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General Update: Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I will no longer be updating this thread. The info you'll find down here is from back when rumors of the T500RS started popping up. For newer information, head over to Thrustmaster's offical website.
However, this thread remains the most active 'Steering Wheels & Racing Cockpits' thread. Head over to the last page and join the discussion!
Below is the original article from back in December, have a nice read!

---> The Unofficial Thrustmaster T500 RS Thread <---


- Update 18 Added - New Info + ISR Getting T500 RS Tomorrow! - January 1st.
- Update 17 Added - Dual-Belt System Used In T500 RS - December 29th.
- Update 16 Added - New Facebook Article - December 29th.
- Update 15 Added - Video of T500RS In Action! - December 27th.
- Update 14 Added - Shifter Released Later - December 26th.
- Update 13 Added - Engadget Article + Merry Christmas! - December 25th.
- Update 12 Added - Christmas Release? - December 23rd.
- Update 11 Added - Official Prices + Picture of Set - December 23rd.
- Edit 5 - Pre-Order From Amazon! Added - December 23rd.
- Update 10 Added - Release Date! + New Pics & Article - December 23rd.
- Edit 4 - New Video Added - December 23rd.
- Edit 3 - New Hint? Added - December 23rd.
- Update 9 Added - New Source + New Info + New Pictures! - December 23rd.
- Update 8 Added - New Pictures + New Banner Ad! - December 18th.
- Update 7 Added - No new info until CES? - December 5th.
- Update 6 Added - Pics are in! - December 3rd.
- Update 5 Added - Wheel sold separately - December 2nd.
- Update 4 Added - 500$ Price - December 2nd.
- Update 3 Added - December 2nd.
- Edit 1 & Edit 2 Added - December 2nd.
- Update 2 Added - December 1st.
- Update 1 Added - November 29th.


[Original Post - November 29th]

Back in 2005, Logitech launched the Driving Force Pro, dedicated to and fully supported by Gran Turismo 4. It wasn't an expensive steering wheel yet it delivered a solid steering build combined with 900 degrees of rotation as well as good force feedback.


Later in beginning of 2007, when GT5 had already been announced, Polyphony Digital made the decision to work together with Logitech to create the ultimate Gran Turismo steering wheel that was affordable by generally every car enthusiast. 9 months later, in December of 2007, PD released the Driving Force GT. It was aimed to release around GT5's release but back then only Prologue was ready.


It was well received by both reviewers & users and was ready for GT5. However, after countless delays Gran Turismo 5 only launched by end of 2010, last month. 3 years have gone by since the release of the DFGT causing it to start getting outdated. While it remains a very good unit, serious GT gamers prefer to take a more advanced unit such as the Logitech G25 & now G27; which come combined with double force feedback engines as well as H-shift gear changers and more enhanced features.

This week, Kazunori Yamauchi admitted that he would like a new steering unit.
This was to be expected due to reasons above and simply the age of the DFGT.


He mentioned he would like a new steering unit soon, which if you think about, could hint at an already-in-production unit. Meaning the new unit could be officially announced along with details in the coming week or two. Strategically, it could be a good idea to release it during Christmas, since many people, me included, are planning on purchasing a copy of GT5 this Christmas, many of who (me included once again) are planning on combining the purchase with another device such as a steering unit or/and a Playstation 3.

UPDATE 1 - November 29th:

The new wheel could be the Thrustmaster T500 RS, as pointed out by Gaiajohan. No details have been announced on this steering wheel, it just appeared in the Controllers Menu after the v1.02 update. Googling the wheel's name will only bring you to a thread on GT Planet created by others who noticed the steering wheel first.


It has a GT logo in the center, which should mean its dedicated to GT5, unless this is a sketch image used by PD.
If this is indeed the new official steering wheel, maybe PD closed their Logitech Deal and moved to Thrustmaster, which may seem odd, but explains why Logitech G25 & G27 are having problems with this game and still aren't fully supported.

There really isn't much else to see on the T500 RS, other than its huge flappy shifters (good for rally, no? :) ).

UPDATE 2 - December 1st:

During the evening Thrustmaster uploaded a banner shockwave application introducing their new wheel, the TM T500 RS.







