Tire wear, indicator, "optimal color"?

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The tires don't wear out as quickly in gt3, which is a huge improvement. I find that i turn the quickest laps when the tires are about to go orange. This might just be because i'm in a groove at that point of a stint. Several times I have set my fastest lap of the race on orange tires.

You're absolutely right, I set the best laps too when the tires are orange. Maybe it's because I'm in the zen state at this point, but... Anyway it's good for almost two seconds
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I always thought it was like this

Blue - Cold tires
Green - Hot tires with max grip
yellow - still hot an sticky but are wearing out
orange - worn tires, should pit ASAP
red - no grip left, tire is totally worn out

Is that correct at all.
I think it works like this:
Blue - cold, not mch grip
Green - Heated and grippy, best grip
Yellow - Heated, but losing grip
Red - Very little grip
Black - Your driving on the rims. :D

wow.. black must be hard to get!?! 💡
I have a feeling that the Hard sport tires last longer than the hard race tires.
I would say then that the racing supersofts would be the fastest wearing tires.
I have not tested this, just my feeling.
But there is no tire wear on the wet Tarmac special condition races so supersoft race tires give the best grip for those races.
Famine may have said something in his enduro write ups?
I think the N tires would be harder than sport and racing and thus last longer.
They certainly take a lot longer to go from blue to green in my experience when using them in short 2 lappers.
I have never used them in a long race so I cannot judge how many laps they stay green for.
thanks. the reason i ask is because I am trying to force pitting in 15 lap arcade games. so soft sports should do me thinks :)
Hi Uncle,
I really dont have time to do long races like enduros unfortunately. being married with one kid my free time is taken up mostly. I play in the mornings for about 20-30mins which means a 15-20 lapper is ideal for me... but I want to have to pit and of course have the AI pit too to make it even. I did this all the time in gt3 and had an absolute blast of a time :)

I'll never ever reach 100% completion but its not why i got the game anyhow :)
Actually on somecars, tire wear is better, or worse, than in GT3. I remember in GT3, when I did the Mistral 78 lap in Monaco (Cote D Azur), I used a 787B, and my tires would last a good 20 laps before I had to pit. Oh yeah, and I was using medium tires. In GT4, however, I can only go 10 or so laps on Monaco before I have to pit.
I shall report back tomorrow if you can indeed get black tires. im a little skeptical myself but im sure that after 10 mins or so wheel spinining in my speed 12 will put this to rest :)
Yellow is the "best", the tires are very warm and they're not broken up yet. However, they're not going to last much longer.

Blue tires and green tires are cold and hard, so you want to get heat into them as soon as possible.

Orange tires are starting to break up, it might be a good idea to pit to be on the safe side.
Red tires are done for, you'll have to be careful bringing them into the pits.

Blue ~ 70% grip because the tires are cold. You need to heat them up by accelerating, braking, and turning.

Green -100% grip - best colour to have as tires are warm

Yellow - 80% grip- tires are starting to lose grip as it's starting to wear

Orange - 50% grip - tires have lost half their grip due to wear . Best to pit now

Red : 10% grip- tires are dead. No grip. Pit immediately