Tokyo's Wanderers - Season 1

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    Those illegal lights on the RX8 was sick!
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    That was fun :D
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    Chapter 4 - Ice Azurite

    Part 1 - Desire

    Somewhere in the near future...

    Ice Azurite part 2 14.jpg

    That power... how fast was that GTR?!

    It was even faster than one among the best on the highway...


    Shinkanjo - Just past 10PM

    Setsuko continued on from her battle and decides to get back to Yokohama quickly before her shift starts, taking the Bayshore route will be the fastest way there.

    Setsuko: Alrighty, I'l think about that ride Shinichi asked me about... He seems nice and quick he could even teach me some tricks.

    Setsuko shows an expanding grin as she thinks about how she can become even faster on the highways, maybe even one day become the 'Ultimate highway dominator'... But before that, here comes a challenger!

    Setsuko: Ok, Night wolf... Oh! He is in the top 4 quickest on this wangan area according to the Tokyo BBS forums. I better get ready for a champion battle.

    Ice Azurite part 2 5.jpg

    Night wolf flashes his lights onto the pricey light shades of Setsuko's RX8, Setsuko presses her hazards and prepares for the battle as Night wolf pulls side with her. Get ready... This will be one heck of a close one.

    The race begins!

    Ice Azurite part 2 6.jpg

    Ice Azurite is off to a great start with the weight of her car being nearly under 1000kg! But she shouldn't be too overconfident.

    Nissan GTR's are not cars to be messed around with on the highways, especially the Bayshore area!

    And with that the huge single turbine on Night wolf's R kicks in with the master race 4WD system...

    Ice Azurite part 2 7.jpg

    Setsuko: Hey! No fair...

    Night wolf: No chance against the best, LED lights may attract attention but they don't attract wins.

    Ice Azurite part 2 8.jpg

    Both Night wolf and Ice Azurite are speeding way over 180mph now! This is where the real driver and tuning comes into play.

    Setsuko: Ok, over 180. I best keep boost in the mid range, don't want to blow it on the tunnels.

    Ice Azurite part 2 9.jpg

    As they charge onward to the tunnel entry, both drivers see a common yet very stood out GTR R35, this may be trouble. As there has been a lack of traffic over all the racing activity on the highways, it seems only other racers can cause crashes from a lack of caution.

    In this case, the GTR seems to want to cause that...

    Ice Azurite part 2 10.jpg

    As Night wolf goes past, the R35 begins to sway to the right lane trying to cut off Setsuko!

    GTR Driver: Oh I'm just getting started, come back here!

    Ice Azurite part 2 11.jpg

    The flash speeds up and a not-so-friendly aura comes out of the headlights of the track car looking GTR, as the aura spreads from the front to the rear of the car in a flame like way.

    Ice Azurite part 2 15.jpg

    Night wolf: !!!

    Ice Azurite part 2 12.jpg

    GTR slows as the aura slides from tail to beak, as if devouring the prey he sits behind Night wolf in a uber aggressive way.

    Ren: My name is Ren Yoshizawa! The legend of the bluff - and I am the best here, no denying it!

    Night wolf: What the hell?! This guy is trying to get me off the road or something... Well I'm not moving.

    Ren: Hehe, alright, lets go R... Show how quick we can really go.

    Once the R is finished with the 'meal' it moves on creating an abstract movement combination of taillight and aura behind that zippy bodykited machine.

    Ice Azurite part 2 13.jpg

    While the R begins the overtake both the eyes of Ren and Setsuko meet in the act, they both have a very concentrated look of astonishment.

    Ice Azurite part 2 14.2.fw.png

    Ren's GTR begins it's electric run out the tunnels...

    Ice Azurite part 2 14.jpg

    and goes past the horizon...

    Setsuko: That power... how fast was that GTR?!

    It was even faster than one among the best on the highway...

    There was something about that driver too, why does he remind me of an old colleague I met ages back?

    But most of all, my RX8... It was too slow and my spirit is destroyed the moment I got passed, I wish I could disappear from a defeat like this...

    Ren: We will meet again, Setsuko.

    Or should I say


    After that chaotic event, Setsuko and Night wolf both get back to a cruise of 60Mph.

    They lower the windows as they exit the tunnel and hear the roar and buzz of planes from Hadena airport.

    Setsuko: Heeeeeeeeey! That was a nice run, that GTR guy though...

    Setsuko feels a strong cold shiver through her as she was about to say what she wanted, but gets interrupted by Night wolf.

    Night wolf: Yeah he was dumb for pulling off moves like that thinking he is all 'pro' or something haha.

    Anyway would you like to go to Daikoku pa?

    Setsuko replys with a certain sad look: No... I wish I could but I have to get to work.

    Night wolf: Right. Well then, I'll give you my number. When that guy shows again I hope you are out, because he has caused a riot at PA meetings with his over the top ego. I don't know what's with him but as one of the best highway runners on the Shinkanjo to Wangan area, I'm asking you that you need to help out and regain the area for everyone.

    Night wolf sketchily writes his number on the back of a receipt and gives it to Setsuko mid-drive with caution.

    Setsuko: Ok, I will try to be out as much as I can to stop that dummie GTR. I bet he isn't even as quick as Jintei!

    Night Wolf: Oh yes.

    As Night wolf laughs the joke off and they get further down the bayshore he subsides to the Daikoku pa, while Setsuko continues in even more of a rush to her club 'Desire'.


    Writer notes -

    This part was delayed as I was slightly ill, I am better now though. (Lets hope it keeps that way :p)

    I think I didn't put as much writing into this as I could, I am still recovering but next chapter I will aim for more words and story than pictures as I usually do to get out of my comfort zone.

    I will add Ren to the characters list as he will take a role as a sub-character in this story.

    The next part I will need a volunteer for. I will ask around when I am online. (And I hope you have lots of CR in game... :D)

    As usual thank you for reading! And feedback is always appreciated! :cheers:
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    This part was very good and I think a smile came onto my face when I read about the R Driver...
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    Part 2 - Getaway

    Writer notes -

    A word in bold when someone is talking equates to it being emphasized, unless introducing a character.


    Yokohama - Around about midnight.

    Club Desire music - plays faintly like a background ost

    Ice Azurite part 3 2.jpg

    Setsuko: Aha finally, I am at Desire. Time to get busy with the customers hehe.

    Setsuko pulls over to the side of the road, there is quite a few nice cars parked around. As she smiles at them she goes onward into the club to be called over by Akira - Her boss.

    Akira: Hey! Setsuko get over to my office, we need to chat.

    Setsuko: Uh oh Boss don't seem so happy...