If you'd like to see the animation yourself, head over here, but don't expect anything fancy; looks more like a rough sketch.

EDIT 1: Now available in English, check here.

It seems to be the official steering wheel for GT now, meaning PD made a deal with Thrustmaster and possibly broke that of Logitech.
The T500RS looks like its meant to be the follower of the DFGT, however, there is no attached shifter, meaning it could be combined with a seperated H-shifter and a clutch pedal; bringing this wheel in competition with the advanced G25, G27 and Fanatec wheels.

EDIT 2: Just researched the H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) to find out some more about it. There is nearly no information on this technology (im guessing that its new?), however I have found that Thrustmaster's flagship joystick, the HOTAS WartHog, uses it. The Warthog is currently an unrivaled device and reviews worship its features + build quality, meaning Thrustmaster is back on good track. Hopefully the TM T500 RS will be an as good device, giving those with an outdated steering wheel (or those with none) a brand new experience. 👍

UPDATE 3 - December 2nd:
Just 3 days ago there was hardly if not any information available regarding the TM T500RS. A Google search brought you to another article on GtPlanet that has gone close to unnoticed. A day later, when this thread had been up for a couple of hours, several other articles popped up after some people from other forums saw this thread. Yesterday, after Jordan published the news article, many more sites caught up on the news, and later that day an english version of the banner add appeared on the Thrustmaster website.
Now when you try 'Googling' the Thrustmaster T500 RS you'll find a bunch of threads and news articles. Unfortunately they don't have any more information than we already have since they are based on Jordan's news article and this thread.

However, Kazunori Yamauchi 'tweeted' about the T500RS, saying "T500RS has great potential. I can not wait to launch the device."
(Posted in Japanese, translated to English here, credit to matteolevel for letting me know). It is unclear into which price category the T500 RS will fall, but as I mentioned above, there is no shifter attached, meaning it has a separate shifter, usually an H-shifter (making it a competitor of the G25/G27/Fanatec).

UPDATE 4 - December 2nd:
I made a twitter account and asked after the price. Kaz has just replied and answered saying its 500$, as its "a high-end device."
Here is the 'tweet'.

UPDATE 5 - December 2nd:
Kaz via Twitter:
Translation (google):
Steering & shift paddles only. H pattern shifter is sold separately. T500RS position is a high-quality, premium steering.
The 500$ price was high enough for the whole package, and now they seem to be selling the H-shifter separately. This makes me wonder how much the whole package will cost as the shifter can cost another 100 or even 200 dollars.

UPDATE 6 - December 3rd:
Pictures are in! Thanks to Sottti for posting them in this thread!




The wheel looks awesome! I'm happy about a good looking pedal set too!
Now we still need a picture of the shifter. :D

Original source:; link of original article no longer works and it seems the article has disappeared from the homepage.

Main specs as mentioned by CoolColJ:

•Realistic steering wheel
•30cm in diameter with brushed metal radio stations.
•Authentic levers sequential gearbox polished metal.

Force Feedback:
•Accurate Technology HallEffect Thecnology HEART
•Ultra wheel, with resolution of 16 bits (65,536 values in the address)
•Industrial motor force feedback (150 mNm torque, 3000 rpm, 65 W, 52mm)
•Powerful Force Feedback rapid response t
•Plug motor drive
•Mechanisms with large double straps
•Adjustable angle of rotation up to 1080º (3 full turns)

•With 2 locations to choose from (mounted: F1 or suspended: GT)
•Metal pedals, high stability and resistance
•Weight 7 Kg approximately
•3 adjustable pedals both in space and height
•Brake pedal and adjustable enhanced resistance
•Textured metal footrest grid

UPDATE 7 - December 5th:

Famous gadget website, Engadget, has posted an article about the new Thrustmaster T500, which (containing no new info) does hint that we may get no more information regarding the steering wheel before CES, which takes place a good month from now, on the 6th of January.

[...] though our attempts to confirm anything were shooed away like so many fruitflies, we've been promised more info to come at CES.
Thanks to EyeZer0 for letting me know.

UPDATE 8 - December 18th:
A new banner ad is available on the Thrustmaster website, with new pictures showing the wheel from other angles!







