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70 miles more at Suzuka and I’ve killed my gold laps at 130r.

I wonder if it’s intentional or if the other VGT Gr1 McLaren were some how confused? 🤔

It really doesn’t matter in the end because we all have access to the same car and settings. All I can say about this combination is that I like a combo burrito better.

I’ll continue my attempt at getting gold tonight. But I think I am liking the bird songs outside my window better. Sorry PD.

Well done everyone!

This was another strange one for me and so I accept that I missed my mark. I recover with a much better understanding of Suzuka. Until next time you lovely track you.
After about 50 laps I finally broke through the wall at RA and improved my time by more than 3 tenths. I feel like I had a bit of a breakthru this evening actually. Things got pretty "zen" after about 15 laps - I started reeling off faster and faster times. The first 30 lap session got me within a tenth of my PB but with an optimal of 1:26.5xx. My average lap time was getting lower and lower in the 27s but the big thing was how it felt. I was lapping faster on average than I ever had but it felt like I had complete control of the car...just lap after lap basically feeling like I could do anything. Then in the second 20 lap stint I finally beat my best of 1:27.088...


I have some more time this week...maybe just squeak into the gold.
I don't see any new time on suzuka tt (on gt website) so I can only assume that my couple of 1000th's into gold zone was enough.
As for RA, I did some short session yesterday, just to try it with CSA, no expectations. Did some laps with CSA on strong, then weak, with no time improvement, so I reverted back to no CSA, and within 2 laps made minor time improvement, and I'm happy because I droped into 1:25
That Jaaaaaag at Interlagos is fire!, i am soooo going to like that!

@Evilmuffin you can rest at RA, did some real frustrating laps around it this morning and i think i'm done with it,
it just doesn't come out, i ran 603 three times this morning and had an optimum of .396...
But it frustrates me more than it is fun for me :lol: :lol:

So i throw in the towel..... :lol::lol:

Well done to everybody who claimed the gold at Suzuka, that one was a hard one!
Long time ago that i struggled that much to get it, glad i did tho :lol::lol:

On to the next!
I tried and I tried but just couldn't string it together. Despite using the downshift method, 130R was still hit or miss and I either had a messy exit or was too slow in the sectors leading up to it. I'm glad this is over and although feeling defeated, I tried.

Managed to sneak in a quick P27 before the aliens land. Jag feels nice around Catalunia, although it's not my favorite of tracks. This one's gonna be fun :)
The results for TT73 are over here.

I've also updated the opening post with the index of TTs and the second post with the community leader boards.

Interim Results for TT74 at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta in the KTM X-BOW R '12.




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