    Akira awaits Setsuko in his office, laid back on his chair he swishes through his long slicked back hair. Setsuko wanders in and takes a seat, as Akira flys back into a normal seating position.

    Akira: Right... We have a situation here Setsuko.

    Setsuko: Please don't fire me!

    Akira: One of your regular customers - Shin Yamamoto. He hasn't paid up for about 2 weeks! I need you to help me out with my little, uh, plan...

    Setsuko: Oh boy not one of his silly plans again.

    As Setsuko raises her head with a face palm, she states:

    Setsuko: Ok, what is it this time sir?

    Akira: When he walks through that door, we'll wait till he is seated by someone. Then stage 2 - We will walk stealthy over there and give him the low down. He refuses then, I'l... 'Talk to him in private' aha, if he does which is highly unlikely we will continue our daily business. Sound OK?

    Setsuko: Fine with me, but if he runs off or does something stupid then what?

    Akira: I'l act, you follow. Got it?

    Setsuko: That's alright then. But I need to change out of my biker suit first.

    Akira: Don't take too long, he usually gets here early morning!

    Setsuko: I know my regulars schedules, your the one who tells me to 'follow their routine' Ughh...

    Setsuko exits the office and Akira sets his legs to rest on the desk again, looking as chilly as a winter day.

    Ice Azurite part 3 1.jpg

    Meanwhile outside, a certain S2000 turns up, as the bouncer - Kouta Honda - at the entrance sees him he gives word to Akira before he gets to the entrance.

    Kouta gets back to the front doors and awaits Shin.

    Kouta: Hello sir, welcome back to Desire.

    Shin: Thank you, is Setsuko in?

    Kouta stutters as he speaks: Uuuh, yes she just got in, come right this way.

    They walk through into the club - With bright lights everywhere; a dark burgundy and purple accent covers the walls and floor. There is expensive looking art on most of the walls.

    Shin continues with Kouta to his usual place near the corner, with a good display of the room.

    Kouta: Take a seat and I'l call Setsuko over.

    Shin: OK, take your time.

    Back over in the changing rooms Setsuko has just finished getting dressed. Her dress looks very gothic in a shade of black-grey with wine red frills on the short sleeves, and a crosshatch design in red lace across the neck collar. Her skirt is short in a deeper black color with the same red frills near the end. She has her hands slotted in dark fancy cotton gloves, with a chrome silver glisten to it. Along her slender legs are dark brown tights, continuing to her shoes that are alike to Tai Chi shoes (Kung fu) but have laces in a crosshatch method over the top.

    She steps out of the changing room to be frightened at someone waiting outside for her.

    Setsuko lets out a slight scream, then realizes it's only Kouta.

    Setsuko: Kouta! You scared the life out of me, I thought you were one of the customers trying to stare me down!

    Kouta: Ahhh! Sorry Miss Setsuko. I will wait outside next time, it's just your regular no.3 is here - Shin!

    Setsuko: Ah drat, he turned up... oh well onto the dumb plan.

    Akira with his hands in pockets of his classy white suit steps out of the office and goes over to Setsuko quiet yet fast.

    Akira whisperers to her: Ok time to act! Shin is in the usual corner of his, you take the right and I'l take the left.

    Setsuko nods as they start to duck and walk around the love seats to Shin.

    Akira pops up out of nowhere and startles Shin, followed by Setsuko.

    Akira: Shin! Payment time!

    Akira goes into a fighting stance of some sort with his fists up.

    Setsuko: Hey boss! No need to go into a fight with him!

    Setsuko trys to put his fists down, but trips herself and they fall over.

    Shin gets up and runs through the exit, Kouta tries grabbing him as he leaves but gets hit by Shin's elbow in the face as Shin struggled, letting him run away.

    Ice Azurite part 3 3.jpg

    The night life of Yokohama has only just begun for Setsuko! As the roar of the Yokohama citys scene continues.

    THE END (Part 1/2)

    Writer notes -

    I decided to stray this out onto 2 parts as I wrote quite a lot here (For me at least :lol:) as I'm still trying to refine my writing skills.

    Akira and Kouta are side characters so they will be added to the characters line up on the first page.

    Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this part! :cheers: Feedback is always appreciated as usual. :D
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    Part 3 - Takedown

    OST for this chase scene

    Shin is still on the run, he predicted they would ask for him to pay up and trained if he needed to run out. But Kouta limps onto his feet and sets a shout.

    Kouta: Hey! Anybody! Catch that man!

    A few pedestrians hear and look around to see Shin running on the final stretch to his S2000. Then one of the pedestrians leaps out of the normal and acts, she takes long strides up to the cars and spreads out her body in the way of them! That certain woman is Kanon!

    Kanon: Hey you! You better give up or I'l give you into that shouting guy...

    Shin notices her and looks around violently, he focuses on an exit loop back to hit Honda if he gets them to chase him.

    Shin: Aha! You can't catch me, your just a woman

    He holds guilty to a sexist comment, but it gets Kanon to enrage after him along with a slightly injured Kouta. Another man shouts out - It seems to be Hiromi.

    Hiromi: Kanon be careful!

    Setsuko and Akira storm out of the club to see Shin wind-speed past them, on pursuit Kanon with her athletic figure easily speeds up also passing by them.

    Setsuko: Akira this is NOT worth it!

    Akira: It's money, it has to be worth it. Say I got a plan... He is going to do the loop back to his Honda and get away again, come with me Setsuko.

    Setsuko: Another plan?.. Great.

    Back to the action and Shin is climbing up a fence to escape Kanon and Kouta. He not-so-quickly gets over it as Kanon near bumps into it on braking. Shin sets his run again and gets to the S2000, engaging the engine he zooms off onto Yokohama's K1 loop.


    Yokohama - 1:49 AM

    Meanwhile with Setsuko and Akira are jogging to a certain rarity of Akira's profits.

    Akira makes some heavy breathing getting his breath back as he stumbles words out;

    Akira: 'Huuf' Here... 'Huuf' Is...

    As he clicks a button a garage door opens a few inches across from both of them revealing a Lamborghini Miura SV '71!

    Setsuko: Wow... So this is where boss transfers his profits!

    With his breathing back to standard level Akira speaks word of his fabulous classic.

    Akira: Pretty sexy huh? Nothing like an Italian classic to spark a grin on your face.

    And with that smirk of Akira's they get in an set off to the K1 loop!

    Ice Azurite part 4 1.jpg

    Setsuko: Is that? No it can't be!

    With a shy whimper from Setsuko Akira gives a reply: Huh? Someone you know own that R?

    Setsuko: No it's just... Forget it.

    Akira: Suit yourself, but I'm not challenging anyone. This Miura is my prize car, no stupid racing for me.

