The Best and Worst Vision Gran Turismo Cars (In your Opinion)

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We all know the VGT cars are a controversial topic. Some of us despise them and wish PD would put all their resources towards real cars, while some others are really interested to see what the future could hold for certain manufacturers. But this thread is not about what we think of the program itself, but more of which cars are the best and worst as I think there is now enough of these concept cars now to justify asking this.

My personal favorites are the Infiniti and Genesis. Both have sleek, smooth designs and are just really stunning to look at. Can't exactly the same for how they drive though :lol:



As for the worst, I'd have to go with the Italdesign VGT. I never liked the look of this at all and felt really weird to drive. It also has an off road version which is.......something to say the least.

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Worse is the ImSoRevolting. I never liked it. It probably doesn't like me either.

Best? Tough one.
BMW if only it had an interior.
MINI ditto
Tie with LamboLamboLambo and Ferrari. Real nice with details with their visions.

Which leaves me the Genesis and Audis. I love the old school square bizz of the Audis and the freshness of the Genesis (those wheels man!).

Overall I'd say Audi are the best VGTs.

...but it's not really a competition. Each brand brought what they felt they wanted to express. Mad respect for that.
Ranking them from Best to Worst according to their performance and usefulness in events:

1. Mazda LM55 (both versions)
2. Bugatti VGT (Gr.1)
2. Lamborghini V12 VGT
3. McLaren VGT (base)
4. Bugatti VGT (base)
4. Aston Martin VGT
5. Audi e-Tron VGT
6. Alpine VGT (Gr.1)
7 Alpine VGT Race
8. Nissan 2020
9. Alpine VGT (street)
10. Ferrari VGT
10. Honda VGT
10. Lexus VGT
11. Toyota FT-1 VGT (base)
12. Peugeot L750R
13. Peugeot L500R
14. SRT Tomahawk (all three versions)
16. Skoda VGT
17. VW VGT
18. VW Supersport VGT
19. VW VGT Gr.3
20. Suzuki VGT Gr.3
21. Suzuki VGT
22. Toyota FT-1 VGT Gr.3
23. AMG VGT Race
25. IsoRivolta VGT
26. Mitsubishi XR-PHEV VGT
27. Subaru VGT

Trash: Italdesign VGT and Infiniti VGT
My favorite so far (I don't make it a point to drive many VGTs) has been the Bulgari. It's just a great handling IC car with a good chassis, gears, and a not-insane amount of power. It seems like a real car, but it's also very interesting and good looking.

It's how VGTs should be done. Not these AWD 1000hp electric wedges (and I like electric cars).
The Tomahawk X is the single most important VGT in the game. There, I said it. Probably the source of a good 90% of my credits :lol:

Beyond that, though? The Lexus was probably responsible for giving us the sparkly colour shifting paint, which I often use, and the Honda's blue looks really good on my RX-8.

The Suzuki VGT is kinda cool, mostly because it spawned a Gr.3 variant. It has something I don't feel in the Peugeot and Bugatti VGTs, but I can't put my finger on what exactly.

Most VGTs I find drive horribly. There are some VGTs I get out of and think, "eh, it's passable", but most are just rage inducing, like no one ever playtested them before release. Real cars ironically drive much better than those flights of fancy made specifically for the Gran Turismo games. The fact that most of them can hardly be customised performance wise really makes it hard to justify their million credit asking price.

The most egregious I think is the Chaparral. Some argue that VGTs don't take away much manpower and resources from PD to implement into the game, but the Chappy's propulsion system and weird downforce couldn't have been easy to implement and update.

If PD would allow us to customise and tune these VGTs and loosen event restrictions a little, I think that would make VGTs a lot easier to swallow for me personally.
For me I rank the VGTs more on how useful they are and less on how they look.

1: Tommy S - The most useful VGT, and the only one that's really worth the asking price since it can enter just about any American-themed road car event, and the hyper car events. You buy this and 'tame' it and it can be your money-machine.

