TPC 300km of Daytona - 18th Febuary






Cheers for hosting @Adam Barber, and fair play to all who took part. Has been a long time since I've done any online races, especially a longer multi-class event of this nature, but I really enjoyed it. I could tell it had been a while, as my hands were starting to cramp up near the end, after gripping the controller so tightly for the duration of the race :lol:.

I was happy to just keep the mistakes to a minimum (bar one minor boo-boo at the Bus Stop, where I overshot my braking point a little 😅), and crucially not ruin any of the GT's races when lapping traffic. As long as I managed those two goals, the result was just a mere bonus. Had a great little battle with @The359 early on in the first stint, and with Barber after exiting the pits from my stop. Who pulled of a superb move around the outside into The Horseshoe. Something poor @GTWolverine had a front-row seat to witness! Congrats to the winners in both classes :cheers:.


Well, I didn't save any pics. Maybe I should start doing that... 🤣🤣🤣 I hope my slow old ass didn't get in anyone's way to much. I may have come in dead last but I had an absolute blast! I was way out of my comfort zone and totally enjoyed it! Every time I race with a large group like that I always learn something. I really appreciate all of you. Congratulations to the Victor's in both classes. Thanks for hosting @Adam Barber really hope we have some more of those.