    Setsuko: But boss, yet you drive it really fast now! Over the speed limit!

    Akira: Eeeeh, that doesn't count in my book.

    Ice Azurite part 4 2.jpg

    Continuing the route Ren spots the S2000, followed by Setsuko and Akira lacking behind. The GTR instantly boosts up and is on a route to the Honda.

    Ren: Hehe, I saw all the commotion all along. I entered Desire and saw them two with a silly attempt at asking for debt back. I'll do my best to help them out, as Azurite has to give the RX8 a boost to keep up to me in the finale soon...

    Setsuko: I have a feeling he is going to get that S2000 for us!

    Ice Azurite part 4 3.jpg

    As if connected minds alike - Ren shunts the S2000 and it's rear gets lifted and the FR makes a bad spin out!

    It creates a vortex of smoke before coming in and crashing side with the wall.

    Ice Azurite part 4 4.jpg

    - Music end -

    Ren: His engine must of gotten broke slightly, I'll apologize unless he reacts but he'll get enough agony from Akira...

    Shin swears in Korean as he slams the door of the Honda and steels himself for a punch-out with Ren for wrecking his car. Ren gets out the R and sights Shin revving for a fight, flying towards him! With a swift movement of his body Ren grabs Shin's arm from behind and throws him to the ground with a powerful force breaking his arm in the impact!

    Shin: Ack! My arm? Is it broken?!

    Ren: I'm no part of this battle, however you haven't paid up to Akira yet? You better unless you want your other arm broken!

    Shin: Ok! Ok! I get it, settle down. pogdong eul hal pil-yoga eobs-seubnida (Translation from Korean: No need to make a riot)

    Ren: Right, as for you two. Akira you go off with him, I need to chat with your friend there Setsuko.

    'Cue the cool menu music' :lol:

    Setsuko: He knows me? I swear I knew him from somewhere. Maybe he'll tell me.

    Ren sets off with Setsuko in the GTR as they have a chat on the way back to Desire.

    Ren: So, I'm Ren. You'l know me from your battle I interrupted with Night wolf. I apologize for my rash manner there, I underestimated you. You didn't pull back like most racers do when I speed past... Why is that anyway?

    Setsuko: Uuuh... I guess I have to aim for the top, I like a challenge, Night wolf wasn't holding all out too.

    Ren: Mhm, Ok then. Another thing I need to patch up with you is that we used to know each other in a job. You remember TRUST?

    Setsuko: Oh... Now it's coming back to me. Yes I know you now, I knew you from somewhere and that's it!

    Ren: Glad you remember! Now onto my real motive, I am going to take on the Tokyo guys with my R35 and defeat them one by one on the Wangan. I saw you with the MCR representative on the C1 a while back, do you mind if you tell him to 'watch out when the day comes'?

    Setsuko: What is this guy up to? Ok sure I'm going to practice with him tomorrow anyway.

    Ren: Great, we're nearly back at Desire now.

    Setsuko: Thanks for taking me back, I have enjoyed the time. Your GTR is very modified too... Might I ask what kit that is?

    Ren: Yes it's the 6666 Custom's body kit. and the power is boosted up to... well you'll be able to tell right?

    Setsuko: I guess. This guy is hiding that R's potential I bet...

    After that they arrive back at the parking in front of Desire. Setsuko leaves Ren and his R to be greeted by Kouta, Kanon and Hiromi...


    Writer notes -

    Weird... it's as if Setsuko was telling Ren what to do with her mind! :lol:

    Shin is a Korean businessman working in Japan, he is under a lot of stress and it figures in how he handled the crash.

    Ren and Setsuko will have another chat about their previous connections soon...

    As always thanks for reading! And as usual feedback is appreciated! :D
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    Great work Kaza, as always^^ how did you get the 35mil Miura? LOL
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    Thanks! and it's only 15 million. :dopey:
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    Good Chapter. I actually think I spun better in the practice runs :lol:
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    Maybe aha. :lol: But it still worked out well!
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    Part 4 - Time attack

    Writer notes -

    It's quite hard trying to make a night time scene turn to day. :boggled: So bare in mind that the pictures are supposed to be daytime looking. (My picture editing skills are not that good :lol:)


    Club Desire - Yokohama - 11:00AM

    Setsuko's shift at work has just about finished, it was a quiet morning for her today. Not too many customers, but on the other hand she did see lots of activity before which has shook her up. She is just about to leave as Akira calls her over to his office again.

    Akira: Yo! Setsuko over here.

    Setsuko: What is it now...

    She strays off to his office from her route to freedom, upon entering Akira shuts all the blinds with a flick of a switch.

    Setsuko: What?! Why do you need to blinds shut?

    Akira: For privacy... I need to tell you something important.

    That guy we met the other night in the GTR... You know him?

    Setsuko: Yes, he works at TRUST. I used to work there as a office worker.

    Akira makes a unsure sound and speaks,

    I have doubts in him, I think there is something up with that guy. So I'm telling you now... Keep your distance from him.

    Setsuko: Sir I know him, It's fine. But I'll take your word or something for it then.

    Setsuko exits the darkened room, sets to her RX8 then she is off.

    Ice Azurite part 6 1.jpg

    Setsuko sighs as she keeps to the speed limit on the way to meet up with Shinichi as planned out.

    Ice Azurite part 6 2.jpg
    Just as she begins accelerating away and onward to Tokyo again, she spots a familiar sight... A blood red Viper! It was the other racer she was up against before the Viper left to the Shinkanjo - Haneda route. As she couldn't race with a broken bumper any longer without worrying... Who would of known one of the most feared Viper drivers had a doubt.

    Setsuko spots Miki chatting to a mechanic of some sort in one of the private garages, she also wonders why there is no plates on it? But Setsuko is not one to change her mind and be late, she revs on to Tokyo.

    Meanwhile with Miki...

    Miki: Alright, so how much lighter is the car?

    Mechanic guy: Eh, about 140kg lighter, we removed all the unnecessary parts under the car body.

    Miki sways with delight and does a little dance before singing: Oh yeah! Now I'll be the fastest on C1, no doubts!

    As of that outburst shanty, Miki opens the door to a whole new overhauled demon!..

    Ice Azurite part 6 3.jpg
    Back to Setsuko on her way as she is about to enter the highways once again.

    Setsuko: Alright, time for a little fun!

    She stomps the accelerator and speeds en-route to the Yaesu from the Yokohama line entrance.

    Time passes as it is now around 12pm. Shinichi is at Yaesu on his own without the team waiting for a meetup with Setsuko.

    Shinichi: Where is she? I could of done about 10 laps in my R35 by now.

    As he laughs that one off, Setsuko arrives! The pearl blue neon staring down the slick glossy MCR R35.

