Toyota GR86 Coming to Gran Turismo Sport on July 8

You see a thousand GR liveries every day, make sure this is one of´em...

So what's the general feelings on the new Toyota? Looks like there was some pretty tight racing at Autopolis over the weekend so I can only assume some of you guys managed to enjoy it. Keen to hear people's thoughts!
I enjoy it, handles really well.
My GR86 max power N400, max weight loss. RH tyres. Praiano tune but with a 300km/h final drive.

7'45" Nurburgring in race conditions with Gr4 cars.

The handling is very nice, much better with a tune.

Brakes feel marginal at 360hp. You can win a two lap race against the GT4s, its just very hard going and you need to be very precise/lucky with your overtaking because everyone seems to have more power than you.

Just touches 275km/h on the straight and it takes an age getting there.
I only realized today that this car has been released for almost two weeks. Makes me wonder why the GTP news page no longer is at the top of the front page, because then I probably wouldn’t have missed it.
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Alrighty, the update changed some my Mission Challenge prize cars. Before this update, right after the Olympic Time Trial, I did a new game and ran through the School and Missions. SOme of the cars chamnged as well(below:

Driving Scool Beginner-Intermediate
1-8: Stratos(normally the MR2)
9-16: Tundra(no change; I had gotten the Miura at one time)
17-24: Camaro SS(no change)
25-32: Walkenhorst M6(no change)
41-48: R18 '11

After the update: MR2 returns and Diablo is new

Mission Challenge after Olympic Time Trial
1: Megane Gr.4
2: 86 Gr.4
3: DBR9
4: F1
5: EVO Gr.3
6: Vantage GT3
7: 650S '14
Hyundai VGT & AMG VGT

After the update: Stage 3&4 are the same. Dupe DBR9 Stage 6. All other cars are new.


My Circuit Experience cars are the same.

So wierd for PD to change the cars, when these Campaign prizes are a one time gift.