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Due to other priorities I only spent maybe an hour at Willow Springs so far. The BRZ is weird in VR, I feel like I'm sitting almost 2 meters behind the windshield. Then I tried the 650s, which seems to be the only car @TumeK5 has not tried ;), and which at the time had the fastest non-BRZ time on the world leaderboard. Great to drive, and I had a comfortable gold time (1:12.6) within maybe 20 laps.

So I guess more is possible, if I find the time ...
After collecting my 1M Cr. for Daytona, it was time to go back to Big Willow, again with the Subaru, which I find (most of the time if I don't push it too much) easy to manage.

Done 10 laps and went from bronze to silver, with room to improve.

I'll have to watch @Mistah_MCA's lap guide now that I have the track in fresh memory sure there are plenty of improvements to find.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20231130195722.jpg

Need to reach 1:13.XXX now :)

Not tested yet the Alpine at Watkins Glen.
I've now completed my first stint at Watkins Glen. Really a fun combination.
The long right after the chicane is crucial.
Unfortunately, I lost a few tenths there because I was too hesitant with the throttle.

Still, it was enough for a 1:20.535. There is still a lot of potential.
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Ooooo it's gonna be tight at the end of this one!
The fact that i made this time with dualsense got me thinking...
I started a few laps and got gold on DS, then switched on T300 and lost it immidiatley in first corner, then on bus stop, and after few laps returned to DS improved amost second with DS.
It is far easier with controler as it is possible faster get it to back to control.
It's taken me months to understand the wheel. I was so frustrated at first I thought an expensive mistake was made. I'm still a marginal driver with the wheel with moments of brilliance. Stick with it. It'll come around. Braking and the subtlety at the limit is a game changer.