TPC 300km of Spa-Francorchamps - Gr1/3 Multiclass - Class winners, mohitraina91 and PhilTaylor18


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@Adam Barber I've underestimated the amount of work I need to catch up on around the house. That, along with lack of adequate preparation on my part with the start of the racing season taking up all of my time at work I feel it is best for all parties if I rescind my entry.

Most sincere apologies for the late notice. I wish everyone the best of luck with the race.
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This was the most fun I had in this game. Beating Turismo-lester and MCA in lobbies was fun, but this is next level. That chase with @F1Bernardo was just perfect. Not sure a 10 second gap could be called a battle, but I know I was working my tail off, pushing like this was a TT for the entire time. Again, thanks for hosting this event.
Yay I’m glad I got the spot in the end!!! Thanks for hosting the race Adam, I thoroughly enjoyed multiclass racing. Brilliant!

@HaydenFan69 that was surely a battle! At one point I had a massive off track because I was pushing a lot to stay as far away from you as possible :lol:

now I need to go watch the replay and see if I can figure out how @GOTMAXPOWER is so much faster than me with the exact same car!!


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I saved it but the game wouldn’t let me share it. Maybe because the race was too long? Not sure… it just quits the upload without any explanation

just a heads up if you go to the replay file and hit triangle it should give you the option to see details, any replay over 200mb cannot be uploaded.

Disclaimer I am not sure if this is still 100 % correct tbh.