    Setsuko: Is that a new car? He had an R34 last time.

    She steps out the icey RX8, dressed back in her Alpinestars suit for racing to the limit.

    Shinichi: Here you are, I had to wait a while. So lets hope you are a good luck charm of some sort.

    Setsuko steps in the R, after been given a stopwatch. This is going to be one heck of a ride!

    Time attack music

    Ice Azurite part 5 6.jpg
    Upon entry to the C1, Shinichi launches the GTR with the propelled power of 4WD! Setsuko hold onto the racing seat tightly, with no loss in grip at all. Her heart begins beating alike the pistons of the R, going in rhythm! She is pumped for a pro-racer ride.

    Ice Azurite part 5 1.jpg
    Shinichi: Watch carefully the way I drive through the loop. Don't just look out the front. OK?

    Setsuko: Right.

    With the drop of gears the R dives into the corner fast as a lightning bolt!

    Ice Azurite part 5 2.jpg
    And with that gearing, Shinichi slides through the turn like it was a straightaway... Setsuko with a big grin realities what happened and jots it in her mind.

    Setsuko: Oh I get the turn you did there!

    Shinichi: Good, I knew from your driving you'd realize. You nearly got out my sights here, till you pulled over.

    Ice Azurite part 5 3.jpg
    Shinichi continues to floor the GTR, Setsuko reading the time with a not-so surprised face. His time is going to be as fast, maybe faster than it seems!

    Shinichi: Setsuko watch here, I'll perform something only a few can do on the C1.

    Ice Azurite part 5 4.jpg
    Shinichi performs the near wall touch technique! To save time and exit as fast as he entered the S-turn.

    Setsuko: We have just passes Tokyo tower! Your making good time. As for the technique... Talk about close, I could see the wall about a centimeter away from your side.

    Shinichi: It takes a ton of practice to handle turns like I do. But I think you'll get there.

    Ice Azurite part 5 5.jpg
    Approaching the Yaesu south entrance Shinichi pulls right to continue on the inner route. Before pulling a big brake at the Edobashi JCT. Then swarming left at the speed of sound, he continues on, dominating the previous time in the R34.

    Setsuko: Annnnd... 4'17"965! That's 10 seconds faster than the R34 and 6 seconds faster than Bloody Mary!

    - End Music -

    Shinichi: This R35 truly is faster than I expected it to be, this is without the max tune too...

    Setsuko: I don't wana face off the max tune! It's already too quick.

    After the lap Shinichi pulls around for another but going to Yaesu to stop next to Setsuko's bright Rotory rocket.

    Setsuko: Domo Arigato! (Thank you very much)

    Shinichi: Yes, it's fine. Before you go though I need to ask you about this...

    He hold up a poster which shows a certain somebody's Rocket bunny GTR... The title reads "Yokohama to Wangan takeover!" Continuing with "I'll race all of the best on the Wangan! I will be at the Tatsumi PA on Saturday, bring your best or be disappointed!" - Signed with a graffiti styled signature "Ren"

    Setsuko: It's got to be him...

    What about it?

    Shinichi: I need you to go there and duel him.

    Setsuko: What! Why?

    Shinichi: He want's to race the best, and from word on the street he beat you on the Wangan while you were racing Night wolf. Flew past like a missile.

    Setsuko stutters: I wasn't trying I... I...

    Shinichi: Enough! You'll go there and win this time. I know it.

    Shinichi smiles and retreats to his GTR then drives off, leaving Setsuko standing staring while thinking.

    Setsuko: I guess I'll have to go there and beat Ren... It must be my Destiny.

    As Setsuko gets in the RX8, she takes thought of how it will go down and in every scenario she think she will lose every time. But...

    Ice Azurite part 6 4.jpg

    On entry to the Inner route, a Mysterious black S15 begins to tail her.

    Ice Azurite part 6 5.jpg

    The shady S15 gets a blast of light to reflect off Setsuko's mirror into her eyes.

    Setsuko: Ah! Hey what an dunce! I'll show this guy, better watch out for cameras though.

    Setsuko lays the accelerator to the floor and the Death driver follows. There is slight traffic ahead, Setsuko pulls a clean block making Death driver do something out of the norm.

    Ice Azurite part 6 6.jpg
    Setsuko looks behind startled and speaks: G G Ghost?

    Ice Azurite part 6 7.jpg
    The also frightened sedan driver looks in fear at the car emerging from nothing in front and brakes as anyone would.

    Sedan driver: What the..?

    They continue to race... Setsuko sunk in her seat, deciding to not look back again at whatever that force is...

    THE END?

    Writer notes -

    Seems not only Master Position is back but Bloody Mary and Death Driver too! It's almost like a reunion or something... :sly:

    Turns out Ren is up to something as Akira thought, I wonder what he has to prove?

    I think in the next part there will be another Hadouken song... It will be fitting, as I found Levitate to be with how quick Shinichi was driving. (It's not like I just want to show off what music taste I have or anything :lol:)

    For the next part - I wonder what is up with Death Driver? He seems out of position "Cough" clue "Cough"

    As always, thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated. :D
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    Noice, as always! Keep it up Kaza^^
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    Part 5 - Pink highway legacy

    Wangan entry - 1:00PM

    Setsuko: Aaaah, Glad I got away from that creepy car.

    Now - Let's get back home, I need to rest up for that big crew war or whatever.

    Ice Azurite part 7 1.jpg

    The SE3P begins to run down the off-ramp. Heavy acceleration causes the front to lift up, and the rear gets stuck onto the ground. It ever so slightly taps the asphalt while speeding onto the highway

    Setsuko: I really need to make a better suspension setup for road usage.

    Ice Azurite part 7 2.jpg

    And with that the tired hostess speeds off into the daylight. She has a talk in her mind about everything that's happened so far.

    Setsuko: Hmm... So Shinichi wants me to race Ren to get his silly plan of taking over turf out of the way. But I know my Rexy won't keep up with Bunny-zilla. Hey! My suspension needs changing setup like I thought earlier so why not give this awesome car a complete overhaul! I mean I have save tons from working with Akira at Desire. I rarely do much but race now-a-days. My competitive spirit must be active at this moment! I feel the fire in my heart-

    -BGM: Hadouken! Mecha Love-

    At that moment Setsuko's phone mounted to the center display rings. Who could that be?

    Setsuko: Answer phone!

    With that the cell goes through - A deep male voice can be heard muttering in the background.

    Setsuko: Hello?

    The voice stops talking, as he coughs then begins a chat.

    ???: Ahem, Is this Setsuko Fukui?

    Setsuko: Might be, but who are you.

