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  1. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    In Gran Turismo Sport we all noticed that we had quite a problem with unclassified cars thrown to the group X which made them pretty much underused or misused on one hand, and on the other hand we had an unbelievable melting pot of racing cars on the track especially in the group 1 because of the restricted overall number of cars in the game.

    This thread may look trivial but actually is crucial to rectify that issue to render Gran Turismo 7 a bit more coherent in term of racing in general, and especially to get a real innovative Career Mode by creating some group subdivisions which can be raced separetly or mixed with the same group or against other categories from the same era.

    I'd go directly to the Group 1 which really annoyed me in GT Sport, and here is what I wish to find in GT7 :

    Group 1 :

    Gr1 Future : Gr1 VGT, WEC LM Hypercar, IMSA LMdH

    gr hypercar.jpg

    vlcsnap-3829-03-18-10h10m50s545.png peugeot hypercar.jpg

    Gr1 2000 : GT1, LMP900 , LMGTP, LMP1 from late 90's GT1 to today's LMP1


    bentley speed 8.jpg Porsche_919_Hybrid_2017_53d9b-1200-800.jpg

    Gr1 Classic : essentially Le Mans prototypes from late 1970's to 1994 including WEC groupC, IMSA GTP

    Alpine A442b.jpg Sauber C9.jpg

    Gr1 Vintage : endurance prototypes from late 50's to 1972

    porsche-917K.jpg 1200px-1969Ferrari512S.jpg Alpine_A220_(1968)_(18839680196).jpg tojeiro Jaguar.jpg

    Group 2 :

    GT2, Japan Super GT GT500, LMP2, DTM

    supra super gt.jpg 2020-audi-r8-lms-gt2.jpg williams rebellion LMP2.png

    Group 3

    Gr3 Future : Gr3 VGT

    Mazda RX Vision GT3.png

    Gr3 2000 : from late 90's GT to today including GT3, LMGTE ...

    ford gt gte.jpg f1 gtr.jpg

    Gr3 Classic : essentially GTs from late 1970's to 1994

    bmw-imsa-3-csl-images-18.jpg Alpine-A310-Poisson-Dieppois-1.jpg
    corvette Le Mans.jpg

    Group 4 2000 and Group4 classic

    a110GT4.jpg Porsche_911_Carrera_RSR,_Bj._1974_(2011-08-13_Sp).JPG

    Group T : trackdays' Hypercars, supercars and sportscars

    a group where many gr X in GT Sport could take part as the Zonda R, the P1 GTR, the Fittipaldi EF7, the BMW VGT classified in a 3 level category

    170207_ccl_fxx-k-evo1.jpg hd-brabham-bt62.jpg

    Group F : including every one-seater formula cars from go karts to redbull X 2019

    Group D : already customised Drift cars
    brz drift.jpg

    Group B : Rally cars, including WRC WRX and classic group B

    Group E : for electric cars

    and then come the road legal cars from 600cc Midget roadsters to Hypercars, from N100 to N1000.
    mclaren senna.jpg


    Please share your thoughts about it with the fact in mind that I'm not pretending my suggestions to be perfect.
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  2. juanffy18


    Gr1 2000 : GT1, LMP900 , LMGTP, LMP1 from late 90's GT1 to today's LMP

    GT2, Japan Super GT GT500, LMP2

    :boggled: a little bit unfair
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  3. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    It may sound so at first sight, but actually not that much technically, and knowing Gran Turismo it would be a bit challenging to beat the LMP1s with a CLK gtr or a 911GT1, it would be fun and that's what a videogame is about ;)
  4. GBalao888


    Here's my take on it (theoretically):

