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Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by homeforsummer, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Carbonox


    So Colin Turkington clinched the BTCC title with 1 race to go, despite only winning once and leading 21 laps overall according to commentary.

    Only one way to fix this glaring problem: institute a Chase system by 2019. :sly:
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  2. Michelin Man

    Michelin Man

    I was rooting for Tingram to win the title, after the bad luck he had last year, he really excelled this year, though unluckily Knockhill was probably his and Suttons undoing (through no fault of their own really) with the DSQ for the ride height failure. But Tingram put up a fight, and produced some stellar drives through the field throughout the year. Would probably say that Speedworks Avensis is probably the fastest all-round FWD car in the field at the moment

    But fair do's to Turkington, despite only winning one race, he bagged the points where needed and showed consistency is key, especially in the BTCC, and ultimately won him a well deserved, emotional 3rd title. And great to see Austin end the season with another podium with the Alfa, been a difficult year of development for him and that team, be good to see them progress next year, one of my favourite drivers on the grid. Sutton put up a valiant attempt of his title defense, but ultimately a couple of team errors and a rocky start to season meant it just a bit out of reach, no doubt he'll be there, thereabouts next year, assuming he stays, which I'd say's a given. Same with Tingram, him and that team have been progressing year in year out, impressive work with a relatively small one car independent outfit really, can only think that outright title has to come soon.

    Overall it's been another fantastic season, and with what, 17 different winners in one year :eek:, it shows how good a package the regs are right now that over half the grid are more than capable of winning. And just like that another season is over, now for what feels like the longest winter ever until next year...
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  3. HoseHead


    United States
    I haven't watched BTCC in a while but caught a race on TV last night and......
    Jack Goff is my new favorite racing driver.
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  4. jake2013guy


    United Kingdom
    Join the club. Met him once. Very likeable and talented driver.
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