    ???: Knew it, with a reply like that how could it not be little self-conscious Setsuko. It's Ren you dummie. Ha ah!

    Anyway, a little birdie told me that You are going to race me for the Wangan - Yokohama area, this has got to be false. Right?

    Setsuko: No, I will be racing you! You better be ready. I'll bring my A-game!

    Cancel call!

    Setsuko abruptly ended the predictable conversation with Ren. With tiredness comes aggressiveness.

    Ice Azurite part 7 3.jpg

    As she continues at a speed cruise above the limit - A deep pitched twin-turbo exhaust note can be heard from the left... Setsuko takes a look - A pink Porsche 911!

    Setsuko: Sounds like a powerful 911, but with that phony pink color it must be a wannabe racer.

    Continuing to pass the 911, Setsuko flashes her hazards indicating a duel. Meanwhile inside the mystery car...

    ???: Yes that's right, Setsuko is here Shinichi. You want me to what?!

    The guy pauses for a moment.

    Ok, but you will owe me a ton of money for my engine maintenance!

    The big pink blob makes a move and powers down to the floor - Rear engined rear wheel drives (RR's) are great cars for the wangan. With a big amount of weight right at the back it keeps traction with the rear wheels making the car a very worthy yet unstable opponent here -

    Setsuko: What the what now?!

    Ice Azurite part 7 4.jpg

    Louis Gilman: Yes that's right! I'm Louis Gilman, owner of this here ABFlug 930/911. And this...

    IS the true power of 2.0 bar Boost!

    The ABFlug machine powers down the tunnel, stretching the distance between Setsuko and him.

    Setsuko again hangs her head in shame at how slow her car is compared to the top dogs of the wangan.

    -Bgm stop-


    Yokohama - Motomachi

    Near Setsuko's house - 2:23PM

    Arriving in Yokohama puts a calm safe smile on Setsuko's face.

    Driving as a normal person would through the Motomachi shopping street - She pulls up at an Eneos to fill up the tank.

    Setsuko: Aaaaah Finally, after this I get rest from all my hard race training today.

    Setsuko not giving any care throws her arms behind her back and says to the employee:

    Hey fill her up! High octane please.

    Employee: OK!

    The fella goes and plugs the gas in, Setsuko begins to think about tuning once again.

    Setsuko: Hmmm - I'm no mechanic, and I don't know many people who can help me out...

    Before she can finish the young worked replys:

    All done! That'll be ¥152.

    Setsuko snaps from the day dreaming and gives a smile -

    That's fine, here you go.

    Giving over the money the employee seems extremely happy and backs off blushing while she leaves.

    Setsuko: What a nice man.

    Onwards to Setsuko's small apartment, she parks up and after closing the sliding doors leaps to her sofa-bed and begins to fall asleep.

    To be continued!

    Writer notes -

    The ABFlug 911 driver is the one from TXR0 - I don't know if it's the president of ABFlug or not. If so please correct me with the right information. :) I'll add him into the title post now.

    As for my editing skills - I'm not the best image editor, but I'll try my best to improve! Same with my writing skills.

    Next time - There may be a change in persona (Kind of a sub-story) while Setsuko is taking her hard earned rest / or it could be continued onto the big day. I'll leave this up to you guys! :cheers:

    As always thanks for reading! Feedback is always appreciated good or bad. :D
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    すごい ✌
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  19. KazaMR2


    Part 6 - Wangan to Yokohama final battle! (Part 1)

    Shinkanjo anti-clockwise nearing Tatsumi PA - 10:00PM


    Setsuko looks in amazement of the cars following her to Tatsumi PA, there is even a wildcard appearance of Purple Meteor!

    She stares around at the variety of cars escorting her to the PA... And feels this one is going to be tough!


    Setsuko's house - 9:18PM

    Setsuko is there on her sofa-bed asleep, she is in the middle of a dream though and looks like she is enjoying it...

    Setsuko: Wooo, yahoo! I'm the fastest in the whole of the metro line, no-one can stop me..

    At that moment she awakens with a jolt of speed, puts her hand upon her head and makes a soft yawn.

    Setsuko: Gheez... How long was I out?

    By looking at the time she makes no haste and opens her dresser to find the Alpinestars Orbiter. Her favorite for racing in, as she feels in place with it one. Setsuko slips on the one piece, gets her keys and starts up her battle machine for tonight's main event - The Yokohama to Wangan takeover -

    Even though hosted by once co-worker now rival Ren, Setsuko knows she will have to be prepared! It's a good thing she got the car tuned earlier...

    A while down the highway Setsuko is going at a steady rate to the meeting area, she'll have to go onto the Shinkanjo to get to Tatsumi PA. Setsuko decides going on the Wangan eastbound is the best route. On the way there a few cars signal past her and move up the line. It seems Setsuko is the guest of honor!


    As she arrives at Tats (The slang for Tatsumi) she almost immediately sees her main rival Ren is parked with a spot next to him as if reserved.

    Setsuko steps out and is blinded by the bright lights and photographs around the center stage!


    The PA has all the people following Setsuko here and more already there! Ren now steps out too. He is wearing a red hoodie with the TRUST logo written across it a few other in places, followed by baggy cargo trousers.

    Ren walks over to Setsuko and says,

    Ren: I saw your buddies here earlier Setsuko, there was that MCR guy. Uuuh Shinichi? I think. Anyway he said something about bad weather, I think he is correct - It seems a high wind is in the area...

    Setsuko: Mhm, so bad weather conditions... He might be right. Ok, so when will we start the race?


    Ren: Not yet, there is still time for us to commune with the friendly wangan runners.

    Setsuko: If you say so, but I'd prefer for me to talk in a different area - So we don't hear any battle plan advice.

    Ren: Aha, already looking for a way out? Alright then, I need to ring someone anyway.

    Ren heads off to the toll phone over the opposite side of the PA dials a phone number into the toll phone, a woman picks up.

    Woman on the phone: Uh, hello? Who is this?

    Ren: Only me Yoshi.

    Yoshi: Oh Ren! Hey, what is happening? Is your battle in progress?

    Ren: I wouldn't lose focus and call you for this battle, it rests on my; pride, glory, and most of all my winning streak!

    Yoshi: Always with the big ego...

    Ren: Ah- Hey!

    Ren lets out a big sigh and begins the real conversation...

    Meanwhile at the side of the parking, Setsuko is having a lively chat with some of the racers.


    Purple meteor aka Chris Scaglione is staring over at the group of 4 with a intense look in his eyes.

    While he is staring, Azurite and the other wanderers are talking about her race.

    Blue R32 driver: So you'll be facing off against the guy who feels the need to show off how fast his GTR is? Hmph, best of luck to you! Show him who's boss.