    Gr. 1 - LMP1, Group C, Le Mans Hypercar, LMDh
    Gr. 2 - LMP2, Daytona Prototypes, 1990's GT1 (new classification)
    Gr. 3 - GT race cars (modern GT1, GT2, GT3, GTC, GTD, GTE, GTLM, GTS, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Renault Sport R.S.01 Trophy)
    Gr. 4 - GT4, Porsche Cup, SCCA
    Gr. A - Modern WRC and retro rally cars within the same horsepower region
    Gr. B - FIA World Rallycross supercars, Actual Group B cars
    Gr. H - Historic grand touring (e.g. Ferrari 250 GTO, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Jaguar D-Type)
    Gr. R - Retro grand touring (e.g. Group 5 touring cars, IMSA GT/GTO cars)
    Gr. V - Vintage prototype cars (e.g. Porsche 917 K, Jaguar XJ13, Ford Mark IV, Ferrari 330 P4)
    Formula Drift - Sanctioned drift cars from the Formula Drift league
    Formula E Class 1 - Current-spec Formula E race cars, 2019 and 2020 versions
    Formula E Class 2 - 2015-2017 Formula E race cars
    NASCAR 1 - 2010-2013 NASCAR vehicles from GT5 and GT6, from 800hp and above
    NASCAR 2 - Present NASCAR vehicles (2016 and onwards), limited to 725hp, and are slower than the older cars
    Super Formula - Japanese Super Formula open-wheel race cars - provided Polyphony license all the liveries of the current season.
    Super Touring - Super GT/JGTC (GT500), DTM (originally the idea Gr. 2 in GT Sport, but renamed and re-purposed for better classification)
    Touring - Super GT/JGTC (GT300), TCR
    Gr. X - Including, but not limited to:
    • Concepts
    • Safety/pace cars
    • Track-day cars
    • Unhomologated race cars (race cars that naturally don't belong into any category, or similarly-styled race cars to specific categories that do not meet their standards, e.g. a classic Alpine A110 rally car would likely be in Gr. A, but it is too underpowered for Gr. A standards, must be within 240hp to 300hp, stock)
    • "Wild card" or "odd-ball" cars (e.g. cars with more or less than four wheels, unique technologies and/or designs)
    • Electric vehicles and other such cars with alternative powertrains
    • Cars with CVT/direct drive (e.g. Koenigsegg Regera, Mazda Demio Sport '11, Toyota Prius)
    • Non-civilian cars (cars originally used for police/military/community purposes)
    • Original versions of Vision Gran Turismo cars
    The only way for specific cars to compete against each other, outside of their categories, would likely be through PP matching, where cars with a similar PP region can race with each other.
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  5. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    Wow ! You have a precise but different sens of classification which is more taking it from scratch than mine.

    Yours is relevent too, but there are still a few stuffs bothering me : the biggest is your grX working as a "trashbin" like the way it works in GT Sport.

    But in your way the PP system would regulate some categories by itself so why not.

    However I still like mine better because It takes back the class system from GT Sport with subdivisions to anticipate à bigger amount of cars in GT 7, and to diversify potential races.

    In my system you can end up with multi class endurance races, and even select the era like Project Cars 2 did.
  6. AlanH49


    It’s tempting to differentiate era’s more. Particularly with sportscars given the vastly different reg sets. But I’d settle for a filter to choose which cars we want to race against.

    Realistically I’d stick with the following for prototypes (LMP, GT1, Group C, Group 4, Group 5).

    2005-2020 (and beyond)



    Pre 1979

    Pre 1969
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  7. Farnell42


    Well, I have thought of the following cars for Group 4. A majority of them are carried over from GT Sport, but some of them are new and I don't know how to make of some others. Cars in Yellow are new cars; Here is my justification for inclusion.
    1. Lotus Elise S3: The entire brand got shafted in Sport and it will most likely return in 7. Maybe Lotus can compete in Sport Mode after all?
    2. Toyota GR Supra RZ A90: Gift-only car in GT Sport. Now should be a permanent addition, since that car better fits into Group 4 performance. The 86 can be retained though, for variety in the "Low-end" category; the Supra belongs to the "Mid-end" category.
    3. Chevrolet Camaro SS Gen. 6: Why the Corvette is used instead of this baffles me, since even interior sharing is justified here. That said, I don't hate the Corvette; the rivalry of the Mustang and the Corvette shows how differently the definition of the American Sports Car evolved over time.
    4. Mercedes-AMG GT: Heard someone made a "mock-BOP" for the AMG GT, using the SLS AMG Gr. 4 as a base. The SLS is outdated and should most likely be retired next season.
    5. Ferrari 488: Same as the Mercedes.
    6. Audi R8: Interior sharing with the Lamborghini Huracan is justified here.

