The Edge of Heaven: Ford Edge ST-Line Review

Discussion in 'Cars in General' started by GTPNewsWire, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Can’t imagine that little power in an Edge, and has no idea there was a manual transmission available. I though the 2.0T gas engine felt underpowered. The ~350hp twin turbo V6 fits this car much better. Here they’re mostly purchased by elderly couples, and very rarely have anyone in the back seats. Families buy smaller Escapes/Kugas or Explorers.

    This has to be one of the only Canadian built cars for sale in Europe, isn’t it?
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    I wouldn't say the current Fusion is a failure sales-wise. It's been averaging about 300,000 sales a year in the US, or about 75% of the top-selling Toyota Camry.

    A couple minor corrections on the US-spec Edge (also applies to the Canadian version):

    - Except for the top-of-the-line Sport model, FWD comes standard, probably because of the EPA's fuel-economy rules.
    - There are no manuals (or diesels) here, not even the dual-clutch automatic you get on the high-hp diesel model.
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    "For the Americans reading this, we hope the Edge doesn’t prove a success because it simply doesn’t fit our roads."

    Similar or smaller than X5 or GLE.. European roads are already filled with those so i doubt this is too big. Then again European SUVs are chosen more often due to socioeconomic reasons than practicality and the Edge doesn't actually fill the requirements to be a neighborhood envy status symbol. Its like big bottle of sparkling wine that doesnt quite look or taste like champagne - so one is better of buying red, white or beer.
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    I don't know if it was just a poorly timed burp, but a little bit of sick entered the back of my mouth when I read the price as tested. £45k? That's ludicrous. That really is F-Pace money, except you don't get the premium badge which so many people crave.
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    They don't fit here either. Ever tried to park a GLE in a multistory car park? I have (the Westfield Stratford City mall car park, in fact). It doesn't fit.
    Indeed, but I was speaking of the Worldwide model, rather than the USDM one - and that means no FWD, two diesels and transmission choices locked to the engine; manual 180 or auto 210.
    Well... it is and it isn't.

    The standard car is £39,695, and Ford chucked on a few trinkets. That gives the four heated seats, panoramic sunroof, adaptive LED headlights, park assist, front camera, tow bar and heated steering wheel.

    You can certainly get an F-PACE for less than that - they start at £34,470 - but you're not going to match the Edge.

    In fact, you can't match the 210 diesel, because Jaguar doesn't have one, but it has a 180 diesel which is slightly quicker than the heavy Edge. That starts at £38,830 with the auto.

    Adding the options required to match the standard Edge - navigation, keyless entry and start, hands-free power tailgate - and then then options we've got here brings the F-PACE up to £50,710. I've not bothered with things like the 20-inch wheels, the £675 paint option, privacy glass or the like, or matching the "special" dark styling of the ST-Line (you could get most of that hopping up another £3k from the Prestige to the Arseport), but you're looking at a like-for-like saving of at least £7k if you do.

    The F-PACE does have a much nicer interior, and a Jaguar badge, but the Edge has way more room in the back.
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