    Setsuko: Thanks! I will try my be-

    RX7 Driver: You'll not try your best you'll do your best! I believe in you girl!

    Setsuko semi-blushes and turns away as the NSX guy approaches her for his words of wisdom.

    NSX driver: I've run the Wangan and Touge, I think I could help you out with this guy.

    Setsuko: Really? So what do you think is best?

    NSX driver: He seems very edgy, almost like he'd do anything to prove his point and win the turf war. If you just keep the
    pressure - He'll focus more on going fast and blocking than playing cool and checking the gauges. His GTR already seems warmed up as I went over there earlier. But the rest is up to you.. Setsuko is it?

    Setsuko: Correct, who told you that!?

    NSX driver: Ren, I was observant and heard you two talking earlier.

    Setsuko: Oh.

    With that the intimidating aura of Purple meteor falls upon Setsuko's calm mood.

    Purple meteor: Hey you.

    Setsuko turns around to be in sight of a ripped guy's torso. Purple meteor is a 6 foot 8, he is wearing all black. A t-shirt and jeans.

    Chris: Name's Chris, I'm with The Zodiac - Purple meteor is my racing name. I see you are up against Ren.

    Setsuko: You're quite straight to the point, but yet I am. Do you have advice too?

    Chris: Yes. As that NSX guy said, you'll need to tail him and make your move. But only you will know when to act. If you don't act you'll lose too. Don't lose. The Wangan is already crazy, we don't need a guy coming in from Yokohama to declare the Wangan his as if it's his land.

    Setsuko: Don't worry Chris, I'm going to win!

    With a smirk on her face Setsuko spins and gets back to her RX8. Ren comes back from his corresponding call.

    Ren: Ready?

    Setsuko: Alright then! Lets get this over.

    Ren swallows and states a speech out to the crowd.

    Ren: Hello everyone! We are about to begin, I'd like no followers. This is strictly a one on one.

    The crowd mutters with yes and yeah, as both racers get ready to rumble! It begins - Ren and Setsuko enter the line, first around Shinkanjo to warm the tires.

    Whilst cruising to the Wangan - Ren keeps looking over to Setsuko in hope of inducing tension.

    Ren: I can't lose this!

    Setsuko: What is he doing? Nevermind.

    Onto C1 and over to Shinkanjo again, this time they go right on the Ariake junction.


    The roar of a rotary and pulse of a GTR enters the wangan! What will happen in this match?

    To be continued in Part 2!


    Writer notes -

    Wheew, it took a while but here it is after 2 weeks! The part 1 finale. I hope you guys like it! :cheers:

    I may think about adding Yoshi and Purple meteor to the characters list. But it will depend on if they will feature in S2 or not.

    It was intended that Death driver, Master position and Bloody Mary would be at the PA. But I have something different in mind. :sly:

    Those of you who are observant will notice I wrote that Setsuko had her car tuned, she does. That will feature in the sub-story after this finale. Revealing what really happened to the RX8... :D

    Big thanks to those that came to the lobby to help out as extras in the PA! @Moon_k @GrandZEROZ @TheNeos

    As always, feedback is always appreciated! whether it be positive or negative.

    Also part-ception... :lol:
  20. TheNeos


    This is big man : D can't wait for part 2, I'm actually feeling the tension now! I want to know haha
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  21. KazaMR2


    Part 7 - Wangan to Yokohama final battle! (Part 2)

    Entry to the wangan - 10:34

    ~ Ost: METZ Get off ~


    Setsuko begins the chase against a mighty GTR - This indeed will be tough for her to even get close at high speeds! GTR's are great cars for the wangan, very popular too.

    Setsuko: Alright, like the friendly guys said - "Tail him and make your move" and.. "Keep the pressure". Right, lets get to work and win this once and for all!

    Ren: I best get as far ahead as possible to gain the best

    Setsuko feels the need to get as close to Ren and put up the pressure wall!


    She pushes hard on the accelerator to gain a quick boost, acting like she is going to overtake. But Ren quickly blocks her path as the guys told her.

    Setsuko: They were correct! I can read him like a book with those guys advice. They must of kept a keen eye on him!

    Ren: Nice try... But it takes more than that to beat me!


    As if straight after that line Ren puts himself into focus and his vibrant blood red aura materializes from him to the body of the raging GTR.

    Setsuko: Strange it's as if he turned his car into an ambient blur. Am I the only one seeing this?

    Ren: Yes here we go! Full focus - full speed ahead! No more talking...


    The GTR speeds off, the shooting star is going so fast it creates speed lines with it's rear lights!

    Setsuko shimmers in her seat at the immense power output of the ultimate R35, while Ren is fully in concentration stuck in his bucket seat!

    Setsuko: Oh my...

    I really hope my spirit will guide my tonight. I have to win... Not just for me but for the entire highway racing community!


    Both cars begin their trail into the first underwater tunnel. With Ren's aura growing as the turbo spools up, his engine is going at maximum pace!

    Just before they enter...

    Setsuko: Wait... Is that a drop of



    Ren: Get off my tail Setsuko! I must win, it's my destiny to be king of the wangan and take Jintei's crown of being "Speed king"!

    When I take over he's bound to race me, and I've seen all these newbie drivers that can't even get close to me! So no doubt I'll easily defeat him - Heck even the entire racers on the wangan!

    Ren's aura continues to cause un-earthly red streaks swooping over the entire body, the waves fly off. Some hit Setsuko's windscreen and pass by like little red bullets!

    Setsuko: Ok enough! I know when it's time to get in front, and I'm no woman to be pushed around like a dweeb! Time for my win!

    Setsuko's RX8 begins to approach the devil GTR, but the lights begin to brighten up...

    Setsuko: I feel something alright! It's like this bright light will guide me past evil and darkness through to places unknown!

    They both near the exit, but it seems Setsuko wasn't dreaming. It was in fact rain she saw! But it's getting heavy, hard droplets hit both cars which alerts Ren!

    Ren: Aaah! What the hell. Rain! Pah this is no match for a 4WD vs a FR!

    I have a big advantage, but I better preserve the engine until near Daikoku Futo PA

    Setsuko: That rain put him off, he leaned from the acceleration just then. It's like I have mother nature on my side!


    Clouds move over from the north, this makes it even darker than usual. Setsuko's blue LEDs sure do come in handy and guide her closer and closer to the menacing Ren. His GTR was running full throttle for ages back there though so he leans off onto the 2nd tunnel.

    Setsuko: Again! He is not going with all the horses. Time for me to take over little Ren'ny boy!

