active aerodynamics. Basically everything you are looking for in a race car (omitting all technical rules/specifications).
maximum speed, maximum grip, maximum acceleration...
That's basically what Kaz also said about the red bull x1. Kaz: "If you built the fastest racing car on land, one that throws aside all rules and regulations, what would that car look like, how would it perform, and how would it feel to drive?" (
I been wondering about the Skoda's weird handling - with almost a stepped turn in at speed - until I watched a replay and saw the active aero working... that at least makes a bit more sense now. Of the high power EV VGTs it's probably one of the best.
Good: Toyota FT-1 VGT, Lambo VGT, Porsche VGT, Bugatti VGT, Alpine VGT, Audi VGT, Skoda VGT, BMW VGT

Bad: Italdesign VGT, Mini VGT, VW VGT, Jaguar VGT
For me the worst are the "lazy" VGTs: when a brand takes one of their already released concept cars and simply makes a different version of it (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru etc.). My favorites are Mazda, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

And here's a pic of the only VGT I saw in person, the Hyundai N 2025:
Did you know? In french, VGT has the same pronunciation as "Végéter", "Vegetate" in english.

Vegetate :
EN : to live an idle, boring and pointless life
FR : Having a reduced activity / living in dreary inaction or remaining in a mediocre situation.

Looking at my garage less driven cars.. :dopey:
The Beemer is the only one I sort of enjoyed and quite liked the look of.
Other than that I personally think they all look childish and see no reason why their driving characteristics are anything other than made up nonsense. The Skoda has done it for me, what a truly awful piece of junk to drive in the speed test.
Zero interest in any of them.