Top Speed Tune Supra & GTR

Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by pr3m1umdude, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. pr3m1umdude


    Hi guys I'm new here. Like the titles says I need a top speed tune for both these cars. The GTR is the black version. Also I tried searching... but most tunes are for track only, I need top speed. THANKS!
  2. Steve Causier

    Steve Causier

    Me too
    I looked all over for the Supra top speed tune, but cant seem to find one
    c'mon guys, help us both out please
  3. Numb2pencil


    There is a tune from garage shmo. They listed race/drag/drift and rally tunes. I think I seen top speed supera tune from them on their site. Search team shmo on here and it should direct you to their thread which contains there site. I am not a good tuner so I won't be abke to give you direct tunes but hope this little bit of info helped. Good luck. And also try asking nicely to those you see in online rooms with maybe the car you wanted. You never know.
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