The Rivian R1T Pick-up Is Your Passport to an Electric Adventure

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United States
Rivian is the only electric I would consider buying. 0 to 60 times, and top speeds no longer get me excited, my lowly GTO can get me into plenty of trouble very quickly if I wanted, and it's a slug by modern metrics. I just want something well built, reliable, fun and able to hold its own in traffic. So far Rivian looks to be checking most of those boxes.


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Dayton, OH
GTP Keef
I'm excited for this. I have no idea what their pre-order situation is like but I have a feeling this truck will sell like wildfire.
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United States
I've been interested in how this truck would do since they first started talking about it a few years ago. I've always dug the look, glad its not vaporware. Not like I'll ever be affording one, but hey.