    There are limbos, too. Those cars are existing Gr. 4 cars in GT Sport that I don't know how to make of.
    1. Audi TT: The TT can actually coexist with the R8; both were penned to be GT4 cars at one point (in 2010, a Dutch firm asked homologation of the Audi TT, but said car never went on to compete, and in the case of the R8, it was homologated back in 2018 and is competiting in GT4 now), and both cars have BOP data (for the TT, the FWD Cup version, the one in GT Sport, had SRO GT4 data). Perhaps more of a result of an oversight.
    2. Mazda Atenza(Mazda6): --The Atenza featured in the game was never available with AWD-- The one in game is AWD. Sorry for wrong information. Although engine swap from a SkyActiv D-2.2 to a SkyActiv G-2.5, which revs higher, is a possibility. That said, should this car return, it should use a diesel engine with FWD, which differentiates itself from the other cars in the "Low-end" category with higher torque from the Diesel engine.
    3. Nissan GT-R: The perennial GT favorite. Should this be brought back or should the 370Z replace it entirely?
    4. Bugatti Veyron: This is basically on the league of its own. Besides, Bugatti is, and will, not be a Manufacturer eligible for competition in Sport Mode.
    5. Renault Sport Megane Trophy: A mid-engine Megane... But I prefer the FWD version, for the sake of drivetrain variety.
    6. Aston Martin Vantage: Will the new model replace the old one? I am not sure. Also unlike the Mercedes and the Ferrari, the one in GT Sport was still being produced between 2015 and 2017.

    For manufacturers with multiple cars, both cars count towards the manufacturer point(in a fashion similar to GT Sport).

    P.S. I have stated that the SLS and the 458 will be replaced. Why is the Genesis retained then? This is because Hyundai still need a car to compete in Group 4, and unlike the aformentioned vehicles, the Genesis Coupe 3.8 was not replaced by any car in the entire Hyundai Motor Group.

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  8. Emilius_73


    I want newer GT3/GTE cars (for example the new Corvette), the new GT500 cars and DTM stuff for Gr.2, and please, PLEASE this:

    the Alpine A110 GT4.
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  9. Samus


    Pretty simple to me, use the real world groups and the rest don't need to be grouped. If they don't fit together, don't group them. I greatly dislike these catch all groups in GTS.
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  10. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    I agree in GT Sport they had to "mix" every eras to get a "proper" roster in number of cars, it is actually a mess.

    Doesn't mean however that if in GT 7 the number of cars would be twice larger, they couldn't rearange this mess by creating sub-groups, sometimes to make the whole group race, or sometimes specify the cars from a certain era.
  11. 05XR8


    The Dream Car category is what grouped, say, GR.3 VGT. I think the Ford GT Test Car was in that as well.

    There are enough real(but old) GT3 cars in GT Sport, to have kept the GT3 category from previous games.
    The Manufacturers Cup is what has jumbled it all together.

    Notice there's no Manufacturers for GR.1 and that have just about as many brands as GR.3/4.