Head over here to check it out yourself. Credit to 9000Gs for sending this in!

UPDATE 9 - December 23rd:

Thrustmaster has created an official facebook page for the TM T500 RS. They will be updating the page with new information on a regular basis (at least that's what they've done in the past 4 days).

The following info is taken from their Facebook Page and was sent in by 9000Gs (once again, thanks! 👍).

H.E.A.R.T Technology:
“H.E.A.R.T. HALLEFFECT ACCURATE TECHNOLOGY™” is the name of the new technology developed by Thrustmaster to reproduce movements made on a product in games. It relies on magnetic – and not mechanical – 3D (HallEffect) sensors, placed in different locations according to the product in question. The precision made possible by the use of this technology is significantly higher than that provided by standard technologies. Another advantage of this system: by eliminating all friction, it guarantees zero mechanical wear, for permanent precision that won’t decrease over time. The level of precision is also enhanced by the absence of any dead zones: even the slightest movement made by the player results in a reaction. Actions in games are therefore more linear, smoother and without any untimely jolts. A patent application has been filed for this technology.

Wheel RIM:
Thrustmaster T500 RS features a 30 cm / 12’’ diameter wheel to provide the most realistic sim racing experience!

Pedal Set:
The pedal set of the T500 RS is 100% adjustable: you can adjust the height, the spacing and the inclination of each pedal and even replace the Thrustmaster pedals by a set from motorsport manufacturers!
EDIT 4: Video in!


The pedals set of the T500 RS is made of 100% of metal (7Kg / 15.4Lbs) which provides optimal stability, the best durability and the most realistic, simulation experience!

[Update (thanks Kikie!)] - Shifter Paddles:
Just like the pedal set, the gearshift levers are made of 100% brush metal. They’re also attached to the base and 17 cm/6.9” wide for instant access with any hand position.


Source (as mentioned above): T500RS' Official Facebook Page.
Pictures of the shifter set should be arriving very soon! Stay tuned.

EDIT 3: As has been discussed already, the picture below may be convincing enough to hint at the steering rim on the T500 RS being removable & replaceable by another rim.


Also notice the ring around the GT Logo; it seems to have 6 holes for screwing the wheel on/off the T500RS build, also the wheel is very slim indicating that the ForceFeedback motors are not in the rim but in the main base.

EDIT: Website now confirms this (thanks redbla47!).
Realistic wheel
Authentic wheel:
30cm (12”) in diameter with brushed metal central spokes
Detachable (allows for future upgrades)

UPDATE 10 - December 23rd:
Another article introducing the T500 RS has popped up today on MadShrimps.Be. It talks about how precise and revolutionary the wheel is and provides us with some more pictures, as well as some new details on it's hardware.



More importantly, the last paragraph hints at the release date!
The T500 RS will be available late December / mid January, depending on the territority, at a suggested retail price of €499.99 (VAT included).
Yes, this does mean that the T500RS will launch within the month (like I had pointed out to a couple of weeks ago)! Have a read through the article yourself here!
Thanks to jmke for sending this in!

EDIT 5: Pre-order your copy of the Thrustmaster T500RS on Amazon right here! Thumbs-up to papaspurs for posting the link!

UPDATE 11 - December 23rd:
Thrustmaster's T500 RS Facebook Page has just been updated with another post on the T500 RS' prices.
The T500 RS will be available from January 5 in North America and Europe and from January 25 in Japan, at a suggested retail price of $599.99 / £449.99 / €499.99

I thought $500US was already a bit too much to ask, and now they've confirmed the US price of $600US!
While there is no new info on the H-shifter [yet], we should be getting some updates on this very soon.

UPDATE 12 - December 24th:

Thrustmaster listed December 25th as the European release date, as noted by kikie.
Guillemot Thrustmaster T500 RS
Release Date: January 5 2011 (North America) / December 25 2010 (Europe)
Indeed, that is tomorrow! Unless this is a mistake we should be getting a Christmas release! That means reviews should start streaming in anytime, even though we still have no clue on when we'll get some details on the H-shifter... Just wait and see.

EDIT: Never mind the above; it was a mistake on the website which has now been corrected to January 5th.

