This Week's Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: Winter Brings Forth an SUV and a Fiery Muscle Car

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 4' started by GTPNewsWire, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. bremics


    Son of a bitch, spent 30 minutes and bought the newest ForzaTune to make the best AMC Hornet tune possible (the best tune I could find had one of those stupid hoods that made it impossible to see ****) only to realize that not only is it a co-op championship but it's against unbeatable drivatars.

    Well, I guess I'll just have to hope it pops up in a wheelspin... Time to tune a SUV and get a Escalade.
  2. SoapBoxRacer


    I used a '77 Pontiac Trans Am (originally D431), added off-road upgrades all the way up to B700. It doesn't have the most power, but it is driveable and it held well against AI. Of the six races I raced, I won three and finished in top three in the rest.

    I've uploaded the tune ('Break The Ice', gt: NuttyLittleBoy), so if you feel like giving it another try in another car, that could be one option.
  3. ShakesMcQueen


    Regarding the FP hoarding issue: It's a simple matter of providing "drains" for the economy's currency. The problem with FP, is that they don't have enough of them.

    For a game that decided to embrace cosmetic driver items (a decision I was, and continue to be, 100% okay with), they've been pretty uncommitted to keeping a steady stream of them coming to the game. And most of the ones they HAVE added, they've simply given away as rewards for racing. It's a little baffling when you consider that the t-shirts, for example, are just a standard model with a variety of skins. Why aren't we getting a weekly drip of stuff like that? More drains for peoples' points.

    Another idea I've kicked around in my head, is the option to "sell" something on the Forzathon store, that lets you make any car a "Forza Edition" car, and applies a FE perk to the car (randomized or of your choosing, whatever). More drains for peoples' points.

    And lastly, the game is now six months old, and they undoubtedly have data on which cars are the rarest. It's time to start cycling those through the store specifically. More drains for peoples' points.

    The FP store in general, feels like a concept that needs more refinement if they are going to keep it going forward. I'm not mad or aggravated by it, like some people here seem to be, and I've never hoarded points. The most I've ever carried forward on my FP "balance", is about 500 points, because why on Earth would I grind out Forzathon events if I didn't even need to? They can be enjoyable enough in a mindless way, but hardly so much that I'd ever accumulate a pile of points.
  4. HyperSpeeder


    @ShakesMcQueen I'm not against the cosmetics but it's ludicrous to have leather shoes restricted to wheelspin. :(

    Perhaps more different things available weekly in the shop?

    The Specialy Dealer comparison is appropriate. I used to think the dealer had a fixed rotation and the rest of the cars were restricted to Forzathons, Leagues, etc., but then I saw the Stratos sold in the Specialty Dealer and available as a Forzathon prize in the next week. I found it baffling.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the locked cars available only through the Specialty Dealer, with a bigger roster (5 a week maybe?), but T10 wanted to have the damn Forzathons in it as well and the concept became meaningless because of it.

    The truth is, there was such an outrage against exclusivity in FM7 that all of Playground's measures to structure FH4 around microtransactions and exclusive prizes were rendered void. So we ended up with situations such as having to win basic cosmetic items in wheelspins.

    So my suggestion is simple. Have every cosmetic but a few available in the Forzathon Shop at various prices. It would make everyone happy, especially new players.

    Damn, I remember being in awe at TDU's various shops and dealers across Oahu. 12 years later we get sorry wheelspins. Forza has the best gameplay (I wouldn't consider playing TDU again) and terrible QoL. :(