    ~ Setsuko's new theme: METZ Wet blanket ~ (Runs on from the 1st song)


    With words of encouragement to herself, Setsuko flys up to Ren but he blocks the road again! Then they enter the 2nd tunnel and what is to happen but...

    Setsuko: Mhm, the lights are off from the rain too! Well oh well, time for the true battle of luck to get in front!


    The lights are out from the heavy rain! It seems if there even was a backup generator it must of cut-out too. It's barely possible to see the front of the car yet see anyone in this sort of dark zone!

    Ren: I can barely see! Yet still I hear a rotory right behind me, alright you want to see the true power Setsuko? Well here I go!

    Ren tries flooring it...


    Ren: How the hell! The sound, it's right next to me.

    Setsuko get behind me!


    Ren tilts his head around to see an explosion of heavy blue light emitting in strange patterns all over Setsuko's ride! Her true aura is decided, there is no turning back now.


    Setsuko can't bare to think, she just does. Like a machine or something utilizing the extra power of her upgrades she has lift off! All Ren can see is a blur of RX8's overlapping in front of his view! He can see something...

    But it's only his defeat he can see!


    Setsuko uses all of the power and hits the max RPM of 9,000! With all that power she keeps it going at a constant rate - Nearly reaching 230Mph!

    Setsuko: I knew all along that I'd get a win if I was patient, I should be more observant. With this win I'm getting closer to racing perfection on the wangan!

    Swooping past the traffic at 230mph is a new experience for Setsuko, she has never been so fast in her life...

    Setsuko: Awh yeah! Here we go into hyper-drive!


    ~ Ending theme ~

    Moments later word from the off-ramp to Daikoku Futo PA runs back to Tatsumi PA...

    Guy at off-ramp: Yeah you heard it here first - Ice Azurite won! Ren isn't even in sight - Tell everyone! Try tell the big bosses of the highway too, cause this Azurite woman is one to look out for now...

    Chris/Purple Meteor: Knew it.

    Chris ends his call as swiftly as Setsuko just sped through traffic - And begins announcing the news to everyone.

    Chris: Yo! Listen up racers - Ice Azurite won!

    The crowd of racers get hyped and begin cheering for Azurite's win - Keeping Ren from causing havoc to both areas.

    Chris: It seems the 13 Devils & The Zodiac have someone up to take their spot...

    As the fastest in the metro highway!

    Meanwhile back at the end of the 2nd tunnel.. A certain someone is losing it.


    With a blown-out engine Ren had pulled over to the side of the road with brake lights on. He radically storms out and slams his fists onto the hood.

    Ren: DAMMIT! How could I lose?

    That Setsuko, she sure has grown up from being a young receptionist to a flying hostess of the wangan!

    Heh, I guess it was a good battle after all. It really shows that power isn't everything on the wangan... You'll need spirit too! Yeah!

    With Ren's realization of the closest and best battle so far - He opens the hood to a blown engine

    Poof! Smoke comes spurting out into his face, giving him a smokey face mask!

    Ren: I guess I deserved that...


    Back to Setsuko who is still blasting down the wangan like in a completely white space - She is absolutely flooring it still.

    Setsuko: Now that's over... I wonder what adventures I'll have next being the talk of the wangan I bet anyone will duel me.

    With a small giggle Setsuko gives a bright smile as her true aura shows brighter while running down the bayshore.


    Chapter 2 will be postponed at the moment, as I'll be doing a break and focusing on a few sub-storys:

    Before the storm: This will be a one page about before Setsuko's battle - It will explain how she got the extra performance boost and more emotion to lead her to the win.

    Master Kanon: Kanon returns to the story in a touge themed event! There may be some unexpected appearances from others in this one.

    And most possibly a 3rd one if I am still unsure on chapter 2's start

    Writer notes -

    So here it is (Finally) the end to season 1 of Tokyo's wanderers! I hope you guys liked the project - If it wasn't for you lot contributing too, I wouldn't of been able to do some scenes! So thanks a bunch. :D

    I went a bit mental on the ost part of things... :lol: I feel that the songs fit in well. Especially how Setsuko has changed her position on racing. (At first she only wanted to be the best, but felt like making friends on the way and doing a community effort was in the end best)

    I'm not too sure if the underwater tunnels on the wangan have backup lights in case of a cut-out.

    I had a lot of fun with Setsuko's character development - Although quite small development I think I have more of an idea where I'll go with this oc.

    Chris/Purple meteor might get added to the characters list later, I'll think it over.

    Also I was thinking to my self - This makes no sense too... As a girl from Yokohama defeats another from Yokohama when it's a wangan takeover... Yeah I guess it's a bit derpy if you look at it like this. :scared:

    I hope you enjoyed reading this season! I'll get on with the new parts soon. As always feedback is appreciated if positive or negative. :cheers:
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    Awesome ending! The dark tunnel was a great touch! :tup::tup::tup:
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  23. TheNeos


    Great job Kaza. You nailed the ending;) after all that tension you needed the right slowing down and you did that perfectly ^^ can't wait to read more and help you out again
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  24. RCKakashi14


    That was a nice battle. Another proof that Rotaries are also speed machines.

    If there's something I can point out, that would be some exclaiming narratives.

    "But it's getting heavy, hard droplets hit both cars which alerts Ren!"

    In a prose like this, it's somehow awkward, and maybe you could use less of it. Novels even rarely use it.


    This pushes TXR to it's extreme limits!
  26. TheNeos


    TXRX hahah
  27. KazaMR2


    Alright, I'll try put less of this in next season. Thank you for feedback Kakashi! :cheers:
  28. KazaMR2


    Before the storm - Substory 1

    Setsuko had just defeated Ren - Keeping order to the highway. But what happened before that? How did Setsuko get the soul and spirit to win the race? These are valid questions, it was quite strange how this time Setsuko won... This sub-story will tell us what exactly happened before the race.

    Setsuko's house - 4:30PM

    Setsuko is laid asleep on her sofa-bed, all seems to be going nicely. She is however in a dream…

    Setsuko: Ach, no!

    It seems this is no dream, but a nightmare. Setsuko is having this experience from thinking about losing too much.

    Setsuko in her nightmare is on the wangan against Ren, all seems life-like, but Ren’s GTR has demon wings! As they continue down the line, it begins to gradually get darker, Setsuko begins sweating…

    Ren: You’ll never defeat me! You can’t even win a random wanderer on these highways!

    Setsuko shudders in awe, as this is a nightmare of course. After this she sees a mass amount of smoke and going through it - Awakens.

    Setsuko: Ah! That was certainly horrible. Glad Ren isn’t like that in real life… That much at least.

    With a small laugh and wiping the sweat off herself, Setsuko has a think to herself about that nightmare, what could it be saying?

