Tokyo's Wanderers - Season 1

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    Ice Azurite VS Ren opening post.png

    Hey there! I have decided to create a story about TXR bosses and wanderers, but on GT6. It'll focus on TXR characters, as well as my own OC's I'll make along the way. The tracks won't all be in Tokyo, but they will range from the; Wangan (SSR7) C1/Osaka Hanshin ring, (SSR5/SSR5 Reverse) SSRX (Wangan-Osaka line)

    Character files

    Death driver
    Actual name: Keiichi Oda
    Age: 31
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: Not much is known about the Death driver, all most racers on the C1 just stay away from his car as its rumoured to be possessed by Death himself!
    Car: S15 '02 HP: estimated 350bhp KG: estimated under 1200kg
    Job: Actor
    Location: C1 area but never around unless its 2-4 AM.
    Licence plate: Not shown
    TXR motto: Fear appears from its inner side.

    Rita Oda
    Actual name: ^
    Age: 29
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: Rita has been with Keiichi for about 4 years, them getting married so soon is quite obscure but back then they really loved each other. Now that speaks for its self...
    Car: None
    Job: Housewife (Doesn't really count but hey ho)

    Silver Shadow
    Actual name: Hiro Kawasaki
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: A more than amateur racer that has been on the C1 for 5 years now, he got the handle 'Silver shadow' from his colour of his car and shadow part is from how he only rarely battles, about 50/50 percent of him duelling. As he prefers to be the 3rd person watching the other battles.
    Car: 3000GT
    Job: Clothes shop owner

    Master Position
    Actual name: Hiromi Onoda
    Age: 23
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: A Casanova, who after a diner with a date races another exotic car to show off to his passenger.
    Car: Chevrolet Corvette C4 HP: estimated 440hp KG: Estimated 1200kg
    Job: Scout (its not specified on TXR3 just says 'Scout'... is he from TF2?!) - I'm guessing he is a scout for a host club now I think about it...
    TXR3 motto: Winner takes everything.

    Actual name: Kanon Yamamoto
    Age: 20
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: A young woman who likes to race sometimes at Hakone, she works in the Galant Star. She has a scar under her cheek that people usually question, but they never get an answer back.
    Car: Pontiac Firebird 78' HP: estimated 300hp KG: Estimated 1100kg
    Job: Bar assistant

    Bloody Mary
    Actual name: Miki Tsuyuki
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: A Star of Japanese TV, this Idol is in high demand for movies and commercials, she only drives on Wednesdays as its her only time off!
    Car: Dodge Viper GTS Coupe HP: ??? KG: Estimated ???kg
    Job: Idol
    TXR3 motto: Fine line between groupies and stalkers.

    Shutokou Leader
    Actual name: Shinichi Kobayashi
    Age: 41
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: There are never ending challenges to him, but he has declared that "he will not accept challenges from anyone unless they have a record that matches his own."
    Car: MCR R34 GTR - HP: Estimated 616hp KG: Estimated 1250kg
    Job: MCR Representative
    TXR3 motto: The match from one.

    Ice Azurite
    Actual name: Setsuko Fukui
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: A newcomer to the highway, she is a honest young woman looking for more than just a job, partner and family. She strives for perfection in whatever activity she is doing, as in her job as a hostess she sometimes stalks her regulars to know what they like and really impress them. On her driving side she tries her best but still thinks she is not good enough. Her level on the highways is above average and if she keeps going she will achieve what she wants!
    Car: Custom Mazda RX8 - HP: Estimated is unknown KG: 900-1000kg area
    Job: Hostess
    TXR3 motto (As she is an OC I will create one for her): Strive for perfection!

    Legend of the bluff
    Actual name: Ren Yoshikawa
    Age: 19
    Nationality: American
    Bio: An American born driver who moved to Yokohama city in Kanagawa Prefecture to be close to his fathers side of the family. Received his first car at the age of 16 soon after he got his license and started to climb up the street racing ladder in his home state of California. His earnings from his previous years have allowed him to drop quite a bit of money into his garage, now that he has a good paying job at TRUST (known as Greddy in the USA), he is on a mission to race against the top tuners in Japan.
    Car: Rocket bunny Nissan R35 GTR - HP: Estimated 1000hp KG: Estimated is unknown
    Job: ???
    TXR3 motto: Perfection is a never ending quest
    Other: This character is zero4567's OC.

    Actual name: Akira Kobayashi
    Age: 33
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: The owner of the hostess club 'Desire', a very wealthy guy from an even wealthier family. He looks out for everyone around him, including himself. His main prize is his Miura SV '71, he cherishes it so much he never races too fast.
    Car: Lamborghini Miura SV '71
    Job: Owner of Desire

    Actual name: Kouta Honda
    Age: 24
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: The bouncer of club 'Desire', A well trained wrestler who wanted to go pro, but couldn't handle the heat of the crowd and backed out of his matches until he retired and became a bouncer.
    Job: Bouncer


    Actual name: Louis Gilman
    Age: 32
    Nationality: English
    Bio from TXR0: Legendary driver, who's famous for his use of; power, brakes, and chassis. Not that many people know who he actually is.
    Car: Custom ABFlug 930/911 - HP: Estimated is over 800bhp KG: 1200-1500kg area
    Job: Unknown
    TXR0 Extra info: Has the best tuning on the highest quality engine. The transmission is also tuned. The high boost is damaging the car, so he alway tries to finish a race in the least possible time.

    Actual name: ^
    Age: 27
    Nationality: Japanese
    Bio: Takahiro is an employee for RE-Amemiya, he is the guy who deals with orders mainly, and is the front desk guy, but he also knows his way around rotaries like the back of his hand...
    Car: ???
    Job: RE-Amemiya employee


    For any of you out there who would like to have a section in their story or mine crossed-over, PM me first to discuss it, if you want to use my characters you have to ask my permission first! Another addition is, they cannot be - Unless put on terms over PM; badly hurt or die, be put in an unfair race, or lose to someone way below the opponents skill level.
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    Season 1

    Chapter 1 - The Death driver

    Part 1 - Life is a tragedy

    Prologue -

    The story of Death driver is quite tragic, for him at least. We start off with him and his wife, Rita on a journey to Tokyo
    to start their new life's...

    Death drive 1.jpg

    Rita - Uhh? Should we be going this fast... I'm not feeling too good

    Hey! Are you even in that body of yours? You seem dazed!

    Death drive 2.jpg


    Keiichi - Huh?!

    Rita - Please slow down... for me...

    Keiichi - Oh... OK just for you I will.

    Keiichi smiles, turns and tilts his head at Rita as they slow to a stop at Tatsumi PA, Rita blushes and turns her head away with a sulk. They both get out and head to the food and drink machine.

    Death drive 3.jpg

    Keiichi - Hey, what are you getting sweetheart?

    Rita - I told you not to call me that remember?

    Keiichi looks down and replies,

    Keiichi - Ok.. Ok... well what do you want then?

    Rita - Hmm I'l have some noodles please.

    Keiichi buys some noodles and gladly passes them to Rita, she walks over to the S15.