    The way to use the real world classes without a licence, is to at least use the real regulations. Something like:

    GR.3: RWD 2-door cars only

    GR.3A: GT1/GTE/LM

    GR.3B: GTO/GTU

    GR.4: RWD 2-door cars only

    GR.4A: Group A

    GR.NR(ace): any body style, petrol drivetrain/configuration, roll cage

    GR.2: SuperGT GT500

    GR.2A: SuperGT GT300

    GR.1: recent awd LMP

    GR.1C: Group C

    GR.1B: LMP900(roadsters and sports cars)

    GR.1A: RWD Prototypes
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  12. Cristobal1234


    Considering that certain car brands will electrify all of their cars in the next years, imagine if PD made an E-Class for electric cars (similar to N-Class)

    Here is an example

    E100: Mitsubishi i-MiEV '09, Nissan Leaf G '11
    E200: BMW i3 '15, Volkswagen ID.3

    E300: Tesla Roadster '08
    E400: Tesla Model S Signature Performance '12, Jaguar i-Pace '17, Audi R8 e-Tron Concept '13
    E500: Sony Vision-S Concept '20, Audi e-Tron S '20, Renovo Coupe '15
    E600: Aston Martin Rapide E '19, Polestar 1 '17, Audi e-Tron GT '20
    E700: Apex AP-0 Concept '20, Lexus 2054 Concept '02, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive '14
    E800: GT by Citroën Concept '08, Vega EVX '20, Porsche Taycan Turbo S '19
    E900: Ford Mustang Lithium Concept '19
    E1000: NIO EP9 '19, Rimac Concept One '14, RAESR Tachyon Speed '17, Lucid Air '20
    E1500: Lotus Evija '19, Pininfarina Battista '19, Aspark Owl '19, Rimac C_Two '18
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  13. mastretta_mx


    I would go:

    N class: 100 to 1000 for road cars
    E class: 100 to 1000 for electric road cars
    Ev Class: Electric racing cars
    Gr.P: Prototype VGT homologated cars (Gr.1 in GT Sport)
    Gr.FZ to FA: Open Wheels cars
    Gr.S: Stock and V8 Supercars
    Gr.T1: TrackDay small Cars
    Gr.T2: TrackDay Hyper Cars
    Gr.G: GTE and GT1 cars
    Gr.A: Lmp2 and DPi cars
    Gr.D : Formula D cars
    Gr.C: Group C lemans cars
    Gr.B: Rally Cars
    Gr.V: Vintage Racing Cars
    Gr.5: TCR Cars
    Gr.4: GT4 cars
    Gr.3: GT3 Cars
    Gr.2: DTM, Super GT Cars
    Gr.1: LMP1 cars
    Gr.X: Prototype crazy cars
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  14. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    I agree, this is a nicely detailed gr.E I've thought of.

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  15. MIE1992


    United States
    I think the current groups are fine as is, we just need more events where a specific sub-set of cars are the only ones eligible, like the recent daily race where you could only use the Group C cars within Gr.1. Otherwise, here were my suggestions for new groups and additions:

    IMSA GTP (e.g. Ford Mustang GTP)
    WSC (e.g. Ferrari 333SP)
    DPi (e.g. Chevrolet Corvette C7 DPi)
    LM Hypercar (e.g. Toyota Gazoo SuperSport)
    LMGTP (e.g. Bentley Speed 8)
    LMP2 (e.g. MG EX257)
    LMP900 (e.g. BMW V12 LMR)

    DTMasters (e.g. BMW M4)
    JGTC GT500

    Super GT300
    JGTC GT300

    Actual Group B rally cars (e.g. Ford RS200)

    -Gr.1V (NEW)
    Vintage Prototypes (e.g. Ford Mark IV)

    -Gr.3V (NEW)
    Vintage Grand Tourers (e.g. Shelby Daytona Coupe)

    -Unsure of which group
    FIA GT1, late 1990s (e.g. Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR)
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  16. Cristobal1234


    Some FIA GT1 cars can fit on Gr.3, like McLaren F1 GTR - BMW (Kokusai Kaihatsu UK Racing), while the faster ones (e.g. Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR, Toyota GT-One, Nissan R390 GT1 and Dauer 962 Le Mans Sport) should be on Gr.1 class.
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  17. MIE1992


    United States
    Right, I was referring to the late-90s GT1 cars, whereas I was quite sure mid-90s GT1 cars like the Toyota Supra LM would fit into Gr.3.