The 'I'm online now' Thread

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I figure this might be a way to get people racing together at very short notice instead of having random threads all over the place - just post what platform you're on and hopefully we can get people racing all at once.
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Definitely need this thread. Some of the online races now are horrendous, due to the fact of annoying drivers crashing and ramming and clipping on purpose. Also weirdos quitting races with 10+ laps.

Nice clean racing needs to be conducted here :)
I can't even get into a race as every host keeps kicking me out. It's really irritating as I don't know why.
I'm online now and have set up a clio race at Donington GP circuit, 2 10 lap practice sessions, a 15 minute qual and 10 lap race if anyone is interested. Full damage, mechanical failures and real tyre wear. P.s not the worlds fastest racer but I try to be as clean as possible.
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Xbox One

Hosting Ginetta Jr's in T-Minus 2 hours. The lobby will open by 11pm Pacific, and I'll run realistic settings, random weather, and semi-lengthy races. I won't check back on here, so feel free to message me on Live at my Gamertag (Fleaver).
Is this for PC/PS4/XBone? Since the three can't co-mingle it would probably be best to have a thread for each platform, and label them as such.