    Rita -
    Why... why did I even?

    Keiichi - What's that dear?

    Rita - Oh! Nothing Kei! Nothing...

    Keiichi shakes it off and they both get back in and journey onward to their new house.

    Katsushika - Keiichi and Rita's house next to the Naka river.

    Keiichi - Hey! Here we are, house 4. Not unlucky at all eh?

    Rita nods as they continue into their new accommodation and they both have a quick look around until they go to sleep...

    Keiichi gets up at about 11pm and gets into the S15, he drives onto the C1 route to look for new rivals to face.

    Keiichi - I hope Rita doesn't do anything stupid or wake up... I'l be in hell if she finds out I have been racing again.

    Part 1 END

    Writer notes -

    Famous words: check!

    Reference to Death already: check!

    Looks like its going well. :lol:

    Don't know how my writing is doing right now, I haven't written in a long time. Leave feedback if you want.

    Short chapter I know but the next few will be longer.

    Deathdriver V1.jpg

    I was on fireworks earlier and created the colour scheme for Death driver from TXR3. I won't be adding decals to every car, I'l do it on one scene to show what their car looks like. But I will try to add licence plates next part.
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    Part 2 - C1 Driving

    Start notes -

    When it has a character talking but in Italic, they are thinking it not speaking.

    Tokyo C1 Inner circular route

    Death drive 4.jpg

    Keiichi is driving his S15 at about 60% because he has never driven here, still he is very skilled and is going faster than any newbie on the C1 tonight

    Keiichi: Hmm... Wonder if there is any good racers here tonight, I'm not going to a main meetup but I'l stop at Yaesu PA.

    Death drive 5.jpg

    350Z's, S13's, and a 3000GT... Quite a range of traffic tonight.

    Death drive 6.jpg

    3000GT driver: Woah! An S15, looks fast too I think I'l accelerate and see if he wants a duel.

    Keiichi: Hmm? He seems to be speeding up. Asking for a race with me?.. you won't be in front for long pal.

    Death drive 7.jpg

    The driver of the 3000GT has shudders sent down his spine as Keiichi's S15 swoops up close to his rear bumper.

    3000GT driver: Who are you!!!

    Death drive 8.jpg

    Death driver... Death driver my name...

    As Keiichi soars past the 3000GT guy he it has left a reasonable gap between then both.

    Keiichi: Ok here is a good looking corner to pull away! Don't put me down now luck.

    Death drive 9.jpg

    Kei's S15 unbelievably glides like a stunt plane through the next turn, as if possessed!

    Keiichi: !!!

    Keiichi's heart rate is through the roof - It was one of the stranges moments in his history of racing... But more is yet to come for him.

    Keiichi: I don't even know how I pulled that one off?!

    3000GT guy: What the heck! That guy is crazy good, I need to see him in person!

    Death drive 10.jpg

    Alas the 3000GT guy couldn't catch up as Death driver was now living up to his name, Keiichi didn't know what was happening It was as if his body was in auto drive.

    Keiichi: What.. is.. happening?!

    By now he was going 150mph off C1 and up the Yaesu route!

    Death drive 11.jpg

    Then as Kei wasn't feeling as if this was going to end well his car just came to an abrupt stop at the PA...

    Keiichi: Uuhhh not feeling too good. I...

    Keiichi passes out in his S15 for about a good few hours, then when he wakes...

    Tokyo C1 Inner route Yaesu PA - 2AM

    Death drive 12.jpg

    The 3000GT driver notices Death driver's S15 and pulls over in front of him. Almost immediately after seeing Keiichi out cold, he runs over and opens up his door.

    3000GT driver: HEY! HEY! HELLO?! Are you OK?!

    Keiichi: No, I don't want to wake up now... awwwh do I have to?

    Woah!!! Uh? Who are you? Where am I? What's happened?

    3000GT driver: Ah! Your OK, thank goodness I thought you had a heart attack or something from your near fatal move you did in that mini duel we had.

    Keiichi gets out and they both lean against a wall.

    Keiichi: Did I really do that?

    Oh right yes now I recall it, say what's your name?

    3000GT driver: Oh me? I'm Hiro Kawasaki, or as fellow racers call me 'Silver shadow' and you?

    Keiichi: I'm Keiichi or Kei for short. My street name is Death driver.

    Hiro: You sure proved that accolade for sure alright!

    Keiichi: Yeah... haha

    Keiichi and Hiro both look at each other and then look away again, Hiro looks down at his watch.

    Hiro: OH! Would you look at that its half 2 in the morning, I need to get home for some rest. Uh catch you later... Death driver.

    Hiro jumps back into his 3000GT and zips off down the tunnel, Keiichi climbs back in his S15

    Keiichi: What a nice guy.

    Hiro: He is strange for sure, I hope we meet again, Keiichi.

    Keiichi: Hmm half 2 eh? I guess I should be getting back to Rita then.

    Keiichi get in and drives off out of the Yaesu exit ramp, onto the C1 but suddenly!..

    Death drive 13.jpg

    Keiichi loses his S15's control and he performs a huge drift around a corner, it looks as if he is about to have impact with the wall but then...

    Death drive 14.jpg

    He boosts out of it as if deliberate and shifts into 4th, propelling him forward over 60mph almost instantly!

    Keiichi: What is this?! Am I doing this? Why is this happening? I don't even feel in control!

    Death drive 15.jpg

    Keiichi speeds down the straight away still gaining speed!

    Keiichi: !!!

    Sweat starts dripping down Kei's hair, it is very slowly going down his left side of his face... Keiichi hears a voice.

    ???: Don't worry... let me take over the drive...

    Keiichi: What!? Who?!

    ???: You'l know in good time... as for now be still and quiet.

    Death drive 16.jpg

    As Death driver is leaving off his exit, Hiro see's him again going out of this world fast.

    Hiro: I don't even know what to say to that guy! He is crazy on the road!

    Part 2 END

    Writer notes -

    I just went with the writing flow with this one, I liked how it ended up though. Hopefully you readers think the same aha.

    Hiro will be added to the characters list now.

    I have a full day off today so I may be able to fit in part 3 later on. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed this part! :D
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    Part 3 - Near death experience

    Katsushika - Keiichi and Rita's house

    Keiichi parks up his S15 and goes to his room to find Rita isn't there.

    Keiichi: Rita? RITA!

    He looks all around the room to find a note on the bed...

    Dear Keiichi,

    I knew you'd go out again driving extremely quick! I have had it with you, all you do is drive and never enjoy life with me! I'm leaving you... If you were to change I'd make second thoughts. I will miss you.

    Then there is Rita's signature and her wedding ring next to the paper.

    Keiichi pauses for a moment and leans onto the bed, tears drip down his face and he stays there for a while to take it all in...

    Keiichi: No! This isn't right, It can't be happening!

    Keiichi storms out of the house and back into his Silvia, He drives all the way back to the C1 as violently and rapid as possible.

    Tokyo C1 Inner circular route

    Keiichi: This is unfair! I knew she would do this, I need to find her wherever she is!