UPDATE 13 - December 25th:

I'd just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Spend some time with your family, that's what Christmas is about. Put aside your games, even if you consider Gran Turismo to be family of yours :D.

Not much extra news is coming in, other than a new article on Engadget and a confirmation from InsideSimRacing that they are getting their review copy of the T500 RS soon! Looking forward to that. 👍

UPDATE 14 - December 26th:

Apparently the independent shifter will not be releasing together with the T500 RS, according to Thrustmaster's article on the T500 RS.
Gamers will notice that having 3 pedals at their disposal not only enhances the level of realism, but it also gives them a taste of what’s to come with the addition of an independent gear stick, which will also be available from Thrustmaster in the coming months.
"[...] in the coming months" could mean another 3 months from now before anyone gets to experience the full Thrustmaster T500 RS driving experience.
It seems Thrustmaster wants the gear shifter to be as precise and advanced as their premium steering wheel (T500 RS), probably coming in at a hefty price too.
(source here; thanks kikie!)

Back to the subject of the steering wheel itself, here is a video submitted by LeonardoRafaelo:

UPDATE 15 - December 27th:

Thrustmaster has uploaded a new video on Facebook of the new T500 RS in action!
Druneau was kind enough to re-upload the video to his YouTube channel for our viewing pleasure! Thanks. 👍

While there is no footage of the pedals, it is noticeable that this steering wheel, while a bit noisy, has some strong force feedback!

EDIT: For anyone interested, a new picture was also uploaded to the T500 RS' Facebook Page.


There isn't anything special about this picture, but I do think its a nice shot that shows a bit more of the table clamp that some are worried about not fitting to their playseat.

UPDATE 16 - December 29th:

Facebook Update (thanks kikie!):
The T500 RS has been designed as a REAL SIMULATOR: Thrustmaster has therefore focused all of its attention on the design and the choice of each component to best reproduce the sensation of high-level car racing.

In particular, the wheel has benefitted from the work of experts in the automotive field, and from Polyphony Digital’s racing experience.

The motor of the T500 RS is equipped with a power that is perfectly balanced with the wheel’s size (30cm / 12’’ steering wheel) and weight as well.

This motor also plays a role in regulating the wheel’s rotation speed, designed to replicate real high-level racing conditions with low latency.

Last but not least, this power is combined with a motorized stop which prevents users from turning the wheel beyond the defined limits, in order to accurately simulate the genuine angles of rotation of different types of cars in the near future – whether for F1 circuits (Suzuka style), rally competitions, endurance racing (Nürburgring style), drifting and more …


UPDATE 17 - December 29th:

Another Facebook post indicates that the Thrustmaster T500RS uses a Dual-Belt System for it's Force Feedback, for those of you who didn't know.

In addition to a powerful motor, the quality of the T500 RS’s Force Feedback is a result of its dual-belt mechanism, which lets users experience the sensation of inertia and smoothness of professional racing circuits. The dual-belt system’s width and thickness prevent spinning, mechanical noises and notch feeling.


New Update System: Since this post is getting VERY long, I've decided to post the latest update at the top of the page to avoid everyone having to spend hours of their life scrolling down.

UPDATE 18 - January 1st:

To start off, I wish you all a very Happy New Year! :dopey:
On to the news, Kikie (once again, yep 👍) has notified me about a Facebook update with some new info and pictures.
FYI: the largest belt is 15 mm / 0.59' wide, the other is 9 mm / 0.35" wide.

The T500 RS has been designed to offer, update after update, the best gaming experience of Gran Turismo 5 thanks to a strong partnership with Polyphony Digital. Thrustmaster obviously intends to work with the best racing game developers to maximize all of its capabilities as a REAL SIMULATOR. The release date of the PC driver will be communicated at a later date.

The T500 RS will be available from January 5 at the following etailers / retailers:, FRYS, MICRO CENTER, newegg, and
Pre-orders at soon (already available in the UK and in Germany)


For nearly 20 years, Thrustmaster has been using its expertise to develop joysticks that set the benchmark in the high-level flight simulation world.

After 10 years of service, the Hotas Cougar is succeeded by the HOTAS WARTHOG which features the exclusive H.E.A.R.T. HALLEFFECT ACCURATE TECHNOLOGY™, allowing a never-before-seen level of accuracy and durability.