2: Lambo VGT - Second most useful since it works well for the VGT events that the Tommy S for some dumb reason can't enter. It also is tagged as a road car so it can also enter hyper car events too.

3: All the rest - Never found a use for any of the others.

4: Tommy X - The most useless VGT since it can't enter any event at all. Useful for exploits and that's it. I'd argue this car is the most useless car in the entire game.
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My fav VGT is probably the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo mainly because of the sound and easy car to use in 700pp races
another that is useful is the Aston DP-100 especially for 600pp

Audi E-tron is nice and probably only EV vehicle that can do endurance somehow unlike other EVs

I like the Buggatti one since its based on Chiron before we had actual Chiron and its fun to use mainly the Gr.1 variant

Ferrari one is good aswell but not as versatile , Mercedes the looks ,Tomahawk because of the speed ofc :D

worst one is problably the Chaparral 2X
Since no one has mentioned it yet this particular VGT but the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo is my most favorite.

McLaren Ultimate VGT sits second, Mazda LM55 is in third, Bugatti in fourth, and lastly Suzuki on my list of favorite VGTs.
Since no one has mentioned it yet this particular VGT but the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo is my most favorite.
Probably because it's not in GT7... ??

For me there's a handful of VGT's I actually enjoy. BMW, Mini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lexus, Toyota.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned how insanely awful the Daihatsu Copen VGT is. That thing is SUCH a waste of a million credits.
Probably because it's not in GT7... ??

For me there's a handful of VGT's I actually enjoy. BMW, Mini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lexus, Toyota.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned how insanely awful the Daihatsu Copen VGT is. That thing is SUCH a waste of a million credits.
Ah so we talking about GT7 VGTs not VGTs in general.

Well in that case the list goes like this for me:

1. McLaren Ultimate Vision GT
2. Mazda LM55 Vision GT
3. Bugatti Vision GT
4. Suzuki Vision GT
5. Alpine Vision GT
Best - Ferrari, Suzuki (Gr3), Peugeot L750R Hybrid (Gr1)

Worst - Jaguar/Porsche/Skoda, basically any of the massively overpowered and understeering AWDs.
You're all wrong, the BMW VGT is best. It's even better with a picture of itself on itself because BMW VGTception is even better.

View attachment 1350335
It would be even better if the picture of itself had a picture of itself on there, and that picture of itself on itself had a picture of itself on it :sly:

Most of the BMW art cars look good but that one did nothing for me.
Suzuki tier of being a really fun car I want them to actually make
  • Suzuki
I like these tier
  • Ferrari
  • Audi
  • Mazda
  • Lexus
  • Bugatti
  • VW Supersport
I'm indifferent to these tier
  • Infiniti
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Genesis
  • Subaru
  • Mitsubishi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Zagato
  • VW Roadster
  • Peugeot L*HY
  • Alpine (all)
  • McLaren
I don't like these tier
  • Skoda
  • Porsche
  • Italdesign
  • SRT (all)
  • Bulgari
  • Lamborghini
  • Peugeot (the base VGT)
  • Mini
  • Nissan
Chaparral tier of bad laser-based science fiction
  • Chaparral 2X

The ordering within tiers is just the order I thought of the cars, they aren't ranked within tiers. Special shoutout to the GTS-R Tomahawk for being maybe the most useless car in any GT - you can't enter any events with it, but it's also always slower than the X so it's never an optimal car for custom/quick race grinding either.
I like the Hyundai one quite a bit. I use it in a lot of the Weekly Events. It's good on fuel and tires, and stick to the ground.


The Mazda 55 is a pretty good one, too.

Admittedly, I've not driven most of them because they don't interest me. And the some we're 'forced' to drive in a TT or something usually drive like complete butt. Just not a fun experience.
Best IMO:
Either the BVLGARI or the F-1500 (technically it's a fantasy car).
Worst: Honest I'm not sure... Though it's a fun ride I don't use the shifter kart much.
I like quite a few VGTs but My favorites are the Bvlgari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lambo, and Hyundai plus a bunch of others. I think the worst is probably the Chaparral