    Death drive 17.jpg

    Keiichi storms down the Metro highway at fighter jets pace!

    Keiichi: Maybe just maybe racing might calm me, or even worsen this... I'l take the chances

    Death drive 18.jpg

    Keiichi passes everything as if its not even there, Its just him and the car right now.

    ???: Hmm interesting...

    Keiichi: YOU! Were you behind this?!

    ???: 'Evil spiritual laugh' Maybe...

    Keiichi: WHO EVEN ARE YOU!

    ???: I can't tell you that.

    Death drive 19.jpg

    Traffic driver: Ahhh! That guy is going out of this world fast compared to the usual racers!

    Traffic passenger: He looks to be on a mission? Maybe racing someone?

    Traffic driver: There isn't anyone else with him... He must be doing a time attack or searching for something maybe.

    Keiichi grumbles as he floors it around the next corner.

    Death drive 20.jpg

    2nd Traffic driver: Another racers burial perhaps? He is pushing that way too much, or maybe its just skill.

    Keiichi asks again...

    Keiichi: Hey! Who are you?!

    ???: 'Evil laugh'

    Death drive 21.jpg

    Keiichi fells the same felling where he wasn't in control like before, as if he was trapped in his own body!

    Keiichi: Oh no not this again!

    ???: Oh yes... again.

    Death drive 22.jpg

    ???: Those guys look fun why not show them how you race?

    Keiichi: If only I could stupid thing, I can't even control myself!

    ???: Oh... but you can your just not doing it right.

    Death drive 23.jpg

    Death driver enables a drift around the NSX driver and it sends him past like a bullet.

    ???: One down, Now the Dodge...

    Keiichi: I shouldn't of gone out tonight, Rita was acting weird last night...

    ???: Oh but you would of missed the fun of this!

    Death drive 24.jpg

    The note of the S15 changes higher pitched, it rattles the opponent in the Charger.

    Charger driver: What the hell is up with this guy?! Interrupting me in a battle with the NSX, I'l defeat you and show you what I'm worth!

    ???: You hear that? He wants to duel you, He won't last a second right?

    Keiichi regains control of the S15 and nearly spins it out but he still can't stop like he is in a trance.

    Death drive 25.jpg

    Keiichi: I'm going to end this right here, right now!

    ???: not yet!

    Death drive 26.jpg

    Keiichi speeds up way too quickly around the next corner, the Dodge driver's jaw drops as he has never seen anything like this ever performed before.

    Keiichi: I won't regret anything!


    Death drive 27 edit.jpg Death drive 28 edited.jpg

    Keiichi spins out and in doing so his heart stops in the act... The Dodge driver pulls over and calls for an ambulance. About 10 minutes later it turns up, the paramedics pull Keiichi out of the S15 and start up the defibrillators. They start the processes of bringing him back around... And after 4 tries Keiichi gasps and awakes to him on the hard tarmac road of the C1...

    Paramedic 1: It... Its a miracle! Your alive, but you were dead about 5 minutes ago!

    Keiichi: I know, I heard you brining me back.

    Paramedics: What?!

    Keiichi gets up and clambers back to his damaged S15...

    Keiichi: I am now 'The death driver' I must live up to my new name in this life...

    Part 3 END

    Writer notes -

    For the final part I will need someone to drive the GT3000 VR4 in the stock silver from part 2. When I'm online I'l ask if anyone is available.

    So now you know (From my personal idea) how Keiichi became 'The death driver' from his near death experience he was brought back to life and now continues racing as a shady figure racing around the highway. I tried to stay as close to the TXR3 file of him, but I went a tad bit off track aha :D

    Funny thing: When I was writing near the end of this part, I actually wrote ambulancer first time around... Whoops! :lol:
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    Part 4 - Old rival

    10 Weeks have past since Death driver's crash, He has destroyed all racers in his path on the C1...

    Tokyo C1 Inner circular route - 02:00AM

    Keiichi: Hmm wonder if anyone 'good' is racing tonight?

    Death drive 30 edit.jpg

    Yaesu PA

    Keiichi: I'l just wait around here for a bit...

    Death drive 31 edit.jpg

    Hiro: Hey! Its Keiichi! I heard he had a major crash... I'l go see if he is good.

    Death driver: Him again... he is so slow, I think we'l mess around with his head for a while what do you say Kei?

    Keiichi: Ok, lets go Death.

    Hiro: Hey Keiichi! Wait!

    Keiichi slams down the accelerator pedal and creates a storm of dust from the tarmac.

    Death drive 32.jpg

    Hiro: That's not his style? Whats gotten into him?!

    Death driver takes over from Keiichi and initiates his ultimate drive style!

    Death drive 33 edit.jpg

    Death driver: Play times over! Lets see what you really got Silver Shadow!

    Part 4.1 - The other Keiichi

    Death driver possessed Keiichi wages his battle against Silver shadow, they just exited the Yaesu PA and are now speeding onto the C1... well at least one of them is speeding.

    Death drive 34 edit.jpg

    Hiro: What happened to him in that crash?! Is he actually back to his normal self yet?

    Death driver: Oh no, Keiichi is far from normal...

    Death driver communicates with Hiro through his thoughts.

    Death drive 35 edit.jpg

    Death driver: How you hanging hotshot?

    Hiro: Wha?.. Who's there?!

    Death drive 36.jpg

    Death driver has deliberately slowed for Hiro to mess with him.

    Hiro: What! That is way too close aaaah! He is going to ram me!

    Death drive 37.jpg

    Death driver: Muhahaha! Its called a brake test!

    Hiro: What is happening?!

    Death drive 38 edit.jpg

    Death driver: Ok enough messing around...

    Death driver hyper speeds past Hiro, and in a blur of high speed Hiro is astonished and drives slower, giving Death driver the advantage.

    Death drive 39 edit.jpg

    Through a splinter in the gap between the S15 and the wall, Hiro's 3000GT was barely visable. This battle was decided the moment it begun.

    Death drive 40 edit.jpg

    Hiro: What the! How even?!

    Hiro slows back to traffic pace and is struck in fear of facing his once rival again...

    Death drive 41 edit.jpg

    Death driver: NO ONE CAN BEAT DEATH HIMSELF! 'Evil spiritual laugh'

    Chapter 1 - The Death driver - END

    Writer notes -

    Thank's for reading everyone, I appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I was writing it.

    The next chapter I will be thinking about for a bit, it will probably be up near next week's end.

    I'm not certain about my editing skills but I think I did ok, taking away DD's licence plate and the devilish aura he has.

    In this part I'd say the pictures speak more than the words.

    Clue to next wanderer - He drives a Corvette C4 and drives around the new ring.
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    Little critique here:

    For the photos - you can use HDR Toning for them. That's what I do to all my GT6 photos, even the night races in Route 5 (makes it brighter and clearer). In Photoshop CS6, all it needs is just one photo, no need to take shots of different exposures. You can see them clearly if you use it, along with the auras you put.

    For the dialogues - you can use a bit of figures of speech there. It adds spice. You can even make references if you wish, vague or clear.

