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    First of all, I should probably point out this isn't a proper tune, more something I found to be quite useful, and I'm really not much good at tuning beyond gear ratios, so don't expect anything too in depth!

    I just won the Toyota 7 and used it in the Historic Racing Car Cup, just thought I'd post this in case anyone could use it.

    First I added the Turbo Stage 3 and R2 tyres for Bob to use, then left everything standard for the first race at Deep Forest Raceway, managed to win without too much trouble though the Chaparral (the one that looks like a fridge, I forget which it is) managed to catch up pretty quickly, but the 7 is ultimately quicker.

    Then for Côte d'Azur I wasn't really sure what to do to prepare the car for the technical twisty bits, but basically I did this:

    TCS: 1 (I was using a pad at the time)

    Front: 60
    Rear: 85

    Initial Torque: 30
    Acceleration Sensitivity: 55
    Braking Sensitivity: 40.

    That's all, I tried reducing the gear ratios but found it got very close to topping out with the default settings, and I don't understand suspension settings so I left them, but I'm sure someone else can get more out of it.

    But yeah, with those LSD settings I found the car to be very stable, but when turning through a hairpin it would basically turn on the spot and accelerate away very smoothly (with TCS on, anyway). Just thought this might help someone finding themselves in the outside barrier of the Grand Hotel Hairpin or Rascasse.
  2. cBurz


    Any help helps. Thank you. I'm currently working on this race myself, through B-spec. If Bob does awesome I'll report back with results.

    Edit; This worked for me. I noticed my Toyota 7 had about 906 HP and decided to go for it anyway. The motor must have been getting worn out, or the oil going bad. Also try setting your transmission to 236 for the Côte d'Azur race. 4 gears were better than 5 for this one. Thanks again for the quick tune.
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  3. BRP17


    Excellent :tup:
    Was having some problems with this.
    Could not make it turn.
    Problem solved.
    Won gold, 1st attempt with this tune.
    The 236 gearing was spot on.
  4. misterhooper


    Spot on.
    Had the flying fridge behind me the whole damn time.
  5. Lightfoot


    Been looking for a setup for this race for my bspec. I'll try it out and let you know how it goes :) Very much appreciated.
  6. milkk


    neema_t thanks for the tune I was able to easily get gold using that tune and my B-Spec guy was able to drive it to Gold also :)
  7. rufuscure


    Thank you neema_t your tune won me the race. It worked well for the first, and second race, so I think I'll keep it on my car for awhile. Good job.
  8. aleex195


    How shold tune suspension?
  9. My b-spec driver is finishing 3rd place or crashing and he's at level 20, any help with suspension ? :indiff:
  10. Thanks a ton for this setup.
    Finally my b-speccie managed to actually win this race although it took him until halfway through the last lap to get by the chaparral... :D
  11. I agree with the B-spec woes, anyone have any clues as to why O.Johansen can't get better than 2nd?
  12. YaBoyRob


    Won with a 17.844 sec lead with this tune on Deep Forest with Lv14 Driver on BSpec. I also lowered the car a bit.... trying Cote D now...
  13. The gearing is what got it done for me, the higher the better.
  14. YaBoyRob


    NOT WORKING ON COTE, my stupid driver hits the rail everytime, no matter what...,
  15. Cory Gillmore

    PSN:Cory Gillmore

    Which B-Spec race do you win the T7 in? I ran into it in the used dealer last night. It was nearly 5 million. I smirked and thought "I guess I'll never own that peice of ****". Good to know that I actually will own it and it won't cost me 8 hours of racing the American Championship at Indy Oval! Yaay!

    I actually won the expert class Historic Cup with the 69 Camaro Z28 RM. It was NOT easy and the slightest mishap would've caused me to restart but it certainly got my adrenaline going being bow close it was. I'm sure my B-Spec pansy would not have the same luck in the RM Z28 so I look forward to getting the T7.
  16. YaBoyRob


    Got my BOB up to 22, and he won by 2 seconds, but he was behind until lap 7, then he caught up to that gay rocket car thing and won..
  17. MardukAU


    This worked perfectly for me. I just had to keep Bob's mood in the blue-grey area for him not to crash. If u push him too hard i found he allways crashes into the steel rail at the tight S bend at the bottom of the hill. Keep him chilled and he drives well.

    Thank again for the Tune mate.
  18. Matteume

    Sweden Umeå

    Yes finally!! I beat that monza track, got in 1st place during lap 7 with no to little touching the wall! :)
    Did it in a Toyota 7 (stage 3 turbo) and my driver was level 19..

    Did tune it a little and that thing did work for me.
    You can try it out if you want.

    20 / 45 / 25

    Ride height: -5 / -5
    Camber: 1.5 / 1.5

    Trans: 370 km/h

    Brakes: 4 / 5

    And then i didnt touch anything else.
    Just kept Bob glowing red until i got in 1st and that flying fridge with the ******* jet engine started in 8th position and he kept slamming in the chicane and spun out after the tunnel a couple of times, lucky me i guess. :)
    But he did some how manage to come in 2nd place

    Just keep hammering overtake in the straights..