    Setsuko: Alright, I need to think this through. I have the even in about 4-5 hours from now, I need to get faster on the wangan. Hmm…

    She decided to boot up her PC to check the BBS. (The BBS is a system in TXR which is like a forum designed to bring riders together and organise events.)

    It seems there is a few adverts about Rotary, hooray for cookies! Setsuko sees that RE Amemiya are advertised.

    Setsuko: Hmph you know what, lets see their stock.

    Upon entering the site, she notices that there is a 20B-REW engine imported back from Oceania. It seems lightly tuned and with most of the parts included.

    Setsuko: Do I have enough though? I’d have to pay for the install too. And I’m sure with helping catch that guy with Akira, he’ll give me a bit extra. heh.

    I’ll do it!

    Substory 0.jpg

    Setsuko gets to the SEP3 and begins her journey to RE Amemiya in the Chiba Prefecture. It only takes her about an hour and ten minutes going from the Wangan eastbound.

    Upon arrival, she sees a leaf green RX7 with a Porsche-looking face. while walking into the shop there is also a light blue RX7 with lots of decals and mad aero.

    Setsuko: These guys aren’t messing around… Those look like battle machines!

    Isami Amemiya the founder of RE Amemiya is in his office on the internet, Setsuko walks past his office window and it alerts him.

    Isami: Huh! What is a woman doing in the garage? Is she a new employee or something? Not in that getup… I’m sure one of the workers will sort her out with what she needs.

    Setsuko continues to look around the stock, searching for the beast of an engine - The 20B. Finally she finds it around the back of the store, and a confused employee finds her -

    Employee: Hey you! You shouldn’t be back here? Or are you here to buy our stock?

    Setsuko: Aaah, I’m here to buy something. You have a 20B engine in stock still?

    Employee: Oh your looking for that. You must mean business, it’s right next to you too. So how much you want for it? We can install it in your car if you have it for a price too.

    Setsuko: Is 670,500 Yen alright?

    Employee: Hmm, let me speak to my manager.

    The helpful employee gets over to Isami’s office and asks him -

    Employee: Hey boss, is the girl out back allowed the 20B for 670,500?

    Ismai: Heh, is she a racer girl or something?

    Employee: Uuuh, not sure boss. But how is the price?

    Isami: You never ask the obvious Takahiro, but yes she can have that too. I’ll come and sort it out with you.

    Takahiro: Right boss.

    Isami & Takahiro walk out to meet Setsuko. She is looking around the 20B, and looks pretty happy about it.

    Isami: Hello there - Takahiro tells me you are here to buy that 20B, for 670,500. It’s a deal!

    Setsuko: Oh thank you! By any chance can you fit it for me too?

    Isami: Yes, but fitting is an extra 100,000. If that is alright.

    Setsuko has second thoughts, but in the end shakes hands with Isami and gets the twin turbo powered rotary heart transplanted into her RX8. Setsuko even helps out a bit with the work.

    After a while…

    RE Amemiya workshop - 5:49PM

    Ice Azurite is waiting patiently in the waiting room tapping her toes together on a nice seat.

    Isami: Hey Setsuko! The transplant is done!

    Setsuko gets up in joy and dashes over to the workspace. Her RX8 is looking great, the 20B just fits snug into the bay, and it looks very powerful indeed. She thinks about having a test run…

    Setsuko: Hey Isami, are you a racer?

    Isami: Ah heh, Well…

    After a while discussing Isami’s experiences in the racing world with his company RE Amemiya, he tells Setsuko about what she should do.

    Isami: Oh, so you're the big shot who is going to take down that Ren guy on the Wangan later today?!

    Setsuko: Yes, I am.

    Isami: Best of luck girl! That 20B will do you proud, we sometimes use 20B’s in our cars, the WTAC (World time attack championship) car we had used one. There actually isn’t much difference from a 13B, but 20B have a lot more torque. I also did a little tinkering to your new engine, it’s a wangan dominator!

    Setsuko: Thank you Isami, I hope we meet again!

    Isami: Thank you too Setsuko, now I think you best be going and trying out the new engine…

    Setsuko gets in the refreshed RX8, it has some special new features Isami installed… A boost gauge, water & oil temperature gauges too, I wonder what else he had up his sleeve?


    Death driver battle music
    (Not his actual theme - But I think it works well. :D)

    Substory 1.jpg

    Back on the way to her home Setsuko decides to test the new engine out like Isami said, but on the C1.

    Setsuko: Wonder if that creepy S15 appears again? Hey wait a second! He is in front of me?!

    Death driver appeared out of nowhere as if on Setsuko’s word. A duel commences.

    Setsuko: Ok Isami, lets see how good RE Amemiya are at their rotaries!

    Substory 2.jpg

    Setsuko holds onto Death driver around the tunnel, but then…

    Substory 3.jpg

    Death driver pulls off his ghost trick, bullets appear around him like an aura. Fascinated at the aura Setsuko leans off the power a bit.

    Substory 4.jpg

    But Setsuko notices something… it’s smoke dispensers! That’s what makes the weird ghost like effect, but when he went through that car still? Creepy.

    Setsuko: Ok, time to push through!

    Substory 5.jpg

    Setsuko’s RX8 develops icicle like spines with fading snowflakes falling from the wing, her true aura is appearing!

    Setsuko: Ahaaa! I’m in front now…

    Substory 6.jpg

    Ooof close, Now I just have to keep my lead.

    Substory 8.jpg

    Weaving through the traffic, with Death driver still close Setsuko feels a new burst of energy from this new engine, maybe she can win with this power?

    Substory 9.jpg

    Keiichi: What. Was. That?!

    Substory 10.jpg

    After going for a while Setsuko signals to go onto Yaesu. Weirdly enough Death driver follows (In TXR Death driver used to go to PA’s but once he had the big crash, he never went to them anymore)

    Feeling accomplished Setsuko pulls over to let out some air. She does a happy sigh.

    Substory 12.jpg

    Setsuko: ‘Aaah’ I won! The engine is great Isami, thank you so much!

    Substory 11.jpg

    Death driver pulls up behind her…

    To be continued!

    Writer notes -

    I'm back in the writing game! Sorry for the late comeback, I had my final exam for this year yesterday. But now I'll be able to focus on writing Tokyo's wanderers again! :D

    The next part of this substory will have this ones ending, and start Kanon's. :)

    I hope you enjoyed this part! And as always feedback is appreciated if positive or negative. :cheers:
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    Really like where this is going :D I wander who's Supra is that :p great writing as always K, keep it up!
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    I wonder whose DR30 belongs to as a traffic car? It looks similar to the DR30 used in Takuma Gaiden Osaka Chronicles crossover.