This technology, appreciated by experts worldwide is integrated today in the T500 RS and gives the same high level of accuracy for the most realistic driving simulation experience.

To read the full review of the HOTAS WARTHOG :

Furthermore they wish us all a Happy New Year!


Now for some more interesting news, Inside Sim Racing has posted in their forum that they are getting their review-copy of the Thrustmaster T500 RS tomorrow!

Darin Gangi:
I have a tracking number and it is in route from France to arrive hopefully by tomorrow. We're going to do an un-boxing and first look of it..

Any requests on things to show or talk about? This will not be a full review.. The full review will most likely come at the end of January so that we have enough time to test it with a variety of software and to see if it works on the PC.
That means that we should be getting at least a small review in the coming week or two and a long detailed review by end of January! :dopey:
If you'd like to join the discussion head over here.

EDIT: DaveTheStalker has noticed on Twitter that the people over at SRT have received their review copy this morning! :dopey: Source: Twitter.

UPDATE 19 - January 3rd:

The long awaited Sim Racing Tonight 'episode' featuring the T500 RS is finally here!
It features an unboxing and gameplay with some initial first impressions! (thanks AKps3!)

Remember, this is the short 'episode'; the long one with full details and review has yet to come (presumed ready by end of the month).

For those of you wanting some close-up pictures of the wheel, Darin has kindly taken & uploaded several pictures on this thread.
I've reuploaded, resized and embedded them below for your viewing pleasure. :dopey:


Full res.: here.


Full res.: here.


Full res.: here.


Full res.: here.


Full res.: here.


Full res.: here.

Let me know when there's something new! 👍
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I think releasing a new official GT5 one for Christmas at a good price range could do very very well. It all depends on what the wheel actually is, where it stands with the regular products out there already. To me as long as they add support for G25/27 & this one in the options menu, I'm happy :D
I think it is such a shame you dont have GT5 yet. But the reasoning is good and valid. You make a good point, hard to disagree.

If the G29 (or whatever it is called) comes with a H-shifter with force feedback, i will sell my G27 for it!
Im mildly upset seeing as I just picked up a DFGT.

I know how you must feel :nervous:.
As for me, I was planning on getting GT5 + a DFGT on the first day of Christmas holidays... Now it looks like they might be releasing a new steering wheel; which is a good thing but could ruin my Christmas, considering I'm NOT going to play GT5 before I get a steering wheel; I want to take a big loop from GT4 + DualShock 2 to GT5 + DFGT (or equivalent).

I can't believe they're still screwing around trying to support the G25/G27 - which wheels would be more important to support for hardcore fans than these?


And yes, I have a G25.
I can't believe they're still screwing around trying to support the G25/G27 - which wheels would be more important to support for hardcore fans than these?


And yes, I have a G25.

Well it's because Logitech has a deal with PD and the GT series that's why they don't officially support G25/27, but both wheels are supported.

The G25 so set it just go to the DFGT settings and the buttons are as follows:
Read from left to right
ON the Wheel itself Paddle shifters are L1 and R1
Two red buttons are L2 and R2

One the Shifter Module

Four black buttons are the exact same as the PS3 Dualshock

The four Red Buttons (read left to right)
L3 Start Select R3

I had mine mapped out since Prologue and everything stays the same, well it's all set for you.

Kudos, let me know if anything is wrong as i did this off the top of my head.
meh, I just got a G27 and I don't see it being outdated or beaten anytime soon by whatever wheel Kaz is talking about.
Mhh I dont think that they will make an official GT wheel for "premium" user... I think it will be an cheap (but good) wheel again... If the pedals will be the same again, it´s useless...
Im only going to buy what will both race GT5 well, and have FF drivers provided for NASCAR Racing 2003 on the PC. I hear G27 has drivers for that PC game, so I'll buy that and stick to my old Driving Force Pro for GT5 if Kaz's new wheel wont work for my PC sims. NR2003 makes driving the stock cars in GT5 feel like pushing around generic hotwheels.
I don´t think that thrustmaster makes good wheels? #1 is still Logitech...

We will see...

I'd really like to see a FFB clutch and brake pedal.

Yeah this is the next step, would be great...