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Did the last chance laps to try to get into silver.

And I think I am safely into silver. Too bad my best lap was cancelled for a few pixels at the bus stop (nearly 1s below final best).

Gran Turismo™ 7_20231129225723.jpg

Optimal under 1:48 so a good margin, but I don't spend enough time on those TTs to get better so...

Around 24 laps total, which is absymally small compared to most of the regulars of this thread.

Tomorrow I'll try to improve my bronze at Big Willow, which seems "easy" given the margin I have and how few laps I've done until now.
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Short write up of a TT I found quite excruciating. Ahead of it I did look forward to it but the frustration felt like it was beyond that of some of the previous ones I dislike. Not quite but almost. At least the car at a base level wasn’t bad, even though it has questionable features.

  • Time of day being evening/night — great, more of this, please. Or sunset/dawn.
  • Perhaps something else... I think I forgot.

  • Bus Stop — it’s a crapshoot, man. And the absolute worst one at that.
  • DRS — Why does this car have a goddamn DRS system? This was incredibly annoying.
  • Rev limiter
  • Crazy levels of understeer in acceleration

Mentioning rev and understeer is just perhaps focusing too much on negative aspects as they’re manageable. DRS and Bus Stop were just awful though. I had a 1’44.986 prior to the lap below with the first sectors being notably better in that one but due to Bus Stop being what it is here, on this lap I had more luck with me and it ended up being a tiny bit quicker. The desire for rest, sleep and recovery clearly conquered the desire to continue at that point.

My lap tally for today:

Solid improvement of 0.3 seconds since last time, quite a bit for me and the region I'm being placed.
I know some of you dislike the car and how it handles, but for me and my input butchery (directional buttons, X/Square and AT) it was such a joy to drive. Turn 1 was pretty straightforward compared to the craziness of the NSX back in February here, infield corners not too demanding with this amount of grip and the bus-stop? Well, it's bus-stop, aim for the open door and hope for the white clock or wave the bus goodbye - I'm used to this kind of lottery with my erroneous driving.
But yeah, the DRS holding was stupid (just an extra finger to hurt after long session).

Red laps all over, but I haven't had this fun to chase laptimes since, well... Watkins Glen in June.


This won't hold, but I like this evil placing. Could be my top up to date come morning.
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🤣 my fastest ever placing was 72 on the Genesis timetrial .....guess what.......I become 72 on the GTR RS 🤨🤣🤣

There goes my @half_sourly progression mode arrow 😂🤣

Very happy with my result, top 100 again!
(Not that bad for a old (41) controller user right?! 🤣)

Can't wait to try out the Alpine on that track, should be a blast and a better busstop 🤣😂
I have updated all the previous TT results files up to Lake Louise and will post them on the results thread. In the process I have also updated the community scoreboard. Even the shorter version is barely readable because of the number of drivers now on the list.

Yeah, it's unreadable. After downloading the pic and zooming on it, looks like this:
GTP SB-zoom.jpg

With a picture width of 1200px it is just impossible. A higher resolution pic could be a solution, although I don't know if there's a limit to picture resolution on the forum. Tried to upload a pic of 4600x3400 and it went through to the edit screen (didn't post it), so...

For a short version I would recommend ditching the individual TT results, only medal tally and average placing (with maybe top and average overall TT placings) and ofcourse please add ordinal numbers as a first column - no leaderboard without it.
The car hasn't been in a TT that I remember, it was a Daily Race A at Sardegna (just know that because it was one of my super rare wins). We had this course in a Corvette-shaped boat.
Ah yeah, that's where I remember it from. Last time I did an online race, won from pole after a blinder of a qually lap!

I'll look forward to breaking out my Martini liveried Alpine for this one. :)
Well, i was a little surprised but also happy to get a 46.6 in the Porsche with under 200km. I am curious how far i could have pushed this one, but i kinda forgot about it 😂

Looking forward to the alpine, but i will hafta fight my way through big willow first. I am not very strong there nor in gr3 machines....