    I am going to follow this since I, too, am a fan of the TXR series. How I wished they made it to PS3...
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  7. KazaMR2


    I wish I had Photoshop, I only have Fireworks right now. I'l try add some figure of speeches next time, thanks for the tips. :bowdown: I also wish TXR made it to PS3... I just hope Genki being on the PS4 list of developers was no joke.
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    Chapter 2 - Master Position

    Part 1 - Master Casanova

    High-rise restaurant overlooking the C1

    Master Position 1.jpg

    As the traffic of the C1 whooshes past, the wind swoops through a window in a high cost popular restaurant.
    Hiromi Onoda aka Master Position as his handle goes is there. He is trying to impress his date with an intriguing chat.

    Hiromi: So how was your day angel?

    Annie his date for tonight blushes and gives a muffled reply,

    Annie: Oh yes! It was brilliant, I have really enjoyed being with you Hiromi.

    Hiromi: Aha, I'm glad you feel the same (Winks)

    Annie laughs they stand up as they finish their unique cuisine, they step outside and hear a loud roar above them on the racers highway.

    Hiromi: Interesting, there must be a powerful opponent out today.

    Annie: Oooh! Do you think you could defeat him Hiromi?

    Hiromi stutters for a second then comes back around with a punchline:

    Hiromi: Yes it would be easy! I know I'm one of the best exotic drivers around!

    Annie laughs again as they walk hand in hand to Hiromi's Corvette C4

    Master Position 3 edit.jpg

    Annie: I just love this car! Its truly a thing of beauty.

    Hiromi: I can't think of anyone that doesn't, they would either be blind to not like it.

    Master Position 2 edit.jpg

    As they continue onto the C1 Outer loop, Hiromi and Annie are acting like young couples. Exited and smiling.

    Annie: Are we going to duel someone today?

    Hiromi: I only duel the best Annie dear.

    They both smile back at each other as Hiromi asks.

    Hiromi: So, when is it you have to go back to Italy?

    Annie: You dummie, I see that sadness in your eyes. It is today, we're driving to Haneda right now.

    Hironi sighs as the go onto the New ring - Wangan route.

    Master position 5 edit.jpg

    A White Lan evo goes past like a bullet! The glossy white is leaving a trail of raw 4 cylinder power behind.

    Master Postition 4 edit.jpg

    Annie: Wahooo! Can we chase him until... I have to go.

    Hiromi: Oh for you sweetheart anything.

    Annie blushes as her competitive style outbursts.

    Annie: Yeah, Lets get him shot down Hiromi!

    A while after overtaking the Evolution on the off-ramp to the Bayshore route, Hiromi's corvette comet arives at Haneda airport. Annie gets her luggage out of the small boot behind the seats of the C4.

    Annie: Well, I guess this is goodbye time?

    Hiromi: I'l keep in contact with you online ok?

    Annie: I really wish we could be together forever but this job is perfect for me, Its a shame you aren't coming.

    Hiromi sighs over and gives a warm hug to Annie as she leaves to Italia.

    Hiromi: I will miss you, deeply. My dear Annie

    As he swerves around to get in the C4 he has a chat with himself in his head...

    Hiromi: One day, I'l stop this Casanova business its a bad habit. I really liked Annie. Once I see others in Tokyo; I think stop and go to Italy! That will be the life with her in the mountains with my fantastic corvette.

    Hiromi: 'sigh'

    Part 1 END

    Writer notes -

    Master position isn't exactly the most memorable wanderer but I liked his style with his corvette and 'Gatchan' attitude. :lol:

    I think I wrote this part ok, I tried adding more figures of speech this time around.

    I have also added Hiromi Onoda to the character profiles at the top. I wouldn't say Annie is necessary to add as she won't play a role in the rest of this chapter, but if you ask I will make one.

    As for those of you who may or may not of found out as a easter egg style, the first part actually took part the same time Death drive was racing Silver Shadow.

    I may again add another made up wanderer, or this time add another one in. As a 2 in 1 special.

    Thanks for reading!
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    United States
    Interesting concept, did you ever notice that the Death Driver (and if you decide to write a chapter about her) Midnight Cinderella have special effects in battle? Death Driver has a "seeing stars" effect (there are these bright flashes that surround his car in battle) and Midnight Cinderella has an orange glow around her car (similar to Pluto's purple glow and The Red Devil's red glow).

    I do want to see a match up on C1.... the battle of the Custom S15's, one black, one white (I think you know who I'm referring to :)).
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  10. KazaMR2


    Yes I have seen those effects, thats one of the reasons why I made Death driver have that red aura style. :D

    I think I might consider writing one about Midnight Cinderella, although I'm trying to make it a progressive route around the whole metro route. (How I have gone from the C1 wanderer to a New ring one) Also Melancholy Angel VS Death Driver would be quite a fun one to talk about, it would be a good vs evil thing... I like that sort of style :lol:
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    United States
    Out of all of the effects I think I like Dejected Angels effect or Blood Hounds effect (dose Jackknife have one?)

    That makes sense, I have remakes of No Loser, DARTS (as seen in that one lobby), certain wanderers (N.O.B, Midnight Cinderella)... I have lots of them with my favorite being West NO.5 (because that Corvette is awesome). :D
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  12. KazaMR2


    Part 2 - Mountain run!

    Writer notes - pre story

    All the people at the side of the track are not supposed to be here, just ignore them in this part.


    Saturday, Hakone, at about 6:00 AM.

    A certain someones muscle car is powering up the touge...

    Hironi: Hmm, I wish I could be back with that angel. 'sigh'

    As the sun is rising at Hakone, its a magnificent sight as the fireball is awakening.

    Master Position 6 edit.jpg

    Hiromi: Ah that is a great sight, I hope that It will be a good day with a sign like that.

    Hiromi: Ok vette! Lets drive!

    Hiromi slams down his accelerator and lets the rev hit the limiter before shifting down.

    Hiromi: Time passes on... we might as well enjoy the now!

    Like I say, the winner takes everything!

    Master Position 7 edit.jpg

    As Hiromi takes a break at the peak of Hakone, He goes over to the bench and takes a look onto Mt. Fuji

    Hiromi: Ah, this really chills me back being up here.

    Hakone summit.jpg

    He looks back to his Corvette to see a few young school girls checking the irresistible purple machine out, He decides to go 'impress' then.

    Hiromi: Hey there girls! You like the vette?

    School girl 1: Oh it is wonderful! Full of spirit!

    School girl 2: Thats for sure! I wish it had more seats. 'laughs'

    School girl 3: How much horsepower does it produce?

    Hiromi was quite enjoying himself until the last girl spoke he became quite intrigued in one of them asking the HP, this had never happened before.

    School girl 3: So..?

    Hiromi: Oh... OH sorry, aha it has 440bhp.

    School girl 2: Wow! That so cool, I bet it is super fast!

    School girl 3: Yes, It is. The C4 vettes are quite the quick ones, I hear one in Nagoya is like a black bullet on the highway.

    Hiromi: Oh really? I'm a good highway racer myself, I would say I'm the best even!

    School girl 3: There is always someone faster than you though.

