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Tidgney and others put up literal highlighted markers to guide you... you just have to adhere to the advice and make a lap happen.

I know you put a LOT of time in these TTs, but I worry that you're not changing enough to improve. Like I said before, slowing down and finding a balance with the car, and finding your braking points (too fast brake earlier, too slow brake later) should lead to confident and quick laps.

A number of people have given you a LOT of great advice, but the challenge is taking it in and applying it to your driving... not continuing to make the mistakes that are keeping you from silver/gold.

Watch the guides, follow the ghosts, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Agreed exactly what you said.

I've mentioned many times. Putting in lots of miles doesn't necessary mean time improvement. Especially if you just keep repeating the same mistake (like you said), you are just reinforcing those mistakes.

You need to understand the basic of car control. At the very minimum, you need to know where to hit the brakes and where to release it, and what to do with the car when it is behaving a certain way.

Yeah...it is a lot of boring mumble jumble, but if you want to improve....there is really no other ways. Then you get to practice all these theories/skills....and the best way is to drive a low/lowish power car with low grip tires. There is a saying.....you can't drive a fast car fast if you can't drive a slow car fast.
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Well I'm not normally a fan of Interlagos, I really hate the first two turns because you can miss the turn and apex if you don't pay attention to what's ahead. I learned the hard way in GT sport. During my first month or two of playing back in 2021. I remember a quote from Albert Einstein, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." This is what is happening to me in most of the TT's.
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Hello you awesome people 😆,

haven't been much around this very thread, for a bunch of reasons, and missed it 😢.

But finally, finally!, PD has given us a TT with the prettiest car in the whole game (don't argue with me, it's an undeniable fact😜), on a track that fits how you have to drive it. So I couldn't resist:



That's above my paygrade, but I'll gladly take it.
You need to understand the basic of car control. At the very minimum, you need to know where to hit the brakes and where to release it, and what to do with the car when it is behaving a certain way.
I think this is the key for a lot of people, forget trail braking but release the brakes and coast the apex, it's the same thing conceptually and you can carry the same speed just the rubber/steering angle is scrubbing the speed rather than the last 1/10 of the brake pedal.

Turn in and coast more, it's ok and faster. Let the car settle and straighten up

Edit: a lot peeps brake really late. It makes things busy on turn in and exit yet slower in...faster out with no drama is always the aim? The game rewards that approach
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Well Thursday evening is nokiasetup evening 😁🤣🤣, and what a joy this jaaaaag is
Handles like a charm, very predictable and very easy to catch if you overstep her boundries...

Key on this TT is trailbraking and brake RELEASE early for rotation.

Getting into the 33 shouldnt be that hard 😁


Cat did did aprove behind me in its......yeah..don't know what state I must call this, but he watches a lot of my laps from behind me in this position 🤣🤣🤣🤣


But enough for today, laptop closed, tomorrow morning I'll do the first big screen session, but this was a promising start ( then I'll prob don't hit a thing tomorrow ) 🤣🤣

Good luck on this new one fellow addicts

Happy lapping
90km and a golden time. I used the controller and TC1.

I'm definitely going to try and improve my time with the wheel. The car is super fun to drive and hustle it around the track fighting the understeer and the lack of braking power (I'm sure it was great at the time).

Edit: Boy, am I glad I did a couple more laps. Just improved by almost a second. I'm safe but I'll be back with the wheel for sure. This is too much fun.


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