    Break a leg!
  19. Dotini

    United States Seattle

    Toyota 7 Race Car '70 - Monaco Historic Race

    Ride Height------------ -20 / -20
    Springs-----------------11.5 (F) / 12.5 (R)
    Dampers (Ext'n)-------6 (F) / 5 (R)
    Dampers (comp)-------5 (F) / 4 (R)
    Anti-Roll Bars-----------6 / 5
    Camber------------------1.5 (F) / 1.5 (R)
    Toe-----------------------0.00 (F) / + 0.40 (R)
    Downforce---------------Maximum F & R
    Speed/gear..................debatable, but 155 to 162 will work.

    The key to winning this event is getting a grid with the Chaparral 2J lined up to start in the 3rd row. This may be around the 8th time you try the race. He will get tangled up in a wreck at least once and get turned around. After that, it's an easy win.
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  20. Getting the Toyota 7
    1)Race Into The Wind on A spec with a Zonda or Furai (One I used) to win the MINOLTA
    2)Use the MINOLTA to win B Spec Bob the Toyota 7.
    3)Upgrade the Toyota 7 with rigidity turbo and tires.

    It took me 6 tries before I got it with U.Furst B-Spec Bob. I tried all of your settings and they worked well, make sure you're racing with RACING MEDIUMS. After race 4 I realized that I had still been using racing hard and he wouldn't push very hard in the corners.

    The chicane is really the hardest part in the course. I was spamming pace up and overtake until I got to the TIGHT left hand turn (usually taken around 19-25 mph). As soon as I hit that turn I hit pace down twice. If your pace is too hot coming into the chicane you'll lose it. By pacing down at that point you won't be higher than 75% and maybe as low a 50%. The only other place that gives problems is the mini chicane right before the straight. Just make sure you're not over 80ish% going into that and you won't clip it.

    I was able to get in 1st place by lap 4 with level 21 U.Furst (I was name hunting, this one caught my eye :) ). You'll make all major passes on the opening straight and after the first right turn before before turn 2. Only once in all 6 tries did I ever pass someone after the chicane, so don't bank on it.

    I hope that helps guys!
  21. SuperShouden


    That's how I won the A-Spec race. My Jag, a Ferrari and the Chaparral were heading into the first turn on the first lap and the Chaparral was on the inside. Not a good place to be when you're three wide going into a corner.
  22. FosterG


    Great tune, thank you, it got me off the snide on my first try, and he only grazed the railing once! :)
  23. BeerBro

    Canada Toronto

    how do you guys adjust the gearing to such a number? For me, it only allowed me to adjust the top-speed in series of 10s, so 150, 160, 170. Someone please help.
  24. I can't even get this piece of junk Toyota 7 to turn the corners right using a controller. It just hits every wall. Thing is slow as hell.... 45 mins trying on this one track alone. Total awful experience with this thing. Car's blocked in so much at the start that when I do break free. The other 3, 4 cars are LONG gone.

    1970 J2 Race or nothing else ....

    This is the very last race I need a gold trophy in the whole Expert Series. The Deep Forest was easy.
  25. Xavier2342

    United States The West

    I finally beat this race in B-Spec, what I did was set the transmission to 273 MPH to help deter excessive wheel spin. Somewhat towards the end of the 4th lap, my driver got into second place and remained in that spot till the beginning of the final lap. Once he was in 1st I kept making him pickup the pace and he won the race. Just be careful to not encourage your driver to increase his pace or pass on a turn and you should be fine.
  26. fissionproject

    United States new mexico

    I just have to say one thing. I've tried this in like 7 different fully built cars

    One of which being the Toy 7 which was

    1. Much lighter
    2. Has much more HP / TQ

    None the less, my buddy gifted me his 2J today

    I have tried Cote B-Spec 20+ times in all those other cars

    Got 1st place first try with +14 seconds with the 2J / Big turbos

    Something about that damn car....

    BOB was level 21
  27. Villain

    United States Golden State

    You might need to convert the numbers from kMph to MPH.
  28. z28black98


    worked great on cote d'azur. Thanks again. the key is for the 2J to start on the 3rd row, outside, position #5 I guess that would be. He wrecked, clearing the way for me. Easily won the race.
  29. speedracer*

    Canada St. John's, NL

    this race is turning into a horrible experience for me, i placed 2nd, pretty easy, 2nd or 3rd try. ive tried all kinds of settings, he either gets put into the inside railing at the chicane by whatever car hes trying to pass, or just cant pass that damn 2J. b-spec is killing me softly with his soooonnngggg... sorry

    tried it for the 400th time, got bob to 2nd behind the 2J, by start of lap 3, still cant catch that f'in fridge.
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  30. ObsidianG35


    Probably the snowmobile engines sucking all the air out from below the car and the ground effects that keep a tight lip sucking the pavement. Illegal amount of downforce even at very slow speeds.
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