The "rules" for setting brake balance?

Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by SillyBillyP, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Griffith500


    Yeah, those braking "LSD"s are not adequate in a "serious" driving car. Electronic clutch pack diffs can be integrated into the other electronics, so they're a good bet (still reactive, but they're working on the latencies - can't beat physics, though). The "centre diff" of the Haldex system in the Insignias is (tuned to be?) a little tardy, though.

    Another option is to make the ABS less aggressive, so it doesn't cut in immediately.

    I meant, though, that ABS and LSDs are both adaptations to manage forces applied through varying tyre grip in "dynamic" situations.
  2. danielc


    I want to try driving the new gti performance, wich is the cheapest (therefore one of the worse version) of these new e-diffs, see if it compares to a real diff
    There are settings to change in the xds, mine is off, specially after the big brake kit, wich became much more annoying than before.
    Yes but the diff is the dumber(less dynamic) and must have someone more competent to make it work than abs...
    I am using the braking diff to help me in this game, keeping it too open was making the cars very unreliable, specially the mr cars