TPC Presents: 300km of Monza - 24th July - Gr1/3 Multiclass - Winners Pigems and Jomas


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This is the one most of us use.
Thank you very much 👍

A race of what if....

Having managed to survive T1/Rettifilo at the start, I naively thought all was clear. But alas, I did not consider my ability to bin it at Della Roggia, going way too deep on cold tyres :lol:. Good way to follow up a strong qualifying, not! Struggled to settle into a good rhythm from there on in. However, I enjoyed a great exchange with @RACECAR early on, likewise with @Stencedaddy and his Viper.

My race-pace was not as strong like hoped, least compared to practice runs. Never really made in-roads to those ahead, in what was a strong Gr.3 field throughout, but at least the Mazda was a joy to drive. Committed to a one-stop, but I felt the tyre wear in the last few laps of both stints. Culminating in me binning it, again, at Della Roggia with one-lap to go... A frustrating way to end, especially as I near ruined @Pigems race in the process, with a really sloppy track re-join on my part (so sorry!). Unfortunate, as I looked set for a grand-stand finish with @Kermit_2142, who had hunted us down. But hey, c'est la vie.

My attention was diverted slightly, by an important phone call from someone who tried ringing in the last couple of laps. Hence the swift departure when the race ended, so apologies if it seemed abrupt.


Looking back, Monza feels like my bogey track. Had some good, but many sub-par performances. Tend to struggle finding a rhythm without error, or sacrificing too much speed, something Monza punishes you for. Nevertheless, in good company it produces great racing, so I always enjoy regardless. Cheers for organising once again @Adam Barber, and to all who took part :cheers:.
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United Kingdom
Damn it, still struggling with the new gtplanet layout, I never hit post after writing this Saturday morning 🤦‍♂️…

What a great race!!!

Opted for the 2 stop after testing and not enjoying trying to save the Ferraris tyres.
Credit to the bop keeping the cars very even with the Gr3 qualifying the closest I’ve seen in while. The Ferrari was really quick through the chicanes but an absolute nightmare through Ascari especially with worn tyres.
Overall the race went better than expected, minus getting reset at turn one whilst trying to take the escape road to save wiping out @The359 after missing the 150board. (Kind of annoying we can’t turn off track resets, getting reset onto the apex of t1 in the middle of the chasing pack is a shocker by pd, but it is what it is).
Had some interesting battles along the way with 2 stop and managed a great battle with @Michelin Man over the final stint where I was doing everything I could to catch him on fresher tyres. I was gutted to see you loop it, that p4 was rightly yours as I was a lap short on fuel, but a great battle watching the lap delta between us.

Edit: damn half of it is missing it must’ve lagged out or something weird.

It went something along the line of - we should race Monza more often, I usually skip it in sport mode but it produces some great racing with good company 🍻.

edit 2 : lord give me strength I’ve just realised I’ve double posted this 😂😂 why the hell was it still sat there like a draft post 😭😭

time for beer I think 🍻
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