    Hiromi loses his momentum and decides to pack it in with these girls.

    Hiromi: I guess your right, well girls its been nice seeing you. Farewell 'winks'

    School girl 1 & 2 giggle and 3 looks away on Hironi's decent down Hakone.

    Master Position 8 edit.jpg

    Hiromi: They were certainly nice, I should of asked their numbers 'laugh'

    Suddenly Hiromi hears a loud engine sound coming from the bottom of the touge, what could it be?!

    Hiromi: Hmm? Sounds like an exotic driver perhaps? I better purse this driver. If I can find them...

    Master Position 9 edit.jpg

    As Hiromi swoops down the twist of Hakone. He slows near the exit area for concern of traffic.

    Master Position 10 edit.jpg

    Hiromi just misses a oncoming cappuccino by leaning off the throttle and adjusting the brakes.

    Cappuccino driver: Import punk!

    Hiromi: Whoops my bad.

    As he reaches his favourite restaurant, there it is! The car which made the sound. To Hiromi's mistake it was actually a fellow muscle car driver...

    Master Position 11 edit.jpg

    Hiromi: What?! It sounded like a super car V8, like a lotus esprit or something! Maybe an engine swap?

    Hiromi struts into the Galant star, a few heads turn then back as he sways down to the wood chip counter.

    Hiromi: Hey there Yuki! Hows it hanging? Going out with anyone yet?

    Yuki: Hiromi please...

    Hiromi: Ok, Ok 'laughs' I'l have a Martini Rosso please.

    Yuki shouts out the order as they go sit at a table.

    Hiromi: So... How is your racing going?

    Yuki: Oh Hiromi all you care about it women and cars can't you ask me how life is?

    Hiromi: Awh come on 'wink'

    Yuki: Fine... Its going great. I won a battle yesterday against a Toyota AW11.

    Hiromi: Why doesn't anyone drive an exotic on the touge ugh! This is why I stick to Shinkanjo.

    Hiromi's Martini arives as he has a sip Yuki continues.

    Yuki: So has Annie left you or something.

    Hiromi face distorts and he brings out the news.

    Hiromi: Ah... you see she had to go back to Italy, she got her dream job.

    Yuki: Oh, that is a shame really.

    Time progresses and Hiromi asks about the Pontiac earlier.

    Hiromi: Say do you know anything about the Pontiac outside?

    Yuki: Oh its that person in the corner there...

    To be continued

    Part 2 END

    Writer notes -

    The school girls were about 16-17. Not super young for reasons sake.

    I will need someone to help me out with the next part. PM me when you can make it (Hopefully tomorrow)

    I sneaked a few easter eggs in there too. :lol:

    Thanks for reading! :D
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2014
  13. KazaMR2


    Part 3 - The muscle duet

    Saturday, Hakone, now at around 10:00 AM.

    Contined from last part...

    Hiromi: Say do you know anything about the Pontiac outside?

    Yuki: Oh its that person in the corner there...

    Yuki leads an arrow at a mysterious stranger in the edge of the restaurant, Then the stranger gets up and walks over to her and Hironi.

    ?: Hey! I know you your that guy who races exotic cars after a diner with a girl! Not cool...

    Hiromi: Hey I don't tell you how to live your life, so back off pal.

    ?: Alright! THAT'S IT - You'r duelling my Ponti' now!

    The stranger is wearing a 8 ball coloured robe with a hood so its hard to make out who it is...

    So after that gag both of them line up at a sign

    This song is used for OST in this battle (Inspired from @RCKakashi14's use of this in his story too.)

    Master Position 12 Edit.jpg

    ?: Hey names Kanon!

    Hiromi: Ok... are you male or female? I can't tell by that gothic getup.

    Kanon: Your going down Master Position!!!

    The race starts...

    Master Position 13 Edit.jpg

    Hiromi gets loads of wheelspin where as Kanon is playing it smooth and holding back.

    Hiromi: Hmm? I thought I was 'going down'. 'Laughs quitely'

    Kanon: Remember my training from that 86 guy and I'l be alright!

    Master Position 14 Edit.jpg

    Almost straight away Kanon catches up, from a secret technique. Master position has a pro in his rear mirror...

    Master Position 15 Edit.jpg

    Hiromi: Ok get ready for this then 'Kanon'!

    Master Position 16 Edit.jpg

    Hiromi puts the pedal to the metal literally, He creates a major gap in the race!

    Kanon: I will win, That guy is predicable. Like most guys I have met while racing.

    Master Position 17 Edit.jpg

    Hiromi: Hey! Your actually keeping up, well done.

    Master Position 18 Edit.jpg

    Both cars approach the summit of Hakone and prepare for the decent with Master Position still in the lead.

    Kanon: Alright then Master Position, lets prove your more like Rookie position!

    Master Position 19 Edit.jpg

    Hiromi: Hmm? Kanon's aura seems strangely familiar...

    Master Position 20 Edit.jpg

    Random traffic driver: Alright! Nearly at the best location for a photoshoot of Fuji, woop woop!

    RTD's Passenger 1: Huh?! What the hell is that noise bomb up ahead?!

    Master Position 21 Edit.jpg

    It all happens in an instance, MP's Vette strikes past the Honda like a throwing knife. As Hiromi glides around the place with his left wheels stuck in the grass, Kanon makes the move!

    Master Position 22 Edit.jpg

    Hiromi gets a glance of Kanon and see's a face familiar to Annie's...

    Hiromi: ANNIE?! IS... IS THAT YOU?

    After Hiromi's glance he leans off his sparkling plum machine.

    Master Position 23 Edit.jpg

    With his mind spinning around faster than he can get a date, He strives to at least keep up. Was it really Annie? Or maybe just a fragment of his imagination messing with him?

    Hiromi: I... I'm speechless

    Hiromi's has his real poker face on now.

    Master Position 24 Edit.jpg

    Kanon: Oh gheez! He is actually closer than I thought. Better use my last bit of stamina on the finale.

    Master Position 25 Edit.jpg

    They cross the finish, Master last and Kanon first.

    Yuki: Uuh... The Pontiac driver wins!!!

    Hiromi and Kanon turn around and set the cars stationary.

    Master Position 26 Edit.jpg

    Hiromi dashes out to Kanon's car and speaks -

    Hiromi: Annie?

    Kanon revels her face, it turns out she is a female. She has a scar under her cheekbone with wine red straight hair.

    Hiromi stares for a second or two before getting slapped.


    A few moments later...

    All three; Yuki, Kanon and Hiromi are sat inside at a quaint little table again. Before the havoc starts -

    Kanon: Your nothing but a bad guy Hiromi! Change your ways!

    Hiromi: Hey hey, no need to get so aggravated at a simple matter of a glare!

    Kanon: THAT was not a 'glare'

    Yuki: Oh brother... Hey! Get me a Fosters Fujiwara!

    In conclusion after the battle of the drama queens finishes

    Hiromi does his thing and sets Kanon on a date with him! We'l never know how or why it happened... As for now.

    Chapter 2 - Master Position - END

    Writer notes -

    Reference galore... :p

    As it turns out this is my first story to finish on a cliff-hanger after their being a cliff-hanger earlier! I think It worked out well being like that.

    Thanks for reading!!!

    For now I think I'l postpone this project and get Nihon Supidoran back on track! But I won't leave it fully in the dust, I'l even give a spoiler to the next victim. :lol:

    Wait you didn't get it?! Well don't blame yourself. :scared: 'Cough' Anagram 'Cough'
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2014
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    Couldn't resist...

    tokyo pontiac.jpg
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  15. Lilslick510


    United States
    These are some great stories. If your looking for help, I can assist (^.^).
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  16. KazaMR2


    Sure thing buddy! I'll add you on PSN :cheers:
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  17. Lilslick510


    United States
    Add AAO_AKUMA_510AK. I don't used my Drift Artz for GT6
  18. KazaMR2


    Hello everyone, I have decided to re-start Tokyo's wanderers for now until I get my new laptop for Christmas and can edit Nihon Supidoran's opening scene. I have added a new character to the list, as a spoiler for those who would are still figuring out the anagram! :D
  19. KazaMR2


    Chapter 3 - A Bloody Angel?

    Part 1 - Deadly Viper

    Bloody Mary 2.jpg

    Somewhere in Tokyo... A certain casanova is out on a date and has just finished up at a high-quality restaurant, now he is escorting his date to the high performance limo of a Corvette.

    Hiromi: Madam, my Corvette awaits.

    Kanon: Why am I on a date with this loser again? I forgot.

    Bloody Mary 1 edit.jpg

    As Hiromi drives back onto the C1, he decides to switch on his 'charm'.

    Hiromi: So how was you night out with me... Kanon?

    Kanon: Great... 'sigh'

    Meanwhile a Dodge Viper is pulled over at Miyakezaka JCT

    Bloody Mary 3 edit.jpg

    This certain Viper's driver is know as Bloody Mary...

    Miki Tsuyuki is it's driver, a well know TV idol to many of the Japanese community.

    Miki: Ok it's my only day off, lets see if we can beat my combo of 30 racers shot down!

    Hmm? A Corvette C4, time to put my hawk of a viper to use.

    Bloody Mary 4 edit.jpg

    As soon as Miki puts down the throttle, the true racer inside of her wakes up.

    Music cue

    Hiromi: A viper eh? This will be easy, everyone knows Vettes beat vipers any day! Time to show off to this delightful goddess.

    Kanon: That viper! I've seen it before somewhere.

    Bloody Mary 5 edit.jpg

    A devilish glow emits from that mysterious machine, yet Hiromi is determined to show his best to the date.

    Kanon: Hey, I just want to get home Hiromi. No need to battle this one.

    Hiromi: Dammit! But I want to show my true skill!

    Just as Hiromi states this in his mind...

    Bloody Mary 6 edit.jpg

    He strikes out a slight drift! Luckly he doesn't spin out from his mistake.

    Miki: Oh dear that vette looks like it has no-chance by that performance. Hehe

    Kanon: Hiromi that challenger is just trying to get you to race, back down! Please?

    Hiromi: I just gotta race him!

    Bloody Mary 7 edit.jpg

    The Viper continues to rage on as the aura grows so does the power! But traffic might make a big change...

    Miki: No! Don't go swerve in front you fool, I'l ram you from all this speed!

    Bloody Mary 8 edit.jpg

    As Miki said her dramatic acceleration caused the Hiromi to get rammed, both cars suffered a jolt and minor damage on the bumpers

    Miki: Well I just predicted the future, good for me!

    Hiromi: Mad driver! Watch where I'm headed next time.

    Bloody Mary 9 edit.jpg

    Hiromi's mistaken effort lead him yet into another crash as he lightly scratches the passenger side.

    Kanon: Aaaaah! Hiromi! Stop!

    Hiromi continues as if in the zone though.

    Bloody Mary 10 edit.jpg
    Miki: I'm the best viper racer on the C1! There is no way you'l catch me now. hehe

    Music end

    Hiromi backs off the accelerator, and he cruises for a while.

    Kanon: Hey dummie? At least you listened to me. Ughhh can't bare this anymore.

    Hiromi: Well I'l get that guy next time! Hey I'l make it up to you Kanon... another date maybe?

    Kanon: Did you really just ask me that?!

    Hiromi: Well unless this is a dream.

    Kanon: Just get me home OK?

    Bloody Mary 11 edit.jpg

    While cooling down the mighty Mary emits a fiery burn aura.

    Miki: Ok one down, who's next? Hmm?

    Hiromi's C4 turns up at Yaesu route too!

    Bloody Mary 12 edit.jpg

    Kanon leaps out of the Corvette and leans over the light aura emitting viper thinking it's the C4, and it's driver steps out. Miki is facing forward and Kanon can't make out from her Hood and robe whether it's a he or she.

    Kanon: Uhh, sorry... dude?

    Miki fills with rage as she makes a vibrant turn around to face a now toned down Kanon.

    Miki: What did you say to me?!

    Kanon: Wait... Miki Tsuyuki! From TV!

    Miki: Oh please don't be an extremest fan!

    Kanon: No, I'm not.

    While Miki and Kanon sit on the devilish viper to have a chat, Hiromi slowly gets out to creep up on the conversation.

    Kanon: Yeah the 'Hiromi' guy who was driving is a total...

    Hiromi: Hey! What were you going to say Kanon?

    Kanon lights up from being found out, and speaks out.

    Kanon: Racer

    Hiromi: Oh... ok then. Anyway who's your friend?

    Miki: I'm Miki Tsuyuki, nice to meet you Hiromi.

    Miki shakes hands with Hiromi, Hiromi blushes then has a nosebleed.

    To be continued!

    Writer notes -

    Firstly thanks for reading!

    This is quite a short part, as I need to find my writing flow again since I just suddenly stopped 2 months ago

    I think I dragged it on a bit at the end, this is why there is going to be a continuation later.

    Feel free to tell me what you think, and how I can improve.

    I'l add the new characters in the top post, as well as now adding Kanon as she will feature in this next part too as a semi-main character.
  20. KazaMR2


    Part 2 - New opponents old acquaintances

    Continued from last part...

    It is around 23:00PM @ the Yaesu PA; Miki, Kanon and Hiromi are gathered around the V10 rocking viper.

    Miki: Are you ok Hiromi? You have a nosebleed, let me grab a tissue!

    Kanon: Why not let all the blood rush out so I can run off with his Vette! ah hahaha.

    Hiromi gets passed down a thick bunch of tissues from Miki, as Kanon looks away from them two being close right then.

    Kanon: Gheez Get a room.

    Miki looks onto Hiromi with a concentrated look as he blushes while redness drips out his nose. After that event, Miki states her racing status and Hiromi and Kanon let her go her way, back to the C1 to destroy racers out there on this dark-ridden night.

    Bloody Mary 13 edit.jpg

    Miki: Oh no, not this fool again!

    Seems like Miki has encountered Straying Idol freak... you can tell by the name what this means!

    Junichi Kishida (Straying Idol freak): Ahaha! What a coincidence, it's Wednesday and my favourite idol is out on the C1...

    Miki: I'l toy with this 'racer boy' before dominating that slow MR-S I said 'd buy on TV.

    Junichi: I bet she already loves me as a racer for picking the car she likes best!

    Miki: Ok go time!

    Bloody Mary 14 edit.jpg

    The raging aura of Bloody Mary awakens again as she starts up this one sided battle.

    Miki: When we reach the straight before the Hamazakibashi JCT, my upper hand V10 will blow this fan away! Oh how I have wanted to get this stalker away from me for ages.

    Junichi: She's following me! I'l turn off at Yaesu!

    The completely opposite fighters end up at the minor straight away, then...

    Bloody Mary 15 edit.jpg

    A complete boost of power speeds up Bloody Mary's Viper and sends it like a ballistic missile.

    Junichi: Huh what?!

    Junichi experiences this power and a chill goes all the way down his spine... a Blood ridden phantom swept past like he wasn't even there!

    Bloody Mary 16 edit.jpg

    Miki: Watch closely! This is a real car, not like that slow non-functional midget for a car!

    Bloody Mary 17 edit.jpg

    Miki swoops through the tunnel at lightspeed, Junichi tries to follow in slipstreem but gets a bit too much lift from his aero kit. This sends him in a huge fishtail!

    Bloody Mary 18 edit.jpg

    Junichi realises that he'll never be able to get near to the speed of the ultimate viper. Miki continues to speed off, quite impressed by her speed and angle in that corner while Junichi tries a reversal on the fishtail.

    But it doesn't end like a happy ending for everyone unfortunately.

    Bloody Mary 19 edit.jpg

    The small MR-S would of been fully totaled if it weren't for the safety built parts installed by the tuning shop he rely on. But the front left suffered a big hit, seems Idol freak won't be catching no idols for a long time...

    Bloody Mary 20 edit.jpg

    Miki's thirst for dominating racers continues as she faces off 2 racers at once! An FC and FD duo get struck down in an instant. The bloody V10 monster can be heard from miles off as it drives though the C1 as if it's on the Wangan.

    Part1/2 END

    Writer notes -

    I find it quite funny how Genki made the licence plate for Idol freak and Bloody Mary in TXR3 the same numbers, just 64 and 65 is the difference :lol: It actually says on Idol freaks profile 'He came upon his idol who said "I wish I could sit in the passenger seat of this car"' Which makes me think they were definitly ment to be related (That and you have to beat Straying Idol freak before facing off Bloody Mary...)

    Thanks for reading this part, I hope you enjoyed it!

    Special thanks to those who helped out - @MrUnknown - Idol freak @G_Parrilla and Camo_Chris - Traffic cars.

    If you would like to help out with the next run as traffic, or even a 3rd and 4th racer PM me and next time you can help too. It would be much appreciated as having traffic makes the race feel more alive (Well to me at least :p)
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  21. KazaMR2



    Hello everyone, I am deciding to re-re-continue again. Hopefully this time I'l get about 2 chapters into this story, I'l give a spoiler on the end part to Miki's story...

    Beat his lap time on TXR3 to race him in the story mode...


    Err why did you don't know about bloody mary's viper's weight and horsepower figures? Can you show the tune?
  23. KazaMR2


    Part 3 - Master of the the night

    Somewhere overlooking the C1 at a near full track view height...

    ??? 1: Hey, that Viper just beat "you know who's time!"

    ??? 2: Oh really, OK I'l contact him to see what he's up to.

    ??? 1: Make sure he's prepared. This looks like a tough Viper indeed. Hmm...

    (Miki is the narrator throughout the story)

    Sometime later, I was going lightspeed around the ring when I see a load of shady trucks with covers over the side...
    Very suspicious indeed, I think I'll slow down it might be the undercover police or something?

    Just then, as if on cue with Miki slowing. The four trucks boxed in Miki creating a convoy!

    What! What the heck are they doing! I can't tell where they're going. I guess I'll just stick at the same speed.

    A while later, it seems the trucks lead me to Yaesu. What could they be planning? Who are the drivers?

    ??? 3: Hello my name is Shinichi Kobayashi, Sorry for the awkward introduction with our trucks but that's how we arrange our race.

    Miki: Pretty dumb way if you ask me but I'll play with it.

    Shinichi: And your name is?

    Miki: Miki Tsuyuki, I find this a very weird way to ask for a race... Why do you feel the need to box me in?

    Shinichi: Aha, I will show you.

    Shinichi reveals the trucks undercoat from the night colored wrap... It appears they are a racing team!

    Miki: MCR...?

    Shinichi: Matchless crowd racing, we create only the fastest racing machines we can.

    Miki: And you want to race a no-body like me? How obscure.

    Shinichi: No, no you see. You actually beat our best time around the C1, which is quite the impressive feat I must say.

    Miki: Oh, that's cool then. One thing though?

    Shinichi: Oh the car, OK guys deploy the R34!

    Miki: R34... Uh oh these guys mean serious business, can I just scatter off... please...

    Shinichi and his crew open the backs of the trucks; one has about 20-odd tires, the second with a full on computer system that looks to track car data, the 3rd with optional parts like another front bumper, and finally the main attraction an aggressive time attack styled R34 painted a very sweet red.

    MCR VS BM 9.jpg

    Miki: You look very prepared, maybe a bit too prepared even and why the blank plate? Isn't that illegal!

    Shinichi: Maybe... maybe. But now it's time for the duel, the only rule we have is 3 laps. But obviously don't deliberately crash into me or anything drastic just to win. I'm sure you won't anyhow as I'll be flying, as for the plate... We will only be running 3 laps and it's quiet so I doubt the police will be alerted.

    Miki: Ooooh this guy just messed with the wrong woman!

    Alright, I was going to decline anyway. But lets rock!

    MCR VS BM 10.jpg

    After this display the two determined racers enter the highway for their rolling start...

    Miki: After the signs we go, sounds fine with me.

    The race begins!

    Miki: What's up with the R34? Shouldn't it be faster than this, or is he... no he couldn't be! He's tailing me to put on tension.

    Shinichi: Ok time to put on a hard battle, I'll keep as close as possible. Maybe even a little tap?

    MCR VS BM 1.jpg

    Miki: This guy is mental!

    I'm glad there isn't much traffic out, I'll be able to put my 20+ years of racing to good use!

    3 laps, all I gotta do is endure, come on Miki you can do this.

    MCR VS BM 2.jpg

    We're weaving through this course like a sparrowhawk and sparrow, I'm the sparrow so I must concentrate.

    Shinichi: The improved undercarriage will help out even at the C1, I think it works best at the touge though.

    MCR VS BM 3.jpg

    Miki: Alrighty then, time to put it all in the final half, I'll 'deliberately' fall back after the 2nd lap.

    MCR VS BM 4.jpg

    Shinichi: 2nd lap, just keep behind until 3rd and I'll use all my power then, as our engine is so responsive it will equal efficient driving even in consecutive corners, therefore powerloss is down!

    Ok I'l stick to the... What?!

    MCR VS BM 5.jpg

    Miki pulls off her dummy fault to fall back in her master plan, she understeers and nearly hits the wall. With her already damaged front that could of been near-fatal.

    Shinichi: What the..? That was one weird maneuver. I'l have to just see how this battle wagers now. I'm sure to win with our MCR tuning.

    Miki: Oh I'm not done yet!

    MCR VS BM 6.jpg

    Miki assumes her stance and keeps a reasonable distance until the straightaway, and then her full throttle power unleashes its pressure!

    MCR VS BM 7.jpg

    Miki: I won't lose this easily so I better use his tactic to keep up.

    MCR VS BM 8.jpg

    Huh? Wait a second what's that out of the ordinary light from behind me? It's so unnerving.

    Chills run through Miki and the same sort of chill rushes to Shinichi as he sees the light in the mirror too...

    Part 2/2 END

    Writer notes -

    MCR is a renowned racing brand, known for their fast tunes. The MCR R34 has lots of HKS parts on it, if you want to find out more search 'MCR R34' on youtube and try find the Touge battle videos.

    Miki's story will end here and it won't continue onto Shinichi's, he is another one-off character like Silver Shadow. So he may return later, but that's up to the story's route.

    As I haven't wrote for a while this may be lacking, but I am under lots of pressure and have tons and tons of work to do. Hopefully I will be able to get the next few parts done sooner rarther than a huge gap again.

    Also bonus pictures!

    MCR Bonus pic.jpg

    MCR's licence plate.png

    This is MCR's TXR3 licence plate if you were wondering why he didn't use it, they had just finished a race earlier (Which might get mentioned) Also I will add Shinichi to the character list.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
  24. MyogiWarrior34


    I'm pretty sure Bloody Mary's Viper is a stripeless Viper; and isn't Straying Idol Freak's MRS neon lime green?

    Nice touch on the battle between Bloody Mary and Shinichi a.k.a. MCR driver; though you're not planning to give out his B.A.D. Name "Shutokou Leader" yet, are you?

    Also, white NT03+Ms suit the R34 more given on its TXR spec + colored carbon hood.
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    Ted: "This is illegal, you know?"
    Shinichi: "No number plate??"
    Ted: "Yes!"
  26. MrUnknown

    MrUnknown (Banned)

    Too soon.
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  28. MrUnknown

    MrUnknown (Banned)

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  29. RCKakashi14



    Uh.... do you even have an idea who Shinichi Kobayashi is in real life? He takes races seriously... very seriously. In fact, he's as skilled as all the hosts of Best Motoring, that he was invited to race them in Tsukuba using his R34 GT-R.
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  30. KazaMR2


    Part 4 - Bright lights!

    Cue Ice Azurite's theme - Hate or glory

    AH! That light, what is it? Another opponent?

    The intense light calms down and both Shinichi and Miki are startled as it's a unusual looking RX8...

    Miki: Really, an RX8? Is that the best you got. Just some flash lights?

    The RX8 rips up the accelerator and flies down the straightaway!

    Miki: !!!

    It flies down into the tunnel corner way too quickly but then!..

    Shinichi: Uh oh this looks bad. Better keep close just in case it doesn't correct that fatal move.

    The mysterious challenger follows up his attack with a huge drift!

    Ice Azurite story 1.jpg

    What the hell is this person doing?! Running into our race and ruining it, I'l have you know I am the MCR representative!

    Then what's this?! Miki leaves and goes the onto the other road near the Wangan, how strange... Maybe it was her damage

    Ice Azurite story 2.jpg

    The new wanderer swiftly slides all around the tunnel, It's aura raging out of control in crystalline spikes!

    Ice Azurite: 1 Big dog down and another to go, tonight I will prove myself in this rotary monster...

    Ice Azurite story 3.jpg

    Azurite calms back down as being in the lead takes lots of patience and control, losing your position means your reputation on the C1. As we can tell from Shinichi getting quite aggravated by that un-nerving maneuver.

    Shinichi: Don't you know who I am? I am the Shutokou Leader, with lap records everywhere in my perfect R34! I am NOT to be messed around with whoever it may be!

    Ice Azurite: I have the upper hand now, I guess I may be kind as to forfeit this match and apogise for that intrusion.

    Ice Azurite switches on the hazards with a similar yet darker glow to them near illegal neon blue lights.

    Shinichi: Hmm? Retiring... Ok maybe this guy isn't as bad as I thought, I'l call the team to meet up wherever he stops.

    Ice Azurite story 4.jpg

    - Music ends -

    About a few minutes later the neon bullet followed by the mad dog pull over at a suitable stop just near the Yaesu entry.

    Ice Azurite steps out of her car, suited in a Alpinestars Orbiter 1 Piece. Strange outfit to be wearing as it's for a motorcyclist, followed by a smooth youthful face with Hawaiian blue tints placed in lines along her dark silky straightened running hair. Shinichi is slightly stunned by her attire as anyone would be probably. He also gets out and walks over to the side barrier where she is leaned over staring out onto Tokyo's vast city-scene.

    Shinichi: Uh, hey you? It's not very polite to just storm into a race in progress and divert the other driver with smoke!

    ???: Huh... OH yeah sorry, I was just thinking about something. Yes I pulled over to say I'm sorry about that; I just saw it was you and Bloody Mary battling it out and couldn't help but join in, it's a bit OCD-ish.

    Shinichi: Right... and I didn't catch your name sorry?

    Setsuko: It's Setsuko Fukui.

    Shinichi: Uhuh, and your not from around here are you, you have a Yokohama plate. Why come out all the way to C1 when you could of stayed in the Yokohama line? I hear it's lively some days.

    Setsuko: Yes... But I feel out of place with those racers, they aren't very fast. I want to go against stronger opponents and come out even stronger!

    Shinichi: Aha, you seem very enthusiastic about that motto. Tell you what, I am doing a time attack on the C1 again tomorrow to reclaim my position as the fastest around the loop. You can be my passenger?

    THE END?

    Chapter 3 - Bloody Mary - Complete

    Writer notes -

    Setsuko is Ice azurite's name as of 2 reasons. 1- It is a cool name :sly: 2- 'It can have a number of different meanings depending on the kanji used. One possibility is "Snow Child"' says Wikipedia anyway. It was going to be Makoto firstly, but I decided to change it.

    Small part I know, but it was only because I couldn't find the time and participants but luckly @TheNeos helped me out with this small sector. Hopefully next session there can be a 3-way battle, I will announce it elsewhere.

    As you may be thinking at the moment 'Who is Ice Azurite?, She isn't a TXR wanderer?' well you would be right! But I had a chat with someone and came to an output on creating an OC for this series, and well here she is!

    I will add Setsuko's details to the character list so stay tuned! :cheers:

    Annnnnd finally on another note, the next chapter will be based around Setsuko instead of a totally new wanderer, as the main characters in this story have been chosen already. The next chapter part one will hopefully be up by the end of this weekend, or late next week.

    As usual thanks for reading! And feedback is always